can headphones really dent your head

I have this habit of playing video games for long hours when I get a day off or listening to music constantly. And I am sure I am not the only one who falls into this category. My paranoia began to spike up when I noticed a small dent in my head after taking off the headphones. But fortunately, it was just my hair matted like that after wearing my headset for 5 hours.

Coincidently, my cousin brought up this same topic the last time we met, and since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It was partially because I was curious but also because I was somewhat scared since I used headsets for most parts throughout the day.

And hence I started digging around and compiled all the information to build a comprehensive guide, including my experiences, the strategies I cried out for, and the incidents I encountered while reading several complaints and queries.

So if you want to know ‘Can You Get a Dent in Your Head From Headphones?’, keep reading till the end!

Dent in Your Head From Headphones

What does a headphone dent mean?

When you wear a headset or headphones for a considerable time, you might notice a particular crease in your hair or head after taking them off. This is known as a headset dent.

In most cases, the crease appears on the hair, which is temporary and can be fixed immediately. If you notice these creases appearing on your skin or scalp, I recommend visiting a doctor as soon as possible to get it checked.

headphone dent mean

Can you get a dent in your head from headphones?

Every human being has a skull. And wearing headphones cannot change the shape of it. Yes, wearing tight headsets can give you headaches. But can you get a dent in your head from headphones? it cannot create a permanent headphone skull dent.

But when you wear highly tight headphones, it can impact the shape of your head, depending on the clamping force. And when you continue using them, the pair digs into the head and can sometimes harm your scalp more than you think. It can lead to a minor case of headphone skull dent.

If you notice any severe dent, the best option is to visit a doctor and get it checked. It can be due to an underlying health condition or your headphones being too tight and uncomfortable. Headphones cannot dent your skull, but they can leave a little impression on the skin, giving you the feeling of a dent.

It can be painful sometimes when you wear your headphones for a long time. Your pair should fit you snugly and make you feel comfortable during long gaming sessions. If it does not, it means you need to get a new pair.

How long does a headset dent stay?

Having a dent on your head due to headphones is temporary, and it goes away on its own within an hour.

Our skulls are very hard, and a simple pair of headphones is not usually enough to create a dent in them. But if you notice that it is not going away or the dent has been formed somewhat deeper into the skin, it will be better to opt for medical attention in this scenario.

Try enjoying a hot shower and massage that area gently to help with the headset dent.

Are headset dents dangerous for you?

Can you get a dent in your head from headphones? Not permanently. But does it affect your health? Let’s find out.

A headphone dent is similar to getting sleep lines on your face after a long, satisfying nap. But as we age, our skin loses that elasticity and firmness and might take slightly longer to bounce back to its original state.

If the headphone dent happens once in a blue moon, it is okay, and you probably do not need to worry about it much. However, if the clamping force of your headphones is too much and happens every time you wear them, it can negatively impact blood circulation, and your head may feel numb.

But if you have noticed a permanent-like dent in your head, you need medical advice as soon as possible because it might be happening due to several underlying reasons, like-

  • Congenital skull indentation.
  • Paget’s disease of bone.
  • Gorham’s disease.
  • Trauma like a depressed fracture, etc.

Wearing tight headphones can also cause hair loss if you use them frequently. The typical form of hair loss that occurs on wearing tight headphones is known as alopecia.

It happens due to friction caused in your hair. Is it possible to avoid that? Yes, you can prevent it from happening by implementing specific tips and tricks, which we will discuss soon in this article.

Factors to consider a dent from a headset

Before trying to fix the dent from a headset, let us look over some factors that will help you understand why you are getting a mark on your head after wearing your headset. These factors will help you choose a new headset if required.

Do you feel there is a hair dent or a headset dent?

I have usually noticed that the dent after wearing the headset for a long time is on the hair instead of the scalp. If you are unable to identify it correctly, ask someone next to you to have a look at it. If you figure out that it is indeed a hair dent, try brushing it in a different style to hide it until it goes away.

Does your headset feel too bulky?

