Fantastic Call Tracking Software for Marketing and Sales

Today’s corporate environment is fueled by online marketing, ads, and inbound and outbound marketing. This makes call tracking software an effective approach to maximize your advertising campaigns.

The most effective approach to determine the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives is to measure your return on investment or ROI. Your marketing plan is working if your ROI has good numbers and vice versa.

A call tracking software can help you realize the maximum capabilities of your interactions if you’re not already doing so. It may assist your company in mapping out all of this information and identifying areas where you can enhance your marketing methods, increase engagement, and improve the conversion rates.

So, here we are with the list of 10 best call tracking software for you, to help with your marketing and sales. So, read on and find the best one that suits your preferences.

But before we dive into the list, let’s know the basics of call tracking software.

Call Tracking Software – What Is It?

A call monitoring software assists you in determining the success of all your promotional activities, by displaying why a consumer phoned and how the conversion occurred. It covers both the conventional offline and currently used online platforms.

It provides data about lead sources, can archive calls, and allows you to track which advertising campaign generated the most leads for you. You’ll also get extensive statistics and data to help you understand these trends.

You can track the number of incoming calls you got from each promotion if you assign different phone numbers to each one.

As a consequence, supervisors will have a better understanding of which campaigns are successful. This is exactly what a sales call tracking software offers. When a user calls, the program redirects the call based on a variety of variables, including the user’s purpose, interests, language, etc.

You may record conversations to help evaluate things like call duration, consumer sentiment, opinion, and much more, and use that information to improve your advertising campaigns and acquire more referrals.

The 10 Best Call Tracking Softwares for You

1. CallRail

With CallRail’s sales call tracking software, you can see exactly which of your advertising campaigns are delivering the intended results. It assists you to determine which keywords or ads received the most attention from the customers, as well as the factors behind them.

Aside from identifying the call sources, CallRail also gives you access to a lead’s identity, location, and contact information. You can record your conversations as well. To assess the effectiveness of the campaign while improving advertising budgets and methods, the program matches inbound texts and calls to your advertising strategies and networks.

The call identification function in CallRail connects offline and online information to demonstrate your accurate ROI. As a result, you can see which mailings, banners, pamphlets, and posters resulted in more consumers, as well as which ad clicks resulted in conversions.

2. WhatConverts


With the aid of WhatConverts, you can track your calls in real-time and find out which promotional activities are the most successful. This sales call tracking software enables you to collect each contact generated by a phone call and simply track its promotional source.

While call tracking allows you to link your business’s advertising and marketing to all of your customers’ call leads and earn correct credit, a customizable IVR menu allows your customers to hear a menu with various options, which assists to route the calls to the appropriate contact.

With the multi-ring capability, you can also redirect calls that originate outside of your business hours to various phones at the same time. It also has a call transcription feature that enables you to review call information without referring to the entire call recording.

3. Ringba

RingbaRingba’s business call tracking software can improve your incoming strategy, maximizing the efficiency of every call. The on-demand telecoms can assist you in developing your promotional activities.

You get to control your clients more effectively with sophisticated routing, financial rules, and limiting. With Ringba’s sophisticated, automated call traffic management, you can get the most out of every call. It may also keep track of every data about customers and assist you in increasing revenues.

Ringba allows you to track your client’s performance and provides routing protocols. It also provides smart positioning and call routing as you can link your clients with accessible staff working from anywhere on the planet, Moreover, it gathers original user information from your clients so that your crew may properly manage ad expenditure.

4. Clixtell

ClixtellAnother great choice for you is Clixtell’s call tracking software, which includes all of the important tools you’ll need to collect detailed information regarding your conversations, customers, employees, and much more. The program can show which strategies, advertisements, and terms resulted in phone calls and conversions.

You get to monitor phone calls made online, offline, and through your advertising networks, as well as consumer engagements from search to click to call to purchase. You can also study every piece of information about the effectiveness of your programs and utilize the information to improve your digital presence and profits.

There are thousands of toll-free and regional contact details accessible right currently. It also offers conversion analytics, a real-time monitor, call recording, full click and call records, flexible phone insertion, as well as numerous other features.

