Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic

One Punch is one of the best anime series ever made that also made its way to Netflix with two seasons and if you have watched both of them, then I am sure you must be curious to read one punch man webcomic.

The action-comedy series surely made you giggle a lot while enjoying the fighting scenes and watching the life of the superhero as a normal person. Saitama trained himself to knock out enemies in a single punch, but that’s the reason he has become bored and does not enjoy anything.

If you are interested to read one punch man webcomic, you have come to the right place as we will be listing down the best sites to read comics online, so without wasting any time, let us get started.

Best Websites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic

1. Viz

Viz is a legit website where you can purchase read one punch man webcomic and other manga comics. If you are really into manga comics and anime series, Viz is the best suit for your requirement. The user interface of the site is neat and does not have any kind of ads.

You can choose to buy the webcomic either from Viz or other digital stores, prices may vary according to the region and other parameters. The best thing about Viz which I personally liked is that you can preorder the upcoming releases and be among the first ones to receive a digital copy of your favorite manga series.

read one punch man webcomic

Visit Viz

2. MangaPanda

If you are looking for a free way to read one punch man webcomic online, MangaPanda is certainly the best solution for it. MangaPanda is a manga-reading website having a huge database of manga comics.

The site has few ads, but one can always get rid of ads using ad blockers so that is not much of an issue. Its interface is similar to free anime streaming sites, not fancy but neat. MangaPanda has divided the comics into their own sections, you can click on the advanced search and filter the type of manga comic you are looking for.

Moreover, there is a section of popular mangas and the latest uploads, just click on them, and you will find the appropriate results.

Manga Panda APK Latest Version Free Download | Website status, Manga, Manga sites

Since MangaPanda has been shut down, we recommend you try MangaPanda alternatives to Read Manga Online.

3. MangaKaKaLot

This is another popular site to read manga online, if you’re an avid manga reader, straightaway bookmark this website. The site has a pretty amazing user interface, unlike that of MangaPanda whose user interface is still like those of sites made in early 2013’s.

It is easier to read one punch man webcomic on MangaKakalot as all of the images can be loaded at once rather than selecting the next page by clicking on the button after every minute, which is kind of annoying.

The site has sections that sort out the latest mangas, and hottest mangas for you. There is also an option to register an account, which I believe will give you access to some more features like bookmarking the pages and adding mangas to your favorites list.

Visit here

4. MangaFreak

Possibly another amazing online manga reading site that I’ve come across while searching for sites to read one punch man webcomic. The user interface of the site is okay-ish, not fancy, and not cluttered.

I recommend you use adblockers on these types of sites to stay on the safer side. Just like every other site, it has sections such as new release, advanced search filters, a random button for a random suggestion, and a search bar if you know what to read.

The best thing about MangaFreak is that it allows you to download the chapters individually, so there is no need to spend time on the site, you can download and read them later.


Visit here

5.  FunManga

The last one on this list is FunManga which is one of those few sites that survived the ban hammer of piracy site hunters. FunManga is a pure manga reading site hosting thousands of manga comics for free.

One can use the search bar to look up a title or use advanced search features like popular manga, latest manga, and so on. The user interface of the site is decent, didn’t see any pop-ups and redirection ads.

Lastly, I would say that this site is reliable to read one punch man webcomic online, by clicking the button below you can read the comic directly.

Read here

Wrapping Up

It has become harder to find sites that allow you to read manga online, as a lot of sites in the past few years have been discontinued due to copyright violations.

Still, there are some sites that are still running their operations, but finding them has become difficult.

In this article, we have listed down the list of sites where you can read one punch man webcomic online, the first suggestion in the list is paid, I recommend you to go for the paid version if you want to keep the comic with you forever.


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