If you are getting a dent in your head due to your headphones, it strongly indicates that your headphones are too heavy and bulky for you. There are many ultra-light options available in the market today, which offer excellent performance too. If your headphones are too much trouble, you can always switch to wireless earbuds for better comfort.

Are your headphones too tight?

Do you feel comfortable taking off your headphones after a few hours? Or do you get any headaches after wearing your headphone continuously?

Do your ears hurt after taking off your headphone? If your answers to the above questions are no, yes, and yes, respectively, it is time to reconsider your pair and check if it’s squeezing your head too much. If it is, it is time for a replacement.

Tips to avoid dents from headphones

If you are still a little worried about the question, ‘can you get a dent in your head from headphones?’, here are some precautionary measures. These tips will help you prevent a headphone dent effectively.

Avoid using too bulky headphones

Bulky headphones are never a good idea as it puts too much pressure on your skull and can be painful after a while. Suppose you or someone who uses headphones regularly, whether for work or personal reasons.

In that case, it is essential to purchasing headphones of the right size, which can make you feel comfortable even after wearing them for a long time.

Padding on the headband is a great trick

If you look at the options available on the market, you will find that most models come with sufficient pending on the headband. But why settle for less when you can make it better?

Many accessories are available to modify your headphone, and extra padding is just one of them. Extra padding usually comes with softer, wider cushions to ensure the headband sits comfortably on your head without digging too deep.

You can always create DIY headband cushions if you do not want to spend money on extra padding.

Decrease the clamping force of your headset

The clamping force of your headset determines how tight your headphone will fit your head. High clamping force is a common reason for creating a dent in your head.

And if you want to avoid such issues, it is best to reduce the clamping pressure by stretching your headphones properly. It will significantly increase the comfort factor when you use your headset.

Replace the headband if necessary

If the headband of your headphone is not soft enough, the chances of it creating a headphone head dent are high. In this scenario, it is best to replace your old headband with the new one, which is more comfortable for you. There are multiple brands available in the market which offer great products. But I suggest trying out a pair of headphones properly before purchasing them.

Adjust the headband properly

My cousin taught me this trick and asked me to push the headband slightly forward. And yes, this reduces the risk of headset dent. The logic behind this is quite simple: when the headband is not resting on your head, it will not be able to create dents in your head.

Wear a scarf, cap, or beanie

Wearing a scarf or beanie underneath your headphone acts as a layer of protection for your head and helps to decrease the pressure. You will feel comfortable, but your headset will not be loose either. A cap or a beanie can also help prevent hair loss due to frequent usage of headphones.

However, you have to endure a few cons. You might not be able to enjoy the sound to its full potential if the beanie covers your ears. Plus, the extra layer may feel hot and uncomfortable and sometimes lead to an itchy scalp.

Stretch out your headphones

The fit is usually very tight when you get a new pair of headphones. And you need some time to get adjusted. But if you want to get comfortable as soon as possible, you can stretch out your headphones to reduce the clamping force.

If you cannot do it manually, you can keep it in a stretched position and leave it like that for at least 24 hours. It is best to use an object wider than your head while implementing this step.

However, if you have a small head, you can use the reverse strategy and try to increase the clamping force by keeping your headphones squeezed. I will not say this step is mandatory, but you can try it out if you feel there is no other option.

Wear your headset around your neck

Well, I do not find this method very comfortable. But my brother does, and I have seen other people do it too. Wearing headphones at the back of the neck relieves the pressure significantly and does not dig into your scalp. I agree that the headphone position is slightly unstable and can fall out sometimes. But you can try it to see if it works for you.


And that’s it! We have reached the end of the article, and I hope I have been able to answer the question “Can you get a dent in your head from headphones?” in detail.

The primary point to concentrate on here is that headphones cannot create a permanent dent in your head. It’s mostly a headphone hair dent; if you see an impression on your head, it will not last longer than a few hours.

But if you notice that the dent seems permanent or is hurting, I recommend getting medical help immediately.


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