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Looking for the best JSON tools to parse, validate and format the files to other converted format? You are at the right place. 

But, let’s find out about JSON, its importance and the need to parse them. 

The Internet has changed pretty much and now the programming languages are pretty much coveted. Similarly, JavaScript has grabbed various eyeballs and has become the talk of the town. 

Along with this, various extensions came into the limelight that came to be known as JSON. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a text-based and lightweight format for storing and exchanging the data. 

JSON can be used for sending the data from the server to a web page. Let us take a common structured data example here to understand how JSON language interpretation works. 


“name”: “Miller John”,

“mobile”: “897654321”,

“age”: 45,

“address”: {

“city”: “New York”,

“country”: “USA”










Such structured data shows the name, number and address of the person. Hence, the structure like this can be passed from client to web server. 

JSON is a subset of Javascript with different data types such as strings, booleans and numbers or null. 

Why Choose JSON?

At a time, only Extensible Markup Language (XML) was the only choice that could be used for the Open data interchange. 

With more developments in Open Data, JavaScript expanded and became the developer’s favorite. 

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is simply a text-oriented format that represents JAVASCRIPT structured data. 

JSON is one of the easiest and lightweight programming languages which is independent of JAVASCRIPT. Hence, various tools can interpret or parse to create JSON. 

Moreover, JSON can be used in various programming languages and can be adopted in web services and APIs. It works by serializing the structured data in a network connection. 

However, there are other reasons to choose JSON as structured data: 


JSON programming language is readable and easily parsable. Hence, you can map domain objects easily irrespective of any programming languages you work with. 


Using JSON is easier than XML because JSON uses the map structure to create data instead of XML’s tree structure. 

However, the key-pair value gives a little limitation on what we can do. But, you will get the easiest and one of the most predictable data models. 

Lightweight and Fast

JSON takes less time to parse than what XML takes. This could be attributed to the dom-manipulation library files that might need more memory to handle and parse large XML files. 

Hence, the cost of creating data reduces and the parsing speed increases. 

Well, there are a number of such JSON tools that can be used for parsing. These tools may have various sets of features and some limitations. JSON has attracted the attention of developers and tool builders for creating, formatting, validating and parsing the JSON tools. 

Best JSON Tools To Parse, Format, Validate and More

1. Site 24×7:

SIte 24x7 JSON formatter online- best json tools

Site 24×7 is a JSON online generator based on the JSON templates. Using the file design and template, you can design and generate the JSON structured data. 

JSON is mostly used by the developers and QAs to test its structured data with different input values. 

Once the JSON structure is generated, it can be saved in .json file format. Using this online JSON editor, you can validate, format and also find the path of the expression.   

Just when you input the JSON string in the JSON formatter, it will display the colour highlighted object tree with the identifiable JSON keys and values. 

You can also identify the errors using the JSON checker for grammar by entering the JSON string into the input box. To check for errors or to beautify your JSON structured data, paste the JSON string in the box and enter Beautify. 

Once you get the output, download the output file or copy the structured data. 

2. JSONCompare

JSON Compare

JSONCompare is an online JSON validator and formatter that comes with Batch JSON editor tool and JSON validation. As the name says, you can also compare the two JSON strings and find the errors in any of them. 

JSONCompare is the advanced version of JSONlint which can help validate and format the messy JSON code in its JSON checker box. We can also upload the batch JSON files and check for multiple files validation. 

There are other validator tools by JSOINLint including the Validate JAVAScript. This online tool helps validate and fix the Javascript errors. You can configure the Java Script error by choosing the config mode. 

You can find JSON compare online and it is also available as the source code of GitHub. 

3. Visual Studio Code

JSON visual studio code- bets JSON tools

Visual Studio Code is one of the best JSON validators and tools for parsing JSON code. It consists of everything that would be needed in JSON tools creation. 

VSC is owned by Microsoft and comes with built-in support for JSON validation. Visual Studio Code can do various tasks such as validation for properties and values, quick navigation, code folding, and recommendations via IntelliSense.

The tool also provides an additional context while hovering over the JSON data with or without schema. VSC has various shortcut buttons to format and parse JSON tools. 

