How to Keep Your Team Members Productive Remotely

With so many perks of working from home, it’s no wonder it has a challenging side too. From overseeing contractors to employees to enhancing work engagement to team connection and what not!

That’s where board management software comes to the rescue. The board portal provides the board of directors, trustees, and members of the foundation with a secured and reliable platform to manage board meetings and a lot more.


Ways to boost team members productively: Board meeting app in action

It’s not easy to keep everyone in the team on the same page, particularly when your team members and directors are spread out across the globe. So how to go about it? Fret not; the board software has got you covered on all fronts.

The board portal software is a complete suite of all essential tools. From board document management to board meeting management – it has it all, eliminating the need of exchanging a flurry of emails.

Below we’ll discuss how the use of board portals can enhance your remote team management, while also staying in touch with your board. If after grasping the benefits you decide to make your own choice of board portal software, head over to to find the best-fitting solution.

Without further ado, here’s how you can keep your team engaged and productive:

1. Communicate productively

We can’t stress enough how important communication is when it comes to managing a team remotely. According to a research study, employees spent almost one-third of the time on video conferencing. What’s even worse is that almost 24% of the employees find it useless.

Nonetheless, the virtual boardroom caters to all. It enhances the communication channel as it enables directors and other team members to discuss and stay connected via news and announcements panels, secure chat, and shareable annotations – board software provides you with multiple means of communication (built-in chat, Q&A, comments, notifications), offering a stable alternative to video calls.

2. Create breakaway groups

Did you know that almost 97% of the employees feel a lack of alignment among the team members and that consequently decreases the output? Now what? Creating and connecting on a smaller scale will fix the problem.

The board portal has a feature that allows you to create multiple groups within the digital system so the workers can work together intimately and align with each other. This, in turn, enhances the performance of the whole team, and collaboration boosts productivity leading to a more connected team.

3. Establish daily check-ins

The lack of access to vital information is one of the top challenges faced by remote employees. By virtue of it, the productivity of the employees decreases. Productivity and tech tools such as the board portal software plays a crucial role, especially in revamping daily check-ins.

Working from home means no face-to-face interaction, and managers are no longer to converse around the water-cooler. Creating and sticking to regular check-in routines helps you set priorities and foster connection. Also, you can do one-to-one check-ins or even aim for small group check-ins – whatever works the best.

The daily check-ins provide a stable connection that ensures everyone has access to whatever they need to do their job perfectly and keep the communication unified.

4. Show appreciation and recognition

One of the many nuances remote workers usually miss out on is the recognition of their contribution. The employees deserve to be appreciated; even a small acknowledgment helps fight against employee burnout. Moreover, employee recognition culture boosts work engagement. This means your employee will most likely put discretionary efforts to help the company in realizing its plan.

The board portal not only allows you to make decisions and gather feedback but allows you to give a shout-out while on video conference or make a testimonial folder where you can add comments for the employee of the month. Also, constructive feedback helps the employees take advantage of development opportunities.

5. Support your newest hires

New hires often find it hard to do their job as they aren’t familiar with the work culture. In other words, body language is 60% to 70% of the communication, and when working remotely, new hires need extra support to stay on track and engaged.

With board management software, managers and the board of directors can provide the additional training that not just keeps them informed but enhances work engagement collaboration. Make sure they have access to the board meeting app and know where to find any documents needed.

6. Eliminate paper-dependent workflows

Paper-dependent workflow isn’t going to work if you are building a remote team. Yes, fortunately, in today’s faced-paced digital world, you don’t have to rely on paper workflows. What’s the good news?

The board portal allows you to digitize everything even if it requires approvals, reviews from other team members or board of directors, sign offs, and whatnot.

Also, the digital tool enables everyone to work faster yet efficiently regardless of where they are located.

7. Take care of informal interaction and team building

Albeit many of you think that it’s not necessary, little do we know that facilitating non-work interactions among people who work remotely is of utmost importance? Yes, creating space and time for employees so they can talk about things, life, and other topics helps them feel more connected and relieve stress.

8. Use cloud-based portal

Cloud-based web portals are the new thing. Gone are the days when the cloud was solely restricted to data and document storage. The board portal has so much to offer. From analytical tools to document management systems to marketing technology and much more.

Moving your company’s network into the cloud ensures everyone is on the same page and has the support they need, which in turn increases the productivity of the employees.


With today’s digital tech, everybody can be productive and contribute towards achieving the company’s goal no matter where they are working from. Nonetheless, transparency in remote working policies plays a vital role in making it successful. Also, the evolution of cloud-based board portal software is likely the solution to the challenge, and the companies that won’t adapt will be left behind.


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