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You’re probably curious as to how I came up with the concept of highlighting the finest cat ear headphones. To be sure, this is a pretty unique type of headphones, and even I was unaware of it before.

However, when I discovered the market for cat ear headphones, I was astounded by their popularity and demand. They are, indeed, popular.

Cat ear headphones are practical headphones that can make a fashion statement. They seem cute and stylish; yet, finding the finest cat ear headphones, particularly those that will be popular in , maybe a difficult job.

As a result, to assist those of you who are big lovers of cat ear headphones, I conducted an extensive market research exercise in which I tested and assessed around 30 cat ear headphones using a variety of criteria.

After thoroughly evaluating each device, I narrowed the field to the 10 finest cat ear headphones.

Cat Ear Headphones: What Are They and Why Are They So Popular?

Catear headphones

Japan is where the obsession with cat ears, or more precisely, ladies with cat ears, began. The first lady with cat ears appeared in a 1924 novel penned by Kenji Miyazawa.

The first manga and anime depicting fictitious characters with cat ears emerged a few years later, and the obsession quickly spread across the globe. In manga and anime, females with cat ears are referred to as Nekomimi (from the Japanese: Neko – cat, Mimi –ears). DC Comics released the first comic book featuring the character Catwoman in 1940.

That was the first version of Nekomimi girl to be released in the United States. The obsession with cat ears and Nekomimi females continued to develop and extend across the fashion and gaming industries, among others.

Cat ears have even made their way into the audio business, where they have become very popular.

Wenqing Yan is the brains behind the idea of cat ear headphones (aka YUUMEI). She is an illustrator, designer, and animation artist who came up with the concept in 2014. Wenqing and her closest friend Victoria Hu quickly agreed to make the concept a reality.

They came up with the moniker Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones and launched an Indiegogo campaign. The campaign was a tremendous success, raising over $3.5 million, well exceeding their target of $250,000.

As a result, they were now tasked with creating the world’s first set of cat ear headphones.

Regrettably, the procedure was not easy. Wenquing and Victoria’s partnership dissolved, and they were embroiled in a court fight over the Axent Wear brand, delaying the release by more than six months. We will not go into depth about the conflict between YUUMEI and her former best friend, but if you’re interested in learning more, you may read her blog on Deviant Art.

Following the conclusion of the court fight, Brookstone contacted YUUMEI and offered her a partnership. She accepted, and they began selling their cat ear headphones a few months later.

The first distributed them to all Indiegogo supporters before ramping up manufacturing. The prototype was wired. It was illuminated by LEDs on the cat ears and earcups. Additionally, the cat ears had built-in speakers, allowing you to share your music with your pals. YUMI also created the headphones’ packaging.

Within months, the market was saturated with Brookstone headphones, and as a result of its success, other manufacturers began developing and manufacturing their cat ear headphones.

They are marketed under a variety of names, including Neko headphones (about the Nekomimi) and cat ear headphones. There are wired and wireless variants, as well as versions with and without LED illumination, mics, and gaming cat ear headphones.

Following the launch of the original cat ear headphones, Brookstone added a wireless version and a limited-edition Ariana Grande model, further increasing the popularity of cat ear headphones.

That concludes the tale of cat ear headphones. Finally, we may discuss their quality.

Things to Look for When Buying Headphones with Cat Ear: 

1. Budget:

As previously said, the majority of cat ear headphones are manufactured by unknown generic manufacturers and are often very inexpensive. Numerous wired cat ear headphones are available for less than $50.

Several are under $20. Brookstone and Razer sell the most costly cat ear headphones. These are the only headphones on our list (and almost certainly the market) that cost more than $100.

2. Excellent audio quality:

As previously said, the majority of these cat ear headphones use low-cost drivers. As a result, do not anticipate extremely accurate reproduction, robust bass, or dazzling highs. You will get mediocre sound quality and must live with it.

While some cat ear headphones sound better than others, none are excellent.

3. Battery life:

The battery life (playtime) of the headphones ranges between 4 and 9 hours, depending on the price and use.

You will get more playtime if you turn off the LED lights and do not utilize the speakers integrated into the cat ears (only some headphone models have these speakers). As a result, none of these wireless cat ear headphones boast very extended battery life.

4. Bluetooth connection:

If you’re searching for wireless cat ear headphones, you’ll want to consider the Bluetooth version, pairing, range, and stability of the connection. Additionally, you should pay attention to the Bluetooth codecs supported, as these will indicate if the headphones are compatible with iOS devices.