Using Shift+Alt+F, you can format any JSON document and get the formatted JSON code value. 

This online JSON editor has JSON comment mode which is used to change the mode and view how file names and extensions are associated with these modes. This online JSON viewer also validates the JSON output while writing the codes. 

JSON VSC has more than 100k extensions for different purposes. 

4. Curious Concept

Curious Concept JSON-Formatter and validator- JSON tools

Curious Concept is a home to JSON formatter and validator which is used by various enterprises like iGoogle Widgets. 

Originally developed as the JSON data debugger tool, Curious Concept eventually transformed into JSON Formatter. Now, by simply beautifying and formatting the JSON data, you can debug any type of such data. 

Curious Concept has various tools including the JSON formatter and validator, JSON PATH expression tester which is an online tester for the JSONPath expressions. 

Furthermore, it has a CSS like JSON selector that is used to test and evaluate the JSONSelect expressions. 

Curious Concept allows various JSON validations and standards along with some JSON specifications including the latest RFC 8259 and ECMA–404 specifications.

To start, you can paste JSON code or simply the URL to validate and format. If you want to format and validate the public JSON URL,  it can be done using the JSON Bookmarklet. 

5. JSON Parser Online

JSON Parser online tools

Out of various JSON tools, JSON Parser online is one of the easiest to start with. It offers various functionalities including the visualizing, editing, decoding and embellishing the JSON code. 

JSON Parser Online is an online JSON viewer that parses the JSON string into a colourful tree or  JSON map view. This parser converts the JSON string into a readable human string. 

This JSON tool also specialises in string manipulation and creates Fake APIs that can be helpful for the testers and developers during the prototyping. JSON parser online has other utilities as well for creating and testing the JSON strings. 

One of the best things about this tool is that it offers the plugin which can be used for most of the editors. 


JSON Mate for parsing JSON

JSON MATE is yet another amazing JSON editor, inspector and beautifier. Besides, it is a handy Database beautifier and uglifier and consists of amazon external API to upload the relevant JSON information. 

The JSON mate interface is impressive for the newbies and comes with an easy to use JSON code editor. Just paste the JSON code into the input cell and the online JSON viewer will give the beautiful tree structure of the JSON code. 

It has a JSON Visualization option using which you can visualize the JSON code. Moreover, you can create a selector language which is similar to the CSS for JSS objects using the JSON Selector. 

JSONMate lets you fetch JSON data directly using the third-party APIs. 

7. Online JSON Viewer

Also called the JSON Viewer Pro, it is a Chrome extension that helps in visualizing and creating the JSON in a tree or in the chart view. 

This extension gives the flexibility to visualize JSON response from any website or APIs. JSON Viewer is one of the best tools that provide prettify experiences of JSON parsing. 

Various features including the JSON traversing helps JSON beauty and transverse to properties using the breadcrumbs. 

Users can write JSON in their input area and also import JSON local files to convert into structured data. 

Using the file Context menu, users can download JSON files or copy the data. JSON Viewer has a pretty cool interface that comes with various interchangeable themes and Custom CSS. You can also use URL filters to customize JSON formatting. 

8. JSON Buddy 

JSON Buddy- free JSON editor

JSON Buddy is a complete JSON editor and editor for Windows that creates the JSON codes with ease. 

This online editor offers the editing feature for JSON and JSON Schema with features including syntax-coloring, and auto-completion that makes the editing a breeze. 

Besides the JSON editor Windows, JSON Buddy has other useful tools such as a JSON Schema Validator and Parser, a JSON Data Converter, and a free JSON Command-Line Validator app.

It consists of an integrated JSON development environment that comes with a full 14-day trial. JSON Buddy comes with a JSON grid editor consisting of drag and drop functionality. JSON syntax checker avoids advanced JSON parsing problems.

It also consists of the JSON schema analyzer in-built with the JSON online editor. 

JSON Buddy offers a license package which costs $29 for the single user with various features for JSON validation and formatting. 


Ijson is a native JSON parser that comes originally with the standard Python Iteration interface. One of the most common uses of this JSON parser is that it yields the native Python interface objects from a JSON stream that comes under a given prefix. 

