The Fusion of Casino and Technology

Technology plays an important role in the development of the gambling industry. Although gambling existed long before the technology was introduced, it makes gaming life easier. Online gambling is an engaging virtual game where players place a bet on the outcome of the unpredictable just like the traditional brick-and-mortar casino. The good part here is, whenever they place a bet, there is a huge chance of winning and a chance also of getting the bonus and availing promos.

In early 2000, bettors were hesitant in playing online casinos because of the dangers of malware and cyber thieves which prompted operators to look for a stable firewall to resolve this issue. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been introduced to the online casino and is now gaining reputation, especially in customer service. Chatbots are provided by AI to guide customers with their queries or deposits and some navigations. Queries that are not part of the chatbot program are automatically directed to the customer service representative.

In Finland, though independent companies cannot set up gambling companies in Finland because of their strict rules, some online casinos introduce fantastic gambling sites suitable to the palate of Finnish locals. Our source introduces only the best online casinos with superb graphics and sound and a wide variety of games. They also have bonuses and promos which delights most gambling enthusiasts.

Gambling in Finland is legal but it is complicated. It is operated by three entities namely:

• Ray

Monopolize the land-based casino games, table games, slot machines, roulette, and other traditional gambling games.

• Veikkaus Oy

It is responsible for the national lottery, sports betting, and winning games.

• Fintoto Oy

It is responsible for horse race betting.


Ålands Penningautomatförening or Paf is a money gambling operator based on the Åland Islands in Finland and owned by the regional government. It is an autonomous region that consists of 6, 700 islands, and they practically own land-based casinos in this area.

These four organizations are split up and have their function under the direction of the Finnish government. The profits that have been acquired from gambling are set aside for social projects such as sporting events, arts, science, and education.

Licensed Sites in Finland

PAF and Ray are the only gambling sites that are allowed to run online sites. PAF is responsible for online gaming in PAF and RAY takes control of the mainland.

According to this source, Finland and the European Union have strong disagreements with regards to this matter because the EU wants free trade with other nations and they are asking Finland to be a bit lenient when it comes to foreign operators.

Forms of Payment

Traditional land-based casinos accept credit cards, cash, or any form that has value. Online casinos are cashless and one can use a debit or credit card. Cryptocurrencies are one of the payment options, especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin is very popular among online casinos and the good thing is, a client can enjoy discounts or cashback using these payment options.

How does online gambling work?

All forms of gambling whether sports betting, casino games, poker, bingo, and even in the underground sites, cockfights can be played using their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Customers usually look for a reliable site and choose one that suits taste. They can either download it just go to a site, give a deposit then play.

Can Technology protect a gambling site?

Online casinos are a massive type of institution so competition is too great in this type of business and Rogue Casinos are rampant. Online gambling sites must be protected and clients should be aware of how to detect spammers.

Operators became vigilant in the middle of 2000 because they have predicted that this type of business will be a hit in the future and is now happening. More and more people are getting interested in waging online and even the conservative clients who prefer the traditional brick and mortar casino opt for playing online casinos now. Due to this matter, online gambling operators chose a more stable internet firewall that is strong enough to prevent malware or cyber thieves.

So what is an Online Casino?

In general, there are two types of Online Casinos which wagers can choose whichever is suitable to them:

• Web-Based

This type of casino is available on the web browser and the player doesn’t have to download the software. It is also called Flash Casino or Instant Casino, this is designed for people who are very active but still have the desire to wage. Wagers simply have to visit the site of their choice, register, make a deposit and they can play automatically. It is also suitable for all types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. Just make sure that the player has downloaded the latest browser.

• Download Based

Download-based casinos are online casinos that require the download of the software to your device for the player to choose the game of their choice and enjoy it. This is preferred by most traditional players because of the wide variety of games that they can choose and its virtual resolution. Since it has to be downloaded, there is a risk of malware so punters must be extra careful.

Two Types of Games:

• Virtual

A software-based online casino wherein the outcome of the game is based on pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software. Every game played is determined by this software randomly and unpredictably.

• Live Dealer

It’s the complete opposite of virtual software. Clients can play live from a land-based casino in real-time or a studio that looks like a real land-based casino.

Different selections of online casino games:

o Sic Bo

o Slot Machines

o Bingo

o Baccarat

o Blackjack

o Craps

o Roulette

o Poker

o Keno


Bonuses are prizes given to clients as a reward for depositing on the site, referral, or loyalty.

Different Types of Bonuses:

• Welcome

• Referral

• Cashback and Reload

• No Deposit

• Free Spin

• High roller and VIP

Technological advancement in Online casinos is such a breakthrough that more people realize the beauty of wagering as long as one has to observe their limits by betting responsibly.


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