They are certainly compatible with iOS if they support the AAC codec.

5. Connectivity — wired, wireless, or a combination of the two:

To be honest, this is completely dependent on your requirements and money. While wired headphones are often less expensive, the price difference is not significant. Certain wired versions have a detachable microphone and in-line controls on their cords.

If any of these characteristics are significant to you, you should search for headphones that support them. Wireless headphones often have a detachable wire that may be used in the event of a power failure.

Additionally, the majority of them have built-in microphones that may be used in wireless mode.

6. Comfort and Fit:

When purchasing headphones for your kid, it is important to consider the size. You have specially designed headphones for youngsters.

Children’s headphones are not only tiny. Additionally, they are constructed with stronger and safer materials (such as food-grade silicone) and have certain child-friendly features (like volume-limiting technology).

If you’re purchasing headphones for yourself, you should also consider them fit and comfortable. For whatever reason, many of these headphones are very little, which may cause pain if you have a bigger head.

7. Durability:

Don’t get your hopes up too much. The majority of these headphones are inexpensive and constructed of plastic.

Consider yourself fortunate if they survive more than a year, in our view. Not just the headband and cups are inexpensive. Additionally, the majority of these headphones have subpar drivers and poorly constructed internal wiring.

8. Colors, LED lighting design:

The majority of cat ear headphones have a similar basic design, with the cat ears perched above the headband. However, you may select between on-ear and over-ear versions, as well as the colour and whether or not to include LED lights. Certain versions will have single-colour LED illumination, while others will feature multi-color LED lighting.

Who Is Going to Fall in Love With Cat headsets?

To be honest, there are a few distinct consumer segments that come to mind. Children are undoubtedly the primary target demographic, and they are completely enamoured with these headphones (both, boys and girls). They include all-LED lighting and cat ears — what’s not to like?

They seem to be popular with certain gamers as well. Cat ear headphones are perhaps the most popular among manga and anime enthusiasts, particularly those who are already familiar with Nekomimi.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Any Good?

To be quite candid, most of them are not. There are no well-known audio brands on the cat ear headphones market. There are no cat ear headphones from Bose, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Sony, or Bowers & Wilkins.

The majority of manufacturers are generic versions of well-known names. Brookstone and Razer are the only two recognized companies on the cat ear headphone market, and even those two are not very well-known for their high-end headphones.

Brookstone is a well-known store, and Razer is a household brand in the gaming business, but neither is hyper-specialized in headphones.

Additionally, the majority of cat ear headphones on the market are very affordable. They are mostly composed of plastic and do not seem to be very sturdy.

To summarize, they are fun and showy, sound OK (but not spectacular), and have a build quality commensurate with their pricing (and the price is usually quite low).

10 Best Cat Ear Headphones Or Headphones with cat ears 

1. SOMIC G951s Stereo Gaming Headset

Somic catear headphones

These are the industry’s finest purple cat headphones. Additionally, these are one of the most inexpensive cat ear headphones for gaming. Simply because the headphones are fashionable and attractive does not exclude them from being utilized for gaming. Every aspect of these headphones is excellent.

Be it in terms of comfort, simplicity of use, sound delivery, or driving performance.

To begin, let us consider the design. These have an ergonomic design that ensures a secure fit.

The ear cups are constructed of soft leather, and the head beam is self-adjusting. The large-sized ear cups provide superior noise suppression and almost eliminate interference.

Additionally, you may remove the cat ears as desired.

Second, these headphones offer great sound quality. The big 40mm high-fidelity speakers provide accurate and clear sound. The microphone is extremely adaptable and sensitive. When you’re playing, it enables clear communication and easy hands-free calling.

Major Features and Benefits –

· Wired headphones technology
· Works with a 3.5 mm jack
· Special elegant purple outlook
· Ergonomic design
· Compatible with most devices
· Noise-canceling headphones
· High-quality 40 mm fidelity speakers

2. Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Luckyu Wireless cat headphones

As a result, the Luckyu Wireless Cat Ear Headphones are an excellent choice for people who dislike connected headphones.

The headphones are available in seven different hues, giving you lots of options. They seem to be completely contemporary and trendy. Additionally, they are very comfortable to wear for extended periods and include an adjustable headband to accommodate heads of varying sizes.

