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Hello everyone, we are TechStorify. A bunch of tech enthusiasts with an ambition to make technology easy for everyone.

About the Blog

TechStorify is primarily a technology and news blog which covers A-Z of technology that is, hacks, how-tos, news, latest trends, and solutions. We try to make things simpler to understand.

From the content perspective, TechStorify comes under snackable content blog which allows everyone to find their solution for any hassle they are facing while accessing technology. Our niche is digital solutions where we talk about various software, streaming websites, new gadgets and many more.

What to expect?

If you are looking for any hacks and tricks, this page will quickly help you to find the perfect way to make things happen. Also, the blog has a lot of exclusive content pieces that will help with a specific solution. For example – Free websites to download stock images. Our minimalistic design and structured articles will help you quickly browse the content. We try to be less technical and craft our pieces that can be understood by anyone.

Hands behind the wheel

TechStorify is founded by Rajesh Jhamb, who is an avid tech enthusiast and an outstanding SEO expert. His experience comes from pure hard work and dedication.

TechStorify is one of his new projects along with several other blogs. He is the left brain for TechStorify which makes his job to focus on technicalities and core mechanism for the blog.

The right brain of the blog is Ravish Sundriyal, a full-time creative strategist and part-time blogger. His crucial role at TechStorify is to drive exciting content for the readers.

He is responsible for all the content structure and makes sure that the material is at par with the top tech blogs out there.

To meet the people that make TechStorify News a fun place to work, check out our Team page.

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We don’t want to aim for the moon but keep it as simple as possible. We want to be the go-to blog for any tech-related stories and solutions.

We started this blog to provide logical and natural solutions for people who are getting stuck in the pit of paid content out there.


We want to drive a two-way communication process at TechStorify. In simple words, we welcome feedback and ideas.

Our readers are the most important pillar of the blog and we want to make sure they get what they want.

Our platform is always open for constant feedback so that we can improve on what we offer.