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TechStorify is one of the leading tech blogs out there. With a loyal base of avid tech enthusiasts, we take pride in delivering outstanding content for our readers. Mostly, we cover all the bases when it comes to Technology. Specialising in Digital Technology our content is about various Hacks, How-Tos, News, Marketing and Business.

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We understand the brand need; you might have some basic questions when it comes to an understanding of the readers’ profile. Well, in straightforward words, our readers consist of people who majorly consume tech content every day. They are people between the age of 18-40 M/F across the world but skewed towards the States.

Our personalised content strategy caters to everyone’s need. We drive a community programme where we ask people what they are looking for. 30 percent of the content is curated from these feedback sessions.

How can you Advertise?

Just like every other tech blog, we offer multiple advertising opportunities. Below are the high performing options for your brand.

1 – Sponsored Article – As an article is our primary weapon in our arsenal, we offer this model to people who actually don’t want to interrupt readers consumer journey and help them move ahead finding a solution through a long format blog about their product.

2 – Banner Ads – The Second option we offer is to buy inventory on our blog.  We work similarly to Google Ad Network with the same creative options. The only difference is that it is a one-time payment model which is for a 15-day inventory buyout. We want our partners to be there for at least 15 days to get them good visibility.

3 – Social Media Amplification –  We have a strong social media presence with high engagement. We can amplify any third party content on our pages.

As a brand, you can pick and choose a customised plan as per your requirements.

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