As a result, regardless of your head size, these headphones will fit you (they easily fit some of the largest heads on our team). Additionally, they are much lighter than Brookstone’s Wired Cat Ear Headphones.

You can simply link them to virtually any smartphone or tablet that supports Bluetooth thanks to the Bluetooth function (4.2 version).

If you need to use them as wired headphones for whatever reason, you may utilize the 3.5 mm connector to attach the audio cable.

The bass response is very good, and the sound quality is great overall. There is just one aspect of the headphones that did not appeal to us, and that is their build quality. While they seem to be robust and solid on the exterior, they are very fragile.

As a result, you’ll need to exercise caution while using them, much more so if you’re purchasing them for your children.

Major Features and Benefits of Luckyu Cat Ear Headphones –

· Connects to a 3.5 mm jack
· On-ear headphones
· Completely wireless technology
· Suitable for all occasions and gifts
· High sound quality

3. Esonstyle Kids Headphones

Esonstyle Unicorn style kids headphones

These allow you to disable the blinking LED effect, allowing you to continue listening to your music for an extended period. The Esonstyle headphones feature integrated volume control, making them not only convenient but also cute.

Built-in volume control circuitry ensures that the sound is kept within the safe range for young children’s eardrums and inner ear at 85dB.

You can disable the LED blinking effect to conserve battery power for extended music playback. beneficial to universal compatibility: with a 3.5mm headphone jack standard, Compatible with almost all smartphone models

The cat headsets are small and lightweight, foldable, and rotate for convenient storage and carrying; they can be folded 90 degrees from the outside to the inside or up. The earmuffs feature foam-cushioned ear cushions for extended comfort. Tension and elasticity are extremely low.

Its foldable design makes it easy to transport; it fits easily into a suitcase or bag, making it even easier to transport. When you take your children on a trip, whether by car or plane, these headphones would make an excellent companion.

Major Features and Benefits –

· Comes in various colors
· Connects with a 3.5 mm jack
· Wired connectivity technology
· 85 dB limited volume with protection
· On/off LED lights available
· Wide compatibility

4. Riwbox Cat Ear Foldable Headphones

Riwbox bluetooth headohones catear

These are wireless headphones for children that include a lighting design. Now you can mix aspects of colour, light, and music to create dynamic visuals that change colour in response to the music.

Riwbox CT-7 are wireless Bluetooth headphones for children that have a lightning motif. We want to offer pleasure to every family and to infuse our everyday lives with a sense of humour. This children’s headphone mixes aspects of music, light, and colour; the cat-ear has an integrated Green/Blue/Red LED that blinks and changes colour in time with the beat.

With the illuminating Riwbox Cat cartoon on the side, you may take a break from your regular self and show everyone how fantastic you are feeling.

This powerful 40 mm speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which satisfies your demand for natural sound and robust bass while being portable. Once the matching is complete, you may avoid the bother of matching again.

Simply turn on the headset and it will automatically connect to your smartphone. The connection status will be shown on the phone’s screen, and a voice reminder will be provided for battery level.

When using the kid’s headphones in Bluetooth mode, you may disable the LED flashing effect to save battery power for extended music playback.

When utilizing Bluetooth mode, switches on both sides of the headset allow you to quickly access your controls: next song, previous song, and volume control. Even if your headphone’s battery runs out, you may continue using it by plugging in the Riwbox D1 braided audio cable.

The microphone has a D1 braided audio connection, which enables you to make crystal-clear phone conversations. The cable is compatible with a variety of devices, including cellphones, tablet PCs, and music players.

Riwbox Bluetooth wireless child headphones include a wireless Bluetooth connection and a folding design.

The headset is ideal for use in a variety of situations, such as school, travel, or on an aircraft. The vibrant design is ideal for Xmas gift-giving, and the headphones are appropriate for all ages, including children, teenagers, boys, girls, and adults. Select the Riwbox headset and begin enjoying the ideal music experience immediately!

Major Features and Benefits –

· Has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
· Kids wireless Bluetooth headphones
· Comes with an on/off LED light
· Foldable design
· Has both wired and wireless modes

5. FosPower Kids Headphones

Fospower cat ear headbands for kids

These headphones are adjustable for children to provide a comfortable fit, lightweight enough to use for hours without pain, and flexible enough to withstand rough handling.

They have an adorable design with a comfy headband and earmuffs. Because of their endurance, they are ideal for active children who often drop, strain, or twist headphones.

