Best Media Players For Windows PC and macOS

Best media player for windows 10 – One of the reasons people prefer Windows or laptops over Android phones is the Windows media player.

With a much larger screen and more features from the media players for Windows, you can play almost all video as well as audio formats over them.

To help y’all with the choice to make to go hand in hand with quality and size, here is the list of 12 Free And Best Media Players For Windows PC.

List of Best Media Players For Windows PC and macOS

Given below is a list of the best video players for Windows PC and macOS. All of the below-mentioned media players are free of cost. You do not have to pay anything to use them.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

An ideal media player for Windows that offers great video playing of almost all file formats is the VLC media player. No doubt we had to mention this media player over the first position on this list. It optimizes as well as supports streaming.

With a user interface so friendly that even kids can rely on it to watch cartoons and movies, VLC is the best option. here you can also play a zip without having to extract it. In case the audio of the video is low then you can easily increase the volume to 200%.

2. Media Player Classic – HC

best media player mpc

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is an open-source media player supporting almost all video and audio formats. With MPC HC, you can run even the HEVC (x.265) files seamlessly. You can use it on Android, Windows as well as iOS.

Not just that but one can also run 4K Videos with high bit rates. There also are the exclusive LAV Filters from Nevcairiel. These filters enable one to run all the videos without any obstacles. If you have a TV Card installed, you can also use it as a TV tuner.

3. Kodi

 best video player

Kodi is another free and best Media Player for Windows PC. Kodi is specifically created to watch videos but it is also possible to view images and listen to the radio, podcasts, audio, and similar media files. You can easily use it with a remote and TV. Not just Windows, but you can also use Kodi on Linux, Android, Mac, and iOS.

The best part about Kodi is its add-ons. You can stream various official channels like YouTube and Sports and even stream local media! The user interface is pretty helpful with various categories like – Pictures, Videos, Weather, radio, Add-ons, Favorites, Music videos, etc.

4. ACG Player

best windows media player

ACG Player is another media player for Windows PC that is more of a UWP media player app for Windows 10. This lightweight app contains a number of features of which art font subtitles, BG music, audio and video effects, are a few to name.

The interface and overall design of this video player are minimalist and most of the media codecs are supported here. Playback from discs, files, external devices, etc. is also supported. It follows the no-nonsense policy. Giving this Windows media player a shot is worth it.

5. SMplayer

media player for windows 10

SMPlayer is one of the best media players for windows 10. It is open-source software that supports nearly all video and audio formats. Through this software itself, you can stream through YouTube as well. Radio channels too can be accessed directly.

SMPlayer also supports Chromecast and EDL Files. There are a number of video and audio filters along with configurable subtitles and equalizers. The software can be used in 30 different languages with a number of skins.

6. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is one such video player that is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS too. A number of subtitles, as well as audio formats, are compatible with this Windows media player.

Not just limited to streaming audio and media, one can also use KM Player as a recorder to record video, audio, and even take screenshots.

Hence we can say that this is a multi-media player stuffed with a number of features to wonder about. This media player also plays 3D videos consuming a little memory from CPU.

It does not need a separate codec to play media files. The player also supports a wide variety of subtitles formats, audio, and video formats.

There are internal as well as external filters. There also are video and audio transform filters. And the best part – these filters do not interfere with Direct Show.

7. Splash

Splash is another best media players for windows 10 that has an attractive user interface. The software was created for HD videos and smooth playback. It has been created for Windows specifically.

However, most of the great features from Splash are available only for the premium or paid version. The video quality offered by Splash comes in vibrant colors and details too.

8. 5kPlayer

5KPlayer is one such video player for Windows that generates a complete media library. It supports Mac as well as Windows.

It also supports the AirPlay technology for screening mirror iPad as well as iPhone to the PC or Mac. Thus you can stream movies and music from the desktop to Apple TV.

5KPlayer plays all the Ultra HD videos with Blu-ray, Satellite radio, sound, YouTube videos, and many subtitles as well as HD Camcorder.

The media player has a URL analyzing feature thus it can download videos and music through online sites.

9. PotPlayer

best and free windows media player

As the name makes it pretty clear, PotPlayer is one such media player that has a pot filled with many perks. The software is compatible with 3D output, codecs, 3D glasses, etc. Thus enabling you to watch less popular torrent files.

The video player for Windows also has a feature to take screenshots. Through the software, one can make a number of settings and have a clean interface or keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, etc.

10. GOM

best windows 10 media playeer

GOM player supports a number of audio and video formats. You also have to option to install a browser extension while installing the player. It is recommended to not have the extension. The required codec is tracked and then the file is played.

This video player is compatible with Windows is also compatible with Android and iOS. There will be ads to disturb you while using the free version of this player. But if you are not a person caring about ads then this media player is a great choice otherwise.

11. UM Media Player

media player

The next best media player for Windows 10 is the UM Media Player. This is actually a cross-platform multimedia player that supports a number of video and audio codecs plus file formats too. The streaming protocols like VCDs, DVDs are supported too.

The UM Player has a number of advanced features like the YouTube player, in-built subtitle search, etc. This player has been reported to work seamlessly with YouTube, as per the reviews from its users.

12. Media Monkey

Last but not least on our list is the MediaMonkey. This site has been placed in the end does not mean it is less somewhere. One can sync and stream media with MediaMonkey across many devices through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UPnP, and DLNA.

The interface is user-friendly as well. There are various features like – Bookmarks, Multiple file editing, playlist management, and a lot more. One has to pay to get supplementary features that include unlimited usage.

Concluding Part –

Those were the best media player for windows 10. I assume you have got the best Windows media player for yourselves from the list mentioned above.

In case there are any more relevant names to be added to the list, you can enter them in the comment box below.


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