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10 Best Elvish Translator Tools You Can Use in 2023

Best Elvish Translator Tools To Unlock the Magic of Elvish

If you are familiar with the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and movies, you might have already heard about the Elvish language. This language was built by the author of Lord of the Rings- J.R.R Tolkien. Keep reading to know the best Elvish translator tools to translate anything into Elvish language.

When I first watched The Hobbit with my brother, I noticed the elves spoke a different language. It instantly sparked my curiosity, and I wanted to learn all I could about their language.

After significant research, I learned that Tolkien constructed the Elvish language. The movie franchise has gained considerable popularity, and I have come across many online and offline fans who want to learn the language. Hence I wanted to dig deeper to check for resources available on the language.

And I did come across a great solution- using an Elvish translation. Of course, you can also go on various Reddit threads that will help you learn the language. But if there are scenarios where you want to convert a particular phrase or sentence from English to the Elvish language instantly, these translators will be of great help.

This article will recommend the 10 best Elvish translator tools you can use. And if you want to know about them, please keep reading until the end.

What is an Elvish translator tool?

While researching the Elvish language, I gathered that it is a Middle-Earth language used by the elves to communicate among themselves.

For those who are unaware of elves, they are fictional, partly heavenly characters that you’ll encounter in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The Elvish language gained a lot of popularity after the introduction of Tolkien’s works, and it is only growing in the current era as well. Many fans are highly interested in learning the language, and that is why these tools were developed so that it will be convenient for users to translate the standard English language into the Elvish language.

And while some of these are available in a website format, many others are also available in mobile applications.

These tools can translate words, phrases, quotes, and even names. The fans then post the translations on social media to look cool or to post something relevant to the movies and books. Many enthusiasts also use this language at comic cons.

Whatever the reason may be behind using an Elvish translator tool, there is no doubt that they do the job of translating any English quote or phrase into the Elvish language almost instantly.

Best Elvish Translator Tools: Our Top Picks

Below are my recommendations for the 10 best Elvish translation tools you can use. I have come across your so please during my research, while some of them have been recommended by friends and family. After testing and trying many different options, these 10 were the best ones that deserve a position on this list.

I will also mention the features of each so that it will be convenient for you to pick the ones that are most convenient and suitable for you.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Flamingo Elvish (Sindarin)

This particular Elvish translator tool is an Android application that you can easily download from the Google Play Store. It is one of the first translators I have used, and it really does a good job.

The best thing I like about using this software is that you do not need to register or sign up on the app to start using it. The interface is another solid bonus- it is very clean, and the layout is well-designed. It is also beginner friendly, and you will have no trouble navigating it if you have no experience using these types of translator tools.

The tool is pretty quick in translating long texts, and the developers have taken extra care to make sure that the app translates the sentences in the best way possible to help the users learn the language.

You can use this application for free, but a premium version also gives you access to some extra features.


  • You can download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • It is compatible with Android devices only.
  • It is free to use.
  • The user interface is simple, beginner friendly, and easy to navigate.
  • The app can translate long texts quickly.
  • It also lets you learn the Elvish with regular use.
  • There is a premium version that gives access to premium features.

2. Jens Hansen

This has to be one of my favorite Elvish translator tools available online and is accessible in the form of a website. You might have already come across it as it is quite popular and has been around for a long time now.

Using this tool, you can efficiently translate all different types of English phrases and quotes into Elvish. Apart from that, I have to give solid bonus points due to the speed with which it does the translation.

The user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate, even for beginners. You’ll also find many pre-translated versions of common English terms already present on the platform.


  • It is a well-known and reliable translator.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate and beginner friendly.
  • The tool is present in the form of a website.
  • It is able to translate English phrases into the Elvish language quite quickly.
  • The website already contains many pre-translated versions of commonly used English terms.

3. Elfdict

Elfdict is another platform I use quite frequently to learn the Elvish language. This tool is also available in the form of a website and provides many other features apart from basic translation.

Some of the interesting examples, in my opinion, are an Elvish dictionary, an assistant that helps you pronounce the words of the language correctly, a phrasebook, etc.

Elfdict contains approximately 8000 words, 50 phrases, and a total of around 45000 active words of the Elvish. Overall, you can use this platform for free as well.


  • This website is free to use.
  • It lets you translate English phrases to the Elvish quickly.
  • The platform already contains a massive number of common Elvish phrases and words.
  • It includes an Elvish dictionary, a phrasebook, and a pronouncing assistant.

4. Angelfire English-Elvish translator

It works pretty great in translating English words and phrases to the Elvish language. The process followed for translation is also pretty easy, and you can get the results with just a single click.

The website is straightforward to use and just has a single page, making it very beginner friendly. You must copy the content you want to translate, and the tool will translate it immediately.

However, I was not really impressed with the appearance of the website. I feel the background of the platform and the font style and color they used are clashing with each other and are impacting the visibility.

But nonetheless, it is a great translator tool that you can check out.


