virtual number: utility and efficient recommendations

Despite the emergence of instant messengers and chatbots, the telephone is still one of the most important channels of communication with customers. Those companies that choose a phone number usually want

  • Quickly connect and configure it for business tasks.
  • Get a reliable way of communication that perfectly works without interruptions 100% of the time.
  • Serve as many clients as possible with minimal costs.
  • Gather statistics on different employees and sales performance.
  • Keep the number when moving to another office.

The PBX is created on the basis of the IP protocol and operates through the Internet. Calls are received to the virtual number, processed, and distributed between subscribers. Employees can contact the office via internal numbers, and the outside line is accessed through a connection to the cloud using gateways. The PBX does not require special equipment, except for a VoIP phone, a computer with a headset, a smartphone, or an office phone and an IP gateway. Functionality and maintenance are presented by the provider, and the client receives international calls at minimal rates.


Cloud Telephony Benefits

IP PBX telephony is in demand by corporate clients, who have the following advantages

  • Reduction of communication costs up to 70%.
  • Quality and reliability of communication.
  • Ease of use through the web interface with intelligent settings and the ability to connect the voicemail machine function, call recording, conference calls, and IVR.
  • Communication between branches regardless of geography.
  • The unlimited number of lines and subscribers with redirection.
  • The possibility to get and send SMS and faxes.
  • Integration with the corporate management system.

A Business Telephone Number Choosing: Recommendations

The topic of business numbers is overgrown with myths that only interfere with choosing a suitable option. It’s essential to understand what you shouldn’t do when choosing a number for your company. It is believed that a number with the same numbers running in a row is easy to remember, and it also sets the company apart from competitors. It has to be noted that today phone numbers are not remembered but saved in the phone book, and it is better to overtake competitors with the quality of goods or service. Don’t shift the responsibility for sales onto the number. You will simply spend time choosing a “special” number, during which you can do something really useful for your business.

Mobile phone numbers are convenient for everyone: the company’s clients can call from different regions, and employees are not tied to the workplace and can receive incoming calls anywhere. The first digits of the city number help to understand in which region the company operates (such information is important for local residents). A landline number was previously associated with reputable companies that had a permanent office. Today, a city number does not bind a business to a specific address, since many operators allow you to renegotiate a contract for a new address while maintaining the old city phone number. Cloud PBX helps to completely get rid of the territorial binding of numbers. Virtual phone numbers help the company not to miss calls if its operators or managers are out of position.

Calls to toll-free multichannel numbers (8-800) are always paid by the receiving party. This is perfect for large companies that provide services or sell goods across the country, as the regional anchoring can scare off potential customers. Toll-free 8-800 numbers indicate the seriousness of the company. They receive, on average, a third more calls than landline and mobile numbers. Even more, the free multichannel number is a powerful tool for useful statistics collecting. It’s pleasing to see that everyone can buy numbers at or any other required company that has a useful set of features and offers profitable cooperation conditions. Moreover, the connection process lasts usually no more than 24 hours (it depends on the actual circumstances) and the person always gets information about the current situation. You can sign up on the website and control all the financial and functional moments via your personal account.

Forwarding: an Important Element

The functionality of cloud stations is designed for interaction with the client, and a well-adjusted call forwarding system plays one of the essential roles here. There are two basic types of call distribution.

  • Static. The call is routed to the first free line, a specific department, or a specific operator. It gives an even load on managers. Forwarding to a specific operator is performed when it is necessary for an application to be processed by a more experienced specialist. Also, one manager can be assigned to an important client.
  • Dynamic by region or time zone. It’s justified when the structure of the company is ramified. It’s possible to create working groups of subscribers for each criterion.

Forwarding scenarios can be written for each group and for individual employees. Do not forget to set up the mode of receiving calls during non-working hours. Calls can be routed to voicemail. The simplest option is to play an audio recording, which provides data about the current work schedule. The virtual number makes it easy to find out where customers come from more often, which advertising tools are more effective, how operators work out objections, and much more, which will optimize the work of the sales department, technical support, etc.

Specialized companies offer a large database for various countries and regions. They carry out the flexible configuration of call forwarding to computers, mobile, and landline phones. The client can independently make changes to the settings if necessary to optimize communication networks. It’s worth noting that many experienced business owners recommend getting a few numbers. When a website visitor gets acquainted with the contact page and sees only one universal contact number, it sometimes may be difficult for him/her to get an answer to his/her specific request. Several virtual numbers will demonstrate to the user the idea that the business is quite large and serious since it provides a few support numbers. Anyway, each company has its own point of view and can order one or 2-3 numbers for longstanding usage.


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