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Our world is vastly changed from how it was just a generation ago. We live in the middle of a technological revolution, and it’s bringing new ways of working, learning and spending our leisure time, as well as creating new opportunities for people across the globe.

In recent years, for example, we’ve seen the amazing power of 3D printing, so that it’s not only great fun for domestic users, it can also transform the way businesses operate, and can prove to be of huge value in the medical world. 3D laser scanning is having just as much of an impact, so here are three ways that it’s changing our world for the better.

3D Printing

1. Precision Mapping for Parts and Components

When it comes to mechanical engineering, precision matters, particularly when you have a large number of components which have to interact with each other. If a measurement is out by the slightest margin, it can cost time, money and worse, but taking and calculating those measurements used to be a laborious procedure, especially in very small or large components. 3D laser scanning has changed all that, as it means that you can instantly find the dimensions of any object via an accurate mapping of it. This can then be used to compute any interaction and movement, making components safer and more effective.

2. Terrestrial 3D Scanning

Architecture and design shapes the world around us, and it’s another world that has been changed forever, and for the better, by modern 3D laser scanner solutions. Using the latest scanning technology, you can easily get 3D scans of any building or terrestrial structure, and you can guarantee that it will be completely accurate. This brings a huge range of advantages for architects, building maintenance professionals, health and safety specialists, and people who repair and maintain buildings of all kinds. Building Information Modeling provides a vast amount of data, and you won’t be limited to areas that are within easy physical reach. It provides more detail than traditional surveying methods, and provides easy virtual access to locations that may be unsafe to enter into.

3. Easier Inspections

It’s essential that mechanical components perform to the best of their capability at all times, as sudden failures can be costly and have a reputational impact on the business affected. That’s why regular inspections are so important, as well as for their obvious safety implications, and 3D laser scanning is making metrology and inspection easier than ever before. This can also be a great boon during the component design and development stage, allowing you to accurately predict how effective a part will be, and how reliable it will be over a period of time, without the need to produce individual prototypes every time.

These are just three of the advantages that 3D laser scanning is bringing to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Other areas in which it’s proving invaluable include aviation and defense, Computed Tomography and problem solving via reverse engineering. Hiring a high-quality 3D laser scanner from experts such as Laser Design can cost less than you imagine, and the benefits can be even greater than you imagine.


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