  • The platform is free to use.
  • The user interface is exceptionally straightforward and contains just a single page.
  • You can simply copy the English word or phrase, and the platform will translate it automatically.
  • The appearance and font used for the platform could have been better.

5. The Rune Generator- Der Hobbit

This platform was recommended to me by a friend, and it is definitely one of the best translator tools I have used. It is free to use, and even though it is not an automatic tool, it still lets you select the size and background color of the result.

The output is generated in the form of an image, and you will get the results within just a few seconds. When I used this platform for the first time, I was a beginner to these types of tools. But I found the interface very easy to navigate.

Once the output image is generated, you can download it on your PC or laptop or even on your smartphone. The website also lets you share the images with your friends and family via social media platforms.


  • You can use the platform for free.
  • You can choose your preferred size and background color for the output result.
  • The tool performs the translation in just a few seconds.
  • The interface is simple to use and navigate.
  • You can save the output image easily on your device and share it on different social media platforms.

6. Real Elvish

Real Elvish is another platform you can use for free to translate English words and phrases into the Elvish language. I was not quite aware of this platform until very recently, and it really impressed me with its performance.

It is great for authors and fanfiction writers as it provides them with the perfect reference and support with the language. You will find a lot of free content on the homepage itself.

The developers have taken extra care to ensure they offer users the proper support. You’ll also come across phrasebooks that you can use to find valuable phrases. The platform also offers a pronunciation guide that will teach the fans and users how to pronounce particular names and phrases correctly.


  • The website is free to use.
  • The interface is simple and friendly.
  • The home page contains a lot of free content.
  • There are phrasebooks where you can find helpful and commonly used phrases.
  • A pronunciation guide helps you pronounce words and phrases correctly.

7. LingoJam Common to Elvish (D&D) translator

It seems there is another platform having the name- LingoJam, and it was created for the same purpose. Hence I was initially confused but fortunately ended up with the right website URL.

This is a universal translation tool that performs the job of translating any English sentences and phrases into the Elvish quickly. I especially liked the extremely simple and easy-to-use interface.

All you need to do is type the English sentence or paste it. The translator tool will process and display the result in the Elvish languages without any errors.


  • You can use this platform for free with just a stable internet connection.
  • The platform is available in the form of a website.
  • You can type or copy the English content, and the tool converts it into the Elvish.
  • The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

8. Runes- Elvish translator

This tool is specifically for iPhone users and can be easily downloaded from the Apple Store. The functionality of this tool. It is similar to the other options on this list, and you will not face any issues, even if you are a beginner.

The user interface is actually pretty straightforward, and you get 3 different choices, including Elvish, Medium, and Dwarf.

You will get to see the results in the form of an image. You can then save them on your device and share them with your friends and family using different social media platforms.


  • The app is only available for Apple users.
  • You can download it from the Apple Store.
  • The interface is very straightforward.
  • The output result is generated in the form of an image.
  • The image can be downloaded to your device and then shared on social media platforms.

9. Arwen Undomiel

I have seen this tool recommended by many fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Honestly, I was very excited to try it out. And it did live up to my expectations to some extent.

This website is particularly for the fandom, and you will feel the energy as soon as you visit the platform. There is an entire database from both the movies and the books, and a range of content is available.

You can check out the pronunciation guide, learn the Elvish sections from the books, check out the book translations, and so much more. It also contains a list of girl and boy names translated into the Elvish.

Overall, it is a pretty interesting website, and I highly recommend you check it out.


  • It is an excellent platform for the fanbase to check out.
  • It contains a database from both books and movies.
  • There’s a pronunciation guide available to help out the users.
  • You can check out the book translations and a lot of different features.

10. Fun Translations

I might have added this option to the bottom of the list, but Fun Translations is genuinely one of the most exciting websites I have used. It contains a wide range of different translators, including Elvish translators, Yoda translators, Sindarin translators, etc.

All you need to do is simply enter any word or phrase, and the platform will convert it into the Elvish. Instead of offering direct translation into the Elvish languages, Fun Translations give you two options to convert any text into Sindarin or Quenya dialects. Both of these are used by the elves in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Whatever sentence you provide as input, the platform can translate it into either of the two languages or even both.


  • The platform can be used for free.
  • It contains a huge range of different types of translators.
  • You get to translate any English face into Sindarin or Quenya dialects or both.
  • The interface is simple to use and beginner friendly.


I have mentioned my top 10 recommendations for the best Elvish translators in the article for you to check out. Many fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchise really want to learn the Elvish languages. And these translators will help them do precisely that.

All of the options perform great. But if I have to choose just one winner, it will be the Jens Hansen translator tool. I love how easily accessible it is, and it is completely reliable to as it is an old member. And apart from the translation, you’ll also find stunning wedding and engagement rings engraved with Elvish phrases and other different types of fine jewelry.

You can check out the different features of each of the tools to help you pick the ones that are convenient for you and meets your requirements.



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