Most common usage is having IJSON yield native Python objects out of a JSON stream located under a prefix. This is done using the items function. 

IJSON also offers various implementations of actual parsing which is available in the form of  C-based YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library) or Python back-ends. 

IJSON is used mostly as the Python-library and is bug-free. If you are a Python developer, you can use this editor to do all kinds of manipulation. 

10. Code Beautify 

Code Beautify JSON tools

Another amazing free JSON editor, Code Beautify gives us an easy and quick way to format JSON which can later be read. It is pretty easy to start with the JSON editor and convert or beautify JSON code. 

Using the online editor, you just need to upload the JSON file or just paste the JSON code as it is. Once you get the tree of the data, this can be expanded or collapsed with just a single click.

Code Beautify is known for its distinguishing features such as the viewer that displays the picture overview if the information is in picture URL. 

It has a plethora of tools including JSON Viewer, JSON Editor, and JSON Validator to JSON-to-HTML, JSON-to-XML, and JSON-to-YAML converters.

Another elegant tool is the Excel to JSON converter or JSON minifier that converts into various data and file formats. 

11. JSONFormatter.org

jSONFormatter.org tool for parsing

JSON Formatter and Validator is yet another tool that is developed to parse and beautify the JSON codes. This makes it easier to read and debug the JSON files.  

The online tool provides a tree view that helps to navigate to the formatted JSON data. Now, this online JSON editor makes the script easier and readable by human beings.

Like Code Beautify, JSON Formatter gives tools for converting to various formats; JSON to CSV, JSON to XML,  JSON editor, JSON cleaner, JSONLint, and JSON checker.

12. OnlineJSON Tools


Online JSON Tools consist of various suites of JSON utilities that can be used for validating and formatting the JSON. It is created by a cloud browser called Browserling.

With just a click, you can upload JSON and get the results in the desired format.

OnlineJSONTools has various sets of utilities which can be edited using various syntax.

Some of the tools for JSON formatting, validating and parsing are JSON highlighters, JSON Prettifier, JSON Stringify, Escape and Unescape JSON, Convert JSON to YAML, TSV to JSON converter, JSON to CSV and JSON to plain-text converter. 

Despite being an online free JSON suite of tools, it does not have any ads or spam garbage so that site can be navigated clutter-free. 

13. JSONFormatter.io

JSON formatter and validator

JSONFormatter is a versatile online JSON editor to parse, format, validate, view and edit the JSON data in real-time. 

One of the easiest to use, JSON Formatter editor tool gives a native editing experience. 

Like the simple online editor tool, type or paste the JSON data into the input box and click on Validate. Here, you will get validated, parsed and beautified JSON in the second editor box. 

You can even upload the .json or .txt file by clicking on Upload and use this data to create JSON. It has various tabs for download, copy, prettify or to minify the JSON the data from the editor. 

14. JSONEditorOnline

JSON Editir online tools

JSON Editor Online is a simple JSON editor that comes with various options such as edit, view, diff JSON documents, and transform format. 

The tool provides JSON Schema in various formats and it can be later saved to the cloud or downloaded in the computer. 

Lastly, this editor tool also provides the tree-based structure as well. 

15. Altova XML JSON Editor

JSON Altova XML editor


Altova is considered as the world’s best XML and JSON editor for formatting, modelling, editing and debugging the JSON related data. 

This tool consists of various variants including the JSON Schema generator, graphical schema template, code generation tool, file converters and debuggers. 

It also performs JSON validation using the RaptorXML API for JSON. 

Altova is a freemium XML JSON editor that provides extensive tools for JSON editors. This JSON editor supports various extensions including JSON, JSON5, JSON Lines, JSON with Comments. 

JSON data is available in the form of a grid or the tree view. 

Wrapping Up:

Here it is. 

This was our complete list of Best JSON tools for formatting, validation and parsing. Most of the JSON tools are free to use and offer an online open JSON editor. Further, it gives JSON checker for detecting errors and an online JSON viewer for viewing the output data. 

Hope the list of given JSON tools helps to create, parse, validate and format the JSON data.


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