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Rajesh Jhamb


Rajesh Jhamb has over 7 years client Digital Marketing experience and has helped corporations such as Bitdefender, MacPaw, Ning, ExpressVPN and countless others use the web to drive online visibility and generate leads.

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Sumit Bagga


Sumit Bagga is a former music producer, writer, journalist, blogger, and aspiring Digital Marketer. At, he is contributing as a Journalist and content writer. Sumit love cats and has a dream to open up a shelter for them in future.

Jaskaran Singh


A freelance writer and a keen observer. Besides his work, Jaskaran loves to spend a good time with his closed ones. In his free time, He likes to read books, gain knowledge around digital marketing, and watch anime.

Dipanjan Saha


Dipanjan Saha is a writer in TechStorify with a lot of passion for Technology. Other than writing he is a professional video editor and an avid PC gamer.

Ravish Sundriyal


The right brain of the blog is Ravish Sundriyal, a full-time creative strategist and part-time blogger. His crucial role at TechStorify is to drive exciting content for the readers.

Rohini Bhattacharya


She writes about Technology, Cloud Computing, Business, Starmore. She is an aspiring model and a travel enthusiast. She writes poetries, is a melophile and loves dogs.

Harshit Baluja


Harshit Baluja is a full time blogger. He loves to learn and talk about the digital marketing, SEO, WordPress and Affiliate marketing. In his free time he loves to watch motivational videos and case studies related to businesses. He strongly believes in one thing that if you want grow in your life you need to learn from the experts.