Why is it Important to Individually Tailor Your Training Programs

Business is becoming complex and the employees are expected to adapt to the changes quickly. To make this transition smoother, just simply handing out generalized training and compliance courses is not necessary. Firstly, people have different skills and capabilities and secondly, in a standardized compliance course, there is training for everyone so it becomes difficult for the employees to understand which one is and isn’t relevant to their job roles and a lot if their time is wasted in figuring things out. Thus, a more tailored-to-the-needs type of course is very important and is a demand of the modern times.

Before we get to the benefits of personalised and tailored courses for individuals, let us see some pathways to achieve such training. Firstly, it is important to decide if all the employees are required to finish all the compliance training courses handed out to them. Understand if you are giving everyone the same compliance training because it is necessary for them to upskill or is it just because it is easier for you? There are a lot of compliance training courses that need to be taken by every single employee but there are also some other tasks and training that only very specifically requires employees of a certain department to finish them; learn to differentiate between them.

Secondly, building a microlearning library is a very good way to deliver precise training. The library can come in handy when someone wants to revisit, brush up or simply take courses out of interest. These libraries should be accessible to everyone regardless of the department they work in so that a person from one department can be informed better about how the other relevant departments of the organization works.

Both these pathways are easily achievable by leveraging your training courses to a learning management system. Paylocity is such a system that can help you with your HR and L&D departments to tailor courses that match the needs of your employees and helps them get enough relevant training to do their jobs better without putting in massive amounts of effort or money in the process. Check Paylocity pricing to understand the LMS better and compare it onsite.

Here are some benefits of taking the minimum efforts to provide tailored courses:

More Engagement towards training

Adult learning and the amount of engagement towards it is based on how relevant the learning feels to the learner. Thus, when you give your employees a general compliance course with a lot of things that aren’t relevant to a specific employee, they lose the interest to learn and take the course properly which is why the training process loses engagement and the training becomes almost insignificant for the employees. Tailored courses on the other hand doesn’t just increase the engagement and motivation but in the long term it also affects the employee retention rates positively.

Giving customised feedback

Let alone the capabilities and learning abilities, not all employees even have the same amount of experience or knowledge. Thus it doesn’t make sense that all the employees are put through one standardized course. It also wastes a lot of time and effort. However, with a tailored learning pathway it becomes easier to understand everyone’s growth and even give custom feedback so that the employees can actually get some benefit from it.

More efficient training

With individually tailored courses, your employees are learning exactly what is relevant to them and not just wasting time trying to learn absolutely irrelevant stuff. Thus, the training becomes more efficient achieving the right goals that are the utmost priority for your organization.

Increased ROI

Tailored learning makes your employees feel that they are actually learning something useful which makes them feel taken care of professionally. Such tailored courses can be one of the factors for an increased rate of employee retention and decreased employee turnover. This saves a lot of resources like time, efforts and money for hiring and training new employees and gives you a scope to work better with the existing employees.


Taking up new learning pathways doesn’t really take up too much additional resources but it can really make a difference in the lives and work process of your employees in a way that it helps your organization ultimately.


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