They remain in place regardless of how much the kid moves. Additionally, they are safe to use owing to the characteristic of restricted capacity.

In general, the FosPower Kids Headphones are an excellent option for your children if you’re searching for fashionable and high-quality headphones. Numerous features, including bright lighting, cushioning, high-quality sound, and a tangle-free connection, make them an investment worth making.

Major Features and Benefits –

· On-ear headphones
· Wired connectivity technology
· 3.5 mm universal jack supported
· Design made for comfort
· Vibrant LED
· Laced cable
· Limited lifetime warranty is also available

6. Olyre Cat Headphones

Olyre wired cat ear headphones

Olyre offers comfortable and sturdy wired cat headphones. The cable is sufficiently robust to withstand regular usage. Additionally, the connection has a microphone and control panel for easy management of calls and music.

These headphones are fully adjustable to suit the size of your head. The ear cups are cushioned, which helps to minimize outside noise.

Additionally, the headphones are appropriate for youngsters, since they have a volume control that helps avoid hearing damage.

To conclude, these headphones provide an excellent bargain for the features they have. They are lightweight, adjustable, and foldable for convenience.

Major Features and Benefits –

· Works with a 3.5mm jack
· Wired connectivity technology
· Comes with an Led
· High-quality stereo sound
· Environmental and rechargeable headphones
· Foldable and adjustable

7. Censi Moecen Wired Cat Ear Headphones

Censi music wired headphones

The wired version of Censi Moecen’s finest cat ear headphones is identical to the wireless one described before. The only distinction is the lack of Bluetooth technology and the presence of wire. To utilize these headphones, users must connect them to their phone, tablet, laptop, or another device.

These headphones have a nice design. The cat ears are basic in design. The combination of minimalism and anime flair creates a one-of-a-kind artwork.

The ear cups are lined with synthetic leather. The top portion of these Headphones is covered in a high-quality silicone material.

Waterproofing is a feature of the finest cat ears headphones. They are IPX4-rated gadgets.

Additionally, the headphones are sweat-resistant. As a result, you may use them while exercising as well! It is recommended that you do not use them underwater. This may result in the gadget being damaged.

These cat-ear headphones do not have an integrated microphone. Attaching a microphone is also not feasible. As a result, you cannot converse or play games while using these headphones.

They lack LED lighting, which some individuals like. The complexity of these headphones appeals to the majority of consumers.

These finest cat ears headphones are a great choice for basic wired headphones. The sound quality is excellent, and the design is adorable! There is no sense in spending a lot of money on a headset with functions you will never use.

Major Features and Benefits –

· Adjustable cat ears
· Waterproof and sweatproof
· Detachable cat ears
· Universal 3.5mm jack
· 32 ohms low impedance
· 0.5-ohm wire

8. Treesine Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

Treesine wireless bluetooth headphone

These are the most adorable in their class. These finest cat ears headphones are mostly about simplicity, and the styles are very appealing. They lack glow-in-the-dark LED lighting or color-changing LED lights.

However, they are popular with anime lovers since they match the fashion of manga anime, nekomimi, and Neko. Although the headphones are understated, they convey a strong sense of elegance.

Neko devotees have a special place in their hearts for these headphones.

They may identify with the catgirl style.
The fascinating thing about these incredible finest cat ears headphones is that they can instantly transform you from a manga lover to a professional business executive. How is this so?

Cat ears are detachable! Users may modify and remove cat ears at any time, and it’s very easy to do so.

Treesine is the owner of the patent for this detachable cat ear design. The cat ears on these headphones are a little more robust, which also makes them the finest cat ears headphones in terms of durability. They may be attached and detached many times without causing any harm.

The headphones are available in two color combinations: white-pink and black-red. The headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and wireless. You may also use it to make calls and play games.

It has a microphone placed under the left ear cup. Because the headphones are noise-isolating, noise-canceling is not a problem. You can speak on the phone without difficulty using this gadget in a highly loud environment.

The headphones are waterproof to IPX4 standards. Water may be sprayed in any direction without causing harm to the headphones. These finest cat ears headphones are also sweat-resistant, making them ideal for a stylish exercise. You may also use these headphones when jogging or cycling in the rain.

It is recommended to immerse them in water, since prolonged exposure to water may cause harm to the gadget.

