vr headset for iphone
Tech geeks wait dedicatedly for the day when Apple releases their official VR headset. Till the time we wait for that futuristic device, we can experience the glory of games and HD movies on our iPhones as well.


A VR headset is designed to make your existing experience better than best. What’s more exciting in being a part of a legendary game? If you’re keen to go through that mesmerising experience, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of some of the best VR headsets that can make your iPhone experience enjoyable:

Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

1. Pasonomi


Without any doubt, Pasonomi is one of the best VR headsets for the iPhone. There’s nothing more important than easy and accessible user experience for an iPhone lover. This is the primary reason why Apple users are very loyal.

Pasanomi ensures the same level of experience for its users. It has comfortable padding that makes the exterior of the headset very suitable for the face.

Along with that, the graphics are designed in a way that reduces stress on the eye. The technology, quality and user-friendliness of the device make it very suitable for iPhone users. There is no second thought about the functionality of this product.

2. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

This might look a little sceptical, but if the priority is a cheaper VR headset, then Google Cardboard might be your best friend. A very low-cost VR headset for iPhone which enables you to have a VR experience is the Google Cardboard.

Don’t get thrown away from the cardboard aspect of the headset. It is an essential VR experience which the users can build themselves. It’s compact and foldable, definitely a more natural way to kickstart your VR headset collection.



Loved the fantastic experience of VR so that you could feel what it’s like to be in a movie or a game? Look no further. DESTEK is a top-class VR headset for iPhone users that will ensure that you feel like you’re a part of something big that you’re exploring.

The Anti-blue light technology in the device provides impeccable clarity which is its power with the ultimate IMAX. Movie buffs and HD gamers know the vitality and importance of the beautiful IMAX. For a VR headset to provide that level of clarity is insane.

Not only that, but it is also very comfortable and for the eyes as well as your head, which in anyways is a plus.

4. Merge VR Goggles

Merge VR Goggles

Another very user-friendly and great VR headset for iPhone users is the Merge VR Goggles. Unlike other VR headsets, these ditch the plastic and go for the foamy exterior. The soft and squishy foam makes the device extremely comfortable on the head and around the eyes.

It’s lightweight, adjustable lenses and customizability make it extra convenient for even kids to play with. It is well supported for iPhones so make sure to check this out if you’re on a hunt for VR headsets.  



If you are looking for a VR headset that comes in handy majorly for games, then BNEXT might be your next investment in your gaming equipment. It comes with lenses that are adjustable and hence allow the gamers to have a precise and exciting gaming experience.

The functionality could be a little hectic, though it is an excellent VR, especially for iPhone. It doesn’t come with a built-in headphone or remote control which can be a matter of concern for a few. Other than that it is an excellent device.


KAMLE Vr Headset

Do you spend hours and hours and maybe even more hours playing your favourite games? KAMLE is your perfect partner in crime for endless gaming. It is constructed keeping in mind a very high design. It’s so gamer-friendly that even the slightest hint of KAMLE will make all the gamers go gaga over it.

The unique feature of this VR headset is that it is built with such a technology which doesn’t make your iPhone hot. On the plus, it has extra cushioning, making your gaming experience not only fantastic but also comfortable. What more do gamers need?



Another iOS and gamer-friendly VR headset is the epic EKIR. If gaming is your main concern, get ready to be soaked in the games all day with EKIR. It has all the vitalities that a gamer needs. It is lightweight and doesn’t let your phone heat up a lot.

It has a fantastic optical lens which gives you a tremendous graphic appeal. The blue coating film also protects your eyes which is a plus.

8. Osloon


The major features for a good VR for iPhone have all come together in the Osloon headset. It is a powerful VR device which is a superb fit for gamers and HD movie lovers. It’s comfortable for the head and eyes so that you can accomplish hours and hours of gaming without any fail.

The only limitation is that it doesn’t come with a remote controller gamily.  This must be kept in mind while purchasing Osloom.

9. Carl Zeiss VR One Plus

Carl Zeiss VR One Plus

Carl Zeiss VR One Plus is hands down one of the best VR devices in terms of vision and its clarity. Zeiss is considered amongst the top when it comes to making the best cameras. It might be a little pricey, but it does compete well if you want a premium class VR headset for your iPhone. 



The critical feature for VR headsets for iPhone users is that they should be comfortable. Adjustable straps, smooth touch and a removable absorption panel, are some of the features that make LEKAMXING a fantastic purchase.

Long hours of gaming or binge-watching HD movies will not put your VR headset in a tired mode. It stays at power with your gaming stretch and is amongst the best VR headsets out there. It also has an accessible lens adjustment features that improve the visual quality making it one of the best options out there. On top of that, LEKAMXING also has a 90-day warranty. 

Wrapping Up

So, here are some of the best VR Headsets for iPhone users. Let us know which one do you like the most in the comments below. Also, let us know in case we missed out on any of these.


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