Kodi Live TV Addons With Free Channels
When it comes to a media player, one can hardly not recall the name Kodi. Kodi is one of the most popular media players that are enhanced by the Kodi add-ons, which are open-source software. These add-ons make it possible for users to stream music, movies, TV Shows, news, sports over Kodi Live TV.


As cable TVs and even Dish TVs are becoming more burdened over the pockets, people are looking for better alternatives for streaming media.

Considering the ever-increasing cost of cable TV, you can also watch live tv on Kodi without paying anything (here are some free TV show sites as well).

Kodi fulfills this demand along with its add-ons. To help you all find the best as per your needs, here is a complete article dedicated to the same.

There are many popular Kodi addons using which you can watch live TV on Kodi.

10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons Working

So here goes the list of the 10 best Kodi Live TV Addons for Streaming Live Channels –

1. Selfless

Selfless - Best kodi live tv addon

Selfless is a great addon if you are looking forward to streaming live tv on Kodi. Recently Selfless has become a very popular Kodi TV Add-on.

Selfless is indeed one of the best Kodi add-ons for Live TV since it has several channels from all around the world. These channels have been, for convenience, categorized into various genres.

The only issue that one may face rarely is the ‘Failed to install a dependency’ error that can be resolved by installing SportDevil add-on along with Selfless. You can read about and install SportsDevil below.

2. Resistance

Resistance - best kodi addons for live tv

Resistance is one of the best Kodi addons for live tv that is considered to be meant only for Spanish channels. However, when I started using Resistance Add-on, I realized it also offers a vast collection of English Channels.

Resistance offers a pretty vast library of various channels like – TV Shows, music, movies, news, sports and so on that are in English and hence there is no issue installing this add-on. One can find this add-on over the particular repository of Resistance.

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3. cCloud TV

cCloud TV - best live tv kodi

The next one on our list of best Kodi addons for live tv Channels is the cCloud TV. This add-on offers its users several channels from all around the globe and including countries like the UK and US.

One can watch the Sports channels Live here. Apart from that, there are numerous options regarding channels of News, Music, Movies, Lifestyle, and so on.

This add-on is available to be installed from the Kodil Repository.

Not just that but one can also enjoy the special International Section which is also called as the ‘Non-English’ section for channels across the globe.

All the content hosted over this add-on comes with high quality.

4. Chronos

Chronos - kodi tv addons

Chronos is one of the very famous Kodi Live TV Add-ons. One can find a wide variety of channels that range from Movies, News, Shows to Lifestyle, Cartoon, Adult and many more.

Similar to SportsDevil, Chronos has a special section for Live Sports. For a sports freak, Chronos is the destination.

This add-on can be installed from the SkyDarks repository.

5. Atriox

Atriox - best kodi addons for live tv

If you are searching for a Kodi addon that only not allows you to stream live tv on Kodi box but also gives you access to movies, music, and tv shows then your search ends at Atriox

With over many sections like Romance, Thriller, Western, 24/7 shows, and so on, Atriox is indeed one of the best Kodi live tv Add-ons. It also offers live TV for its users.

Atriox can be installed from the Supremacy repository. I have found Atriox an excellent add-on for Kodi since there are hardly any lag issues.

6. Sports Devil

Sports Devil - kodi tv addons

SportsDevil, as the name says, is an add-on dedicated to Sports. However, not just sports, there are several other channels available here.

A Live section dedicated to games is a feature of this add-on.

The Live Section also includes a sub-section named – ShadowsNet.ro that is a world TV where one can stream through several Live TV Channels from various countries like UK, Italy, France, Germany, USA, and so on.

In case you want to download SportsDevil add-on, you will find it in the Kodil Repository whose link we have mentioned above.

You can also download this add-on from other repositories, but if you want the latest version, the only choice is Kodil.

7. Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack - live tv on kodi

Wolf Pack is another one of the best Kodi Live TV Add-ons. This add-on has got a massive library of channels to offer its users. Not only from particular ones, but you can stream channels from various countries like the US and UK.

There are Sports, News, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and so many other channels to go through.

Channels like Drama, ABC News, and London Live too work over this Kodi Live TV add-on. Midian Repository is where you can install this add-on from.

8. StarTec

StarTec - best live tv kodi

If you are looking for an all-rounder add-on for Kodi, then the best one to name is StarTec. This add-on offers several channel types to watch on Kodi Live TV.

You can stream Movies, Music, TV Shows, News, Anime, Documentaries, Live TV, Live Concerts, and so on.

Once you get to this add-on, there is hardly going to be a time when you will be out of choice to stream.

9. USTVNow

USTVNow - best live kodi tv addons

USTVNow, as one can guess by the name itself, is a US-based streaming service for channels of American origin.

This service is mostly used by Americans who are out of the country like Military personnel.

One can easily install this add-on from the Kodi Repository as USTVNow Plus. This service comes in a free plan which is also called as a base plan, and other a premium one which comes as paid for $14.99.

The free plan has 6 channels and a few features for you, but the paid version has over 24 channels with lots of astounding features.

However, the free plan can cover all the basic information means.

On their official site, mentioned above, you can know more about the plans.

10. Deceit

Deceit - kodi stream live tv

Last but surely not least is the Kodi add-on – Deceit. Unlike the name, Deceit offers its users a vast range of channels to stream through.

From movies, TV Shows, Music to Trakt, 24/7 channels, and Listers, you get it all at Deceit.

In case you come across the ‘Failed to install a dependency’ error, you will have to install that dependency for seamless streaming.

Also, if there are any issues with Kodi, you can clean the software or wipe the Kodi Box.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you. In case of any more suggestions for the best Kodi live tv addons for live TV, feel free to let us know below.

Also note that whenever you use Kodi, the ISP and the Government of your Country will get to know what you are streaming over it.

Now even if you are not a person who streams copyrighted content, there are many free TV Shows, movies, music, etc. on Kodi that is copyrighted but difficult to determine. At such times, one may unintentionally watch the copyrighted content.

To keep yourself safe from any such illegal issues, I would suggest you use a good and reliable VPN.

VPNs help to hide your IP address and thus keep you safe from the spying eyes of Governments and ISPs. This does not mean that you should go on streaming copyrighted content.

For situations where you were not aware that the content you are streaming is copyrighted,  such a measure of VPN can help.

Now there are several VPNs available but make sure you choose a standard one like ExpressVPN, Cyber Ghost, Private VPN, etc.

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