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Comic books are very entertaining, charming as well as attractive. And this is even more for Manga comics. The readers who read the Manga comics have an amazing experience. 

Manga comics come in different genres. Depending on your reading tastes, you can select the genre of Manga comics that you like. The comics are readily available online. There are also different sites that enable you to read these comics on the web for free. 

MangaPanda is among the most well-known sites for reading Manga comics online. The website has a huge collection of Manga comics for readers. MangaPanda is an illegal website that has pirated Manga comics. 

This is against the law and hence many authorities wanted to shut this site down. However, just like the other illegal sites, this site also emerged under different names and proxies. 

The cybercrime authorities have shut down the site since this is similar to the other pirated sites. 

If you have been looking for other alternatives apart from MangaPanda to read your favorite Manga or Anime comics, then we have come up with a list of the 10 best alternatives for reading Manga.

Best MangaPanda Alternatives to Read Manga Online for FREE

1. Kissmanga


This is one of the best alternatives to MangaPanda. Kissmanga has the fastest and the most responsive Manga website. The website is full of exciting Manga comics. This renowned Manga website is a great place for Manga lovers due to the presence of a wide variety. 

A reader can browse through the Manga comics in alphabetical order. The site also has the list of the recently released Manga comics on the homepage of the website. This helps one to browse through it quickly at a glance. If you are also an Anime lover, you can browse through lots of Anime content for free.

Most of the popular Manga comics are available on Kissmanga. It also has a community forum where the readers can share their reviews on the Manga comics. If you want to purchase the comics, Kissmanga also has that option for the readers.


2. Mangafreak


Another exciting alternative to MangaPanda is Mangafreak. This is also equally popular among Manga comic lovers for reading comics online. All the recently released Manga comics can be found on this site. One of the biggest benefits is that you do not have to make any payment or register with the site for reading the latest comics. 

Browse through the extensive website and pick the genre of your liking. The homepage has all the Manga comics. Or else the reader can browse through the list, new release, genre (romance, thriller, drama, comedy), or random Manga comics.

Mangafreak gives a quick description of the Manga and also gives you a status on your reading. The trending Manga comics like Naruto, One Piece, Boruto, and Bleach are available on this site.


3. MangaFox


This is yet another alternative to MangaPanda. The website boasts a huge collection of Manga comics in various genres. One can access the website and read the comics for free. The site can be accessed very easily by the reader. One can get hold of the chosen Manga comic without much problem. The colorful layout is also very eye-catching.

MangaFox has a collection of more than eight thousand comics in different genres. Since the site gets updated regularly, you can be assured of finding the recently released Manga comics on this site. If you want to read interesting Manga comics, MangaFox is a good option indeed.

The comics on this site are available in both Japanese and English. Some of the popular Manga comics on MangaFox are Dragonball, Death Note, Attack on Titan, and Naruto. 


4. Mangahere


Mangahere is another suitable alternative to Manga Panda. It has a large album of Manga comics from which you can select the one you want to read. The comics on this website are divided into different genres like comedy, drama, horror, fiction, science, romances, school life, sports, and many more. The options are huge for the readers. They can select from over ten thousand Manga comics on this website. The website is also updated regularly and hence the readers will get to read the latest comics easily. 

The site has been very well-designed and is also easy to access. It has been structured in a way so that any reader can find the comics of their choice easily. 


5. Mangaeden


If you want a simple alternative to MangaPanda, then Mangaeden is the ideal choice for you. Mangaeden is full of trendy and fascinating comics and allows the readers to browse through the comics alphabetically. The search option is advanced and hence it limits the search results. 

One can get the best Manga comics as per the experience level of the reader. There is an advanced search box that allows the readers to select the author, status, type, genre, year of release, and many more. You can read the Mangas for free and also them on the website.

6. Manga Stream

Manga Stream

This site has a great cartoon compilation for free for the readers. This leads to it becoming a good alternative to MangaPanda. One of the benefits that you can get by reading comics on this site is that you can save the comics and read them later on. It has an extensive list of options and a great comics range for the readers. You can easily access the site from any device. Hence, the website can fulfill all your needs.


7. Mangago


Mangago has a good-looking and eye-catching website. Most of the options for looking for Manga comics are available on this website. The readers are provided with a Manga list and they can find the Manga indexed. 

There is a tab that provides you with the genres. One can also look around the Manga comics. The most-viewed Manga comics are present in the eminent Manga list on the site. This site is an ideal alternative to MangaPanda and helps to prevent boredom. 


8. Manga Town

Manga Town

This is another good alternative to MangaPanda. If you want to browse through various genres of Manga comics, this website has the answer to your needs. This is a free site and needs no registration from the readers. All the popular Manga comics are available on this website. 

This is a large website and Manga comic lovers can find their favorite Manga comics easily. You can browse through the Manga list, or go through the genre or pick a random Manga comic to read from the site. Since the website has a huge range of comics, the readers will be spoilt for choices.


9. Crunchyroll


If you are looking for a top source for Manga comics, then Crunchyroll is the answer to your search. After a delay of one hour, a new chapter or episode of a Manga comic released from Japan is available on Crunchyroll. This means that the readers can get a copy of the Manga on their device one hour after the official launch. This is indeed a lightning speed service and as a reader, you can stay updated instantly after the release. 

The video streaming service began operations in 2006. Crunchyroll was founded by Kun Gao and is now run by Joanne Waage. It has become the leader of the Anime industry on a global scale. The site boasts thirty-six million community members worldwide. Crunchyroll works with Viz Media and Funimation for producing great new titles. 

The site is ideal for watching Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Attack on Titan.

This is a premium website. However, they have a free one-month subscription for their readers. One can sign up and see whether the site fits their expectations or not. If they find the suitable one, they can opt for the other plans available with this website.

The website is available on both the smartphone as well as on the desktop. One can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Crunchyroll is an official alternative for MangaPanda. By using this site, you will be reading from official sites and hence you will be able to avoid getting tangled in legal troubles. 


10. Otaku Smash

Otaku Smash

Manga Panda

Otaku Smash is unlike the other Manga comics websites. It is a great alternative to Manga Panda as it has a great stock of American comics from Marvel and Dc for free for the readers. Some readers love Japanese Manga and also other comics, so they can browse this website. 

The extremely useful interface makes it easy for a user to browse through the site. 



Comics are much in demand among the readers for entertainment value. They have a big role to play in making your leisure time more enjoyable.

For the comic fans, we have compiled these top 10 MangaPanda alternative sites so that you can enjoy reading the Manga comics without any break. We have also highlighted the free and paid sites for Manga comics. Browse through the sites and choose the ones that satisfy you as a reader.

Happy reading!!

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