internet trends

The internet is really shaping the consumer world as well as the industrial one. Smart technology is now finding its way to every consumer domain there is, whether it’s retail or healthcare. You also have finances and logistics too. If you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make sure that you are aware of how the internet has changed then you can find out more about the top internet trends, right here.

internet trends


Growth in Data

The first trend that you need to take note of here is the growth in data. When you look at the end of 2019, you will soon see that there are around 3.6 billion devices that are all connected to the internet. These are used to complete various daily tasks. When you look at the IOT, you will soon see that this is going to open the door for even more devices and of course, traffic. You can easily add to this trend by exploring the idea of increased adoption. This is going to make a huge difference to the cloud computing world and it’s also going to make it way easier for businesses to process data so that they can remain closer to the point of action.

AI is a Big Player

Making the most out of data, or even understanding how it works on a basic level is now crucial for any modern infrastructure. When you look at major cloud vendors, such as Amazon, Google or even Microsoft, you will soon see that they are looking to compete based on an AI level. The algorithms mean that AI machines can be leveraged more, and it also means that businesses can extract way more value out of their growing data volumes. At the end of the day, AI is going to help the IOT data analysis in the chosen area. AI is the fundamental ingredient that is required if you want to make sense of the vast amount of data that is out there. This happens to include data preparation, data discovery, visualisation and time series accuracy.

The Rise of Pay and Play

People have less time than ever now, and this is seeing a big rise in pay and play games. A lot of games on the computer give you the chance to pay your way to the top, or pay to win. These are increasing in popularity as people want to have an edge over their competition. In the casino industry, it would seem that the pay n play trend is more popular than ever and this is making a huge difference to the way that people use the internet. This is especially the case when you take into account the fact that internet banking is now increasing more and more in popularity by the year.

Voice User Interfaces

Another trend would be voice user interfaces. Right now, it’s a battle among the leaders in the industry to see who is going to dominate the market at the earlier stages. When you look at digital assistants and related devices, such as Alexa, Siri or even the Google Assistant, you will soon see that they are the future of hubs. This is especially the case with smart devices. It’s easier than ever for people to keep on adding devices without struggling at all and without experiencing frustration. The voice of setting up the devices or even changing the setup is now very easy and voice commands can even be used to do this.

More Investments

At the end of the day, IOT has had a huge impact and it is going to carry on luring any start-up venture capitalists into innovative projects. This happens to include hardware, software or even services. The IOT is one of the very few markets that has a continually emerging market. You also have the spread of smart devices too. People are getting more and more dependent on them when completing their daily tasks and this is going to make things even more exciting. Customers are going to be using things like smart mirrors which can analyse your face and it may be that it can even call your doctor for you if you look sick.

A Real Expansion

The IOT is really all about internet connectivity and of course, processing. Nothing is going to set a better example of what the future could hold than smart cities. Smart cities have been in a bit of a holding pattern in recent years. Smart sensors are going to be put around the neighbourhood and on top of this, it’s going to be possible to record everything from your walking routes to your car use and the total sewage flow of a building. You are going to be able to control the temperature of a room at any given moment. The ultimate goal would be to create a place that is comfortable as well as being convenient and safe. Once this model can be perfected, it may become the model for other neighbourhoods or smart cities.


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