The headphone is packaged with another item. The package includes headphones, an audio cable, the detachable cat ears, a USB cable, a lovely carrying bag, an instruction booklet, and a warranty card.

Major Features and Benefits –

· Up to 10 hours of battery life
· Adjustable and foldable headphones
· Also comes with a microphone
· Adjustable and detachable cat ears
· Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity

9. iClever Kids Headphones with Led Backlight

iClever kids cat ear headphones

In contrast to previous iClever cat ear headphones intended for children, the IC-HS12 model for children includes LED light features on the cat ears; children will be enchanted by the aesthetic.

The LED lights are customizable; you may set them to be steady, strobe, or flashing. It’s a must-give as a present for children since, apart from the beautiful cat-inspired motif.

Safe volume control is provided by the built-in volume-controlled circuitry, which guarantees a child-safe, restricted volume level for children’s ears to remain comfortable even after extended usage.

Adjustable headbands and padded ear cups ensure that youngsters and older children may wear them comfortably.

Even if the headphones are connected, the audio cable or headphone chord is very robust, twistable, and tangle-free. This headset is small and lightweight, making it ideal for children to take everywhere.

Major Features and Benefits –

  • Kids Custom Design Fit
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Durable, Adorable, Child-Friendly
  • Safe & Volume Controlled Technology
  • Made of Silicone material
  • Wired connectivity technology

10. Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition- Wireless

Razer Kraken Catear kids headphones

When not in Gaming Mode, the wifi connection stays reliable but consumes less power, conserving battery life. These wired headphones have a battery life of up to 20 hours with the lights on and 50 hours with the lighting off.

Simply enable Gaming Mode to enhance the headset’s wireless performance when playing competitive games.

Enhance your gaming experience with excellent audio performance. As with the wired version, this is intended to pick up on less background noise and the microphone works flawlessly to ensure you sound excellent.

Major Features and Benefits

  • Programmable colored lighting
  • Beamforming Microphone
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Custom-Tuned 40mm Drivers
  • 40ms Low Latency Connection
  • Bluetooth 5.0

11. Barsone Cat Ear Wired Kids Headphones

barsone cat ear headphones

Barsone headphones are the most budget-friendly option on this list. They’re designed for kids and teens. You can use these headphones indoors or outdoors. They’re fun, stylish, and a unique gift idea for different occasions.

These may help your child stand out from the crowd or you can use them as well! There is no age limit on Barsone headphones!

This is a really inexpensive price for a good headband. It is easy to carry and store because it folds. The ear pads are soft and cushioned so they protect your little one’s ears from getting hurt when the volume is turned up too high.

Thought, there are some cons, like that it doesn’t have a microphone or that it isn’t very durable for heavy use.

Major Features & benefits: 

  • This is a pair of earmuffs with an on/off button on the back of the left earmuff to control the LED lights.
  • The muffs are powered by a battery and a wired connection.
  • They have a 5 mm audio cable for wide compatibility with devices like Apple iPhone, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Lenovo, Android Phones and Tablets.
  • They are made from environmentally TPE material that is safe and comfortable to wear.
  • The volume restrictor is 85 decibels.
  • There are colour variants of Black & Blue, Black & Pink, Purple & Pink which can be selected based on preference.
  • Customers get a 6-months replacement warranty


Everyone desires a nice pair of headphones. Additionally, if you have a cat obsession or are so taken with the animals that you wouldn’t mind wearing cat-shaped headphones, you must know which are the finest cat ear headphones on the market.

It is critical that you pick one that is comfy, lightweight, has a long and smooth battery life, has LED lights for added attractiveness, and most importantly, does not burn a hole in your wallet.

The exhaustive list above will guarantee that you quickly locate your preferred headphone.

All of the headphones listed above are very distinctive and include one or more distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from the competition and qualify them for inclusion on my list of the finest cat ear headphones available on the market.

Not only that, but each of the headphones also has the unique characteristic of being compatible with almost any device on the market, regardless of its manufacturer, owing to its 3.5mm connector.

This ensures that even if your battery dies (which it may, depending on how long one charge lasts), you may continue to use the headset for whatever task you are doing.

Additionally, nearly all of the headphones listed above have LED lights for the cat ears that can change colours or patterns or be turned on and off at a whim, ensuring that you are not constantly wasting battery power on the lights and extending your total use duration.

I hope that this list assists you in making an educated decision. Wishing you success and wishing you a pleasant musical experience!

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