free disk space on mac

Mac computers are incredible for both entertainment and work. Many people choose these devices because they are reliable and give great possibilities in many spheres. Every year, the design of Mac gets better because Apple cares about improving their computers constantly. 

Of course, if you are having a new Mac, it works perfectly and fast. But over time, you may notice its productivity started to reduce. Why does it happen? Just because you have to take care of your device and delete all the unnecessary and unused files and programs. The thing is Macs are not capable of holding big amounts of files and can fill up if you don’t clean the device regularly. In this article, we will provide you with the most popular and simple ways of freeing up disk space on the computer to keep the Mac clean and increase its productivity. 


How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

1. Delete language files from the Mac

Usually, Macs come with a big pack of various languages to support countries all over the world. But usually, users have just 1-3 languages on the computer. You can delete unused languages to free up some space. Of course, if you are familiar with removing such files, you can do it manually, but we recommend using special software to do it safely. 

2. Delete unused applications

Needless to say, all users have apps they don’t use on the computers. Just imagine how much space you can free up! You can spend some time and review all the apps you have on the Mac, and remove those you don’t need at all. You can even see which applications take up the most space, and delete the biggest. For removing unused programs, you can also use an automatic cleaner.

3. Delete unnecessary documents

Just like with apps, you can have piles of unnecessary files that slow down your device. Overview of the documents on your Mac and delete anything you don’t need at all. You will be surprised how much space it’s possible to clean with this simple task! Over years, users store tons of unnecessary information on computers that should be removed for a smooth and fast work of the device.

4. Use a cloud service to store files

If you cannot delete any files from your Mac, for example, you are having a pile of family photos on the hard drive and you want to save these pictures, there is no need to force yourself to remove something important for you. All you have to do is start using a reliable cloud service to store your documents and files there. You can read the clients’ reviews and choose a good service for your needs. A great benefit of using a cloud service is you can access your files easily from any device and share anything with your coworkers, family, or friends. 

5. Get an external drive to store files

If you need to save many files and use them for work constantly even without an Internet connection, then the best decision for you is to buy an external hard drive. With this device, you can save all the important documents without overloading your Mac with large files. You can get your external drive and connect it to any other device if needed.       

We hope that our hints on cleaning up space on the Mac were useful. Feel free to read more tips on how to keep your drive clean. You can do manual cleaning or install special software that can clean up your hard drive automatically. The choice is yours, and your Mac deserves the best care to work properly and fast!



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