5. CallFire

CallFireYou get to track the success of your campaign and promote with toll-free and area contacts thanks to CallFire’s databases. It also assists you in making strategic business decisions depending only on outcomes, as well as determining what is effective for you.

This call tracking software allows you to efficiently and inexpensively promote your product lines. Their simulated number databases enable you to establish a localized or worldwide reach. Additionally, CallFire provides messaging and call tracking, which allows you to use a call tracking mobile number to send SMSs from lengthy code to react to an inquiry via SMS and monitor it using Google Analytics.

6. Freshcaller

FreshcallerFreshcaller has a call lifecycle function that offers information such as the caller’s identity, the operator who received their call, whether or not the call was moved. It also provides insights on how the conversation proceeded, any additional call costs and the reasons for them, and so on. The sales call tracking software recognizes up to 50 events in your outbound and inbound calls to help you determine how successful they were.

With the help of Freshcaller, you can examine the call persistency, response time, call durations, call forwarding, and other factors. It is important to determine why a client had a positive or negative experience. You can also integrate this information with tools like post-call transcription and call recording to obtain a comprehensive picture of your campaigns.

7. Hubspot

HubspotWith HubSpot’s call tracking software, you can quickly arrange your everyday telemarketing calls, initiate calls, record them right from your web. It lets you instantly register the call to your customer relationship management software with zero hassle. It enables you to offer more while minimizing the number of calls and smoothly line up your daily calls.

Using HubSpot CRM’s customer information and interaction statistics, you can rank the finest conversations while building up your daily calling lineup. Instead of answering the phone, HubSpot’s call tracker allows you to make calls directly from your browser.

The Conversation Intelligence in HubSpot transcripts call analytics, call remarking, and keyword searches in the Enterprise versions. You can complete transactions faster and prevent them from falling through the cracks with email sequencing as well.

8. CloudTalk

CloudTalkCloudTalk lets you run your call center from anywhere in the globe and cultivate positive customer connections. You receive crucial capabilities with this call tracking software that can increase your customer engagement while also making your operations more productive than before.

You get the ability to make unique additions or internal calls for each operator, customer, or unit, create unique conversation sequences, and record conversations automatically. You can later listen to them from your internet browser, and make personalized additions or internal calls for each operator, customer, or unit.

You can also create group voicemail messages or greetings, transfer your existing number, get overseas numbers from over 140 countries. It lets you utilize a toll-free number and get shortened five-digit numbers, among other things.

9. CallTrackerFX

CallTrackerFXAs a sales call tracking software, CallTrackerFX offers a lot of value. It includes an elegant dashboard and an easy-to-use interface. Effective and immediate caller profile monitoring gathers important data, such as the caller’s location, device, call time and duration, and so on.

It integrates with your CRM so that relevant facts from the system’s caller profiles may be incorporated into contact records. It supports call transcription and also monitors caller metrics in real-time, allowing your client service agents to provide consumers with a more tailored interaction. It also aids in increasing conversions and interactions.

You may utilize the information it collects to improve future calls and on-site client journeys. You’ll have access to the right reporting tools, as well as the ability to monitor conversion rates and calculate ROI.

10. DialogTech

DialogTechDialogTech is another notable name in the field of call tracking software and analytics. It is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which provide valuable insights into calls, customers, and customer experiences.

The program includes call routing technologies, call records, and sophisticated connections to help you gain more consumers, better comprehend them, save advertisement costs, and increase your return and revenues.

You can see how your promotions execute both offline and online, as well as how they convert. As a consequence, you may improve your conversions by determining which promotional activities are most successful. You can also use the real-time information collected from chats and calls to tailor physical and web interactions.

Bottom Line

There you have it. The 10 best and fantastic call tracking software for marketing and sales to grow your business even more.

A good sales call tracking software will assist you in learning more about how people reach your company. You’ll know how your consumers view your brand and which promotional activities encourage them to approach you if you can trace the origin of your calls. So, without wasting any more time, go and get yours.


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