Online Casino Myths Debunking Common Misconceptions

Online casino games are a popular way to kill some time and have fun, whether by yourself or with your group of friends. However, unlike land-based casinos which have been around for decades, online casinos are more of a novelty in the gambling world.

When a territory is unexplored, it’s bound to come with a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainties. Therefore, there are many online casino myths circling around the web and among the players themselves – and we’ve taken the time to separate the facts from the fiction, making it much easier to gamble in a safe way.


Debunking five of the most common online casino myths

Truth be told, the five myths we are about to mention are merely the tip of the iceberg. However, we’ve chosen to focus on the five biggest misconceptions people have regarding online casino games. There’s every chance you are currently believing in at least one of them.

Online casino games are rigged

This one is right up there with the belief that you can see your spouse’s messages through different apps, as it’s (usually) not true. It’s also one belief most people have when it comes to online gaming. We’re happy to report that online casinos are regulated by different authorities, meaning that they stand to lose their license by providing you with rigged games.

Besides, online casinos are merely a medium through which you can get access to different games. Games are made by different game providers and they are the only ones who have an influence over the gameplay. Therefore, no – online casinos aren’t out to get you and make you lose money.

That being said, it’s still a good idea to search for reputable online casinos that have great reviews. We suggest you do your own online search of the safest places, or simply rely on websites such as Time2play, where you can get access to trustworthy reviews. Either way, the goal is to find an online casino that values honesty and transparency.

Online casinos are more addictive than land-based casinos

There’s absolutely no evidence that supports the claim that online casinos could be more addictive than land-based ones. However, they are a lot more accessible, as all you have to do is open up your laptop to get access to a variety of different games. On the other hand, land-based casinos entail that you take the time out of your day to physically travel to them, or possibly even book a short trip if you don’t have any establishments in your area.

Therefore, we could say that there are more people who are hooked to online casinos as opposed to land-based ones. But that’s only because they are more accessible than their counterparts. In our opinion, that’s certainly a point in their favor.

Underage gambling is a lot more common when it comes to online casinos

This is one of those online casino myths where it seems like there could be some truth to it, but that’s not really the case. Allow us to elaborate. When walking into a land-based casino, players need to give some ID and be allowed to enter the establishment. Since there’s no physical barrier that would prevent a minor from logging in and playing a game, people believe that they can have easy access to casino games. You’ll be happy to know that this is simply not the case.

Even when playing online games, you still need to go past some verification steps. For starters, players usually need to insert their credit card or debit card details, and their ID needs to be verified before they can make a deposit. Granted, an underage person could steal their parent’s card, and they could even use the best VPN services to mask their location if they are residing in an area where gambling is not a regulated activity. Luckily, this happens very rarely, and the best casinos have KYC departments that make this difficult to happen.

The games stop working if you start winning too much

There’s no need to assume that any of the aforementioned online casino myths are true, but people are oftentimes too quick to believe in this particular misconception. Some players have reported games freezing or malfunctioning at the precise moment when they started winning significant amounts of money. First of all, we can’t claim that there won’t ever be any malfunctions, no matter whether you are winning or losing. You are playing through a machine, after all.

However, it’s highly unlikely (not to say impossible) that a game will freeze simply because you are doing well. Think about it – it’s not in a casino’s best interest for you to stop playing if you potentially hit a jackpot. Since the odds are always in the favor of the house, you are actually likely to lose if you keep playing.

Online casinos aren’t paying out

Be honest with yourself – do you think anyone would be playing casino games if they weren’t paying out? Just because you are playing at an online casino doesn’t mean that they won’t pay out in the case of a potential jackpot. Nowadays, a person has many different options when deciding which payment method they want to use to withdraw money from their account. From using new and popular methods such as electronic wallets to relying on the good old credit cards and even going down the route of innovation and using crypto, all it takes is for you to decide what works best for your needs.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you are now able to separate fact from fiction, at least when it comes to some basics related to online gambling. We understand that there are many more online casino myths and rumours going around which is understandable, as it’s easy to believe a false narrative when it’s coming from multiple sources. But it’s only once you dabble in the interesting online casino world that you can see what the real deal is. Until you bust a few other myths yourself, we are glad to have helped with some of the most common misconceptions regarding online gambling.


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