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Clubhouse app has gained over a million active users in a short period, and many still await an invitation. It has brought a new dimension to social media where you can interact with users using your voice. All audio conversations are open, and anyone can come and hear the conversation. 

This application could be the ultimate gift born particularly after the 2020 global pandemic due to the following reasons.

  1. Simplicity: Clubhouse has a simple concept of radio interviews. They are live and accessible to any iPhone owner with a Clubhouse account.
  2. Invitation Template: This app helps create a sort of exclusivity and FOMO among the people that bring them to the app in large numbers.
  3. The human need to connect: Clubhouse was launched when people could hardly get out amid a worldwide pandemic. It allowed users to foster meaningful conversations while remaining within the comfort of their homes. 
  4. Exclusive: Clubhouse is a social media audio app only for iOS users who have the invitation. It serves a podcast and audio social media market that has been untapped and ignored for many years. Given the company’s focus on scaling its services effectively, it is always by invitation.

Due to this unparalleled social media approach, users are hopping on the Clubhouse and looking for more apps like Clubhouse since this app is invite-only and currently available only on iOS devices.

What are the 5 best apps like Clubhouse for Android and iOS?

There are several applications in the market that perform somewhat similar functions to the Clubhouse application. However, not all of them are worth using. We have compiled a list of the top five applications that can be an efficient alternative to the former.

1. Spoon

Spoon : apps like clubhouse

Just like Clubhouse, the Spoon app is a live audio streaming platform that allows you to listen to live streams and music podcasts. It also lets you begin your friend’s live streams using your smartphones.

Spoon also allows DJs to interact with listeners by chatting. Listeners can give their favourite DJs digital presents called “Spoon” which can then be exchanged for money. DJs can also invite other DJs or even their listeners to co-host the stream together.

It is a big platform to make friends. It is also a treasure bowl on which DJ streamers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Through singing and answering the listeners’ questions, telling jokes, singing songs, extending your broadcast, focusing on the topics that the listeners feel interested in, and sharing your voice with them can help you make a small fortune if you play your cards right.

The spoon is an excellent app for you to share your stories. You don’t need to show what you look like, but offer your sweet and attractive voices and exciting content. Undoubtedly, this is a beautiful and unique landscape in the world of live streaming social media dominated by videos and images.

2. Twitter Spaces


Just like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces record the conversations that occur in rooms, but for 30 days to check for encroachments of its rules and regulations. A significant difference between Twitter spaces and the Clubhouse voice chat app is how they handle your data. 

If a violation is found, Twitter spaces can keep this data for up to 90 days to facilitate the user call process. While the Clubhouse social app also records conversations, they are automatically deleted after 30 days unless a user reports them during a chat. Clubhouse then stores the data until the investigation of the incident is complete. 

Another way the Clubhouse voice application differs from Twitter spaces is that it does not allow participants to record conversations unless all participants consent to such recording. On the other hand, a feature that saves conversations could be under development for Twitter spaces.

Twitter makes voice transcripts available to Spaces hosts. Twitter Space participants will also be given access to this data, but only for what they consented to during the conversation. Twitter Spaces also plans to make the data available as permanent content that can later be used for other uses. 

3. Leher 

leher: apps like clubhouseLeher, the social media application launched in 2018 has begun to attract the attention of Indian. It has been counted as an Indian alternative to the audio-only chat app Clubhouse that recently gained popularity. Unlike Clubhouse, which only supports audio conversations, Leher allows users to share their thoughts and discuss a variety of topics in live videos.

You can also download the application on android and iOS devices, unlike Clubhouse, which is currently only available for iOS devices. The Leher app also doesn’t require any invites, which isn’t the case with Clubhouse that is currently invite-only.

Some Indian business owners started tweeting on Leher. This could be due to a growing interest in finding Indian alternatives to global apps. In contrast to Clubhouse, Leher has mainly Indian users on board. That means you’re not likely to see global faces discussing the Indian app right now.

Once you have completed the registration process and created your profile, you can use Leher to listen or look at the discussions of different people. They could be professionals, start-ups, investors, marketing specialists, and so on. The app shows you live chats and gives you access to earlier chats as well. You can also track some individuals on the app or even ask them a question or send a message.

In addition, you can invite individuals from your contacts to the application. You can also share recent conversations with others via Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.

The Leher App Start screen also lets you participate in upcoming discussions or share them with your network of people. You may also review the topic of upcoming discussions and the number of participants. 

Leher also helps you plan your discussions for the future. It is also possible to invite participants to your discussions.

4. Riffr 


Among the apps like Clubhouse is Riffr. It can also be considered a micro-podcasting platform. In the micro-podcast segment, Riffr has done well in recent months. Just as in Clubhouse, your audio chats are public, and a bit more conversational. 

You can also look for subjects, things you love and find micro podcasts of your taste. It also has a sharing function that lets you convert your audio to video so you can easily post your micro-podcasts to other social media platforms. Riffr is not very similar to the Clubhouse, but it adds another dimension to the trend of social media audio.

5. Discord Voice Channel

Discord: apps like clubhouse

If you’re using Discord exclusively for chat, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Discord is one of the apps like Clubhouse and lets you create a voice channel similar to Rooms, but with a big difference. You can select your voice channel’s privacy setting. You can set up a public or private voice system. Remember that public voice channels will be searchable, and users can find them if the Discord server is tagged with the voice chat.

In Discord Voice Channel, there are controls on the main page, and you can turn off your microphone, delete members, and check who talks transparently. On Clubhouse, many users complain that they cannot find out who is talking, and they have to scroll down to find the speaker that can be daunting.

Discord Voice Channel is a great alternative to Clubhouse, and you can certainly turn to your advantage. It allows you to add additional functionality to your voice channels using useful Discord bots and music bots.


All in all, the other apps like Clubhouse available make for some great applications. They are as good as Clubhouse and at the same time, less exclusive. So, if you are looking for a Clubhouse-like platform for various needs, you can choose one from the list above.


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