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An Analytics and Feedback tool is a solution that is designed to tell you just that!

If you are looking for development in your website and if you are searching for a perfect tool to use for achieving the best results and improved effectiveness in your website operations, then it’s highly likely you have already looked up for an analytical tool. 

Hotjar is one of the latest analysis tools specifically designed to develop a better understanding of user/ customer’s behaviour to further improve your business.

Considering Hotjar as an all-in-one tool for best analytical functionalities. 

However, In this article, we are going to explain why Hotjar alternatives could be a choice over Hotjar.

We hope to help you decide if you should give a place to one of these Hotjar Alternatives and settle for a personal favourite Hotjar alternative analytics tool.

What Is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a tool that helps a user understand what visitors do on a website. It is primarily used to give highlights that combine a range of essential analytical functionalities and user feedback tools.

Hotjar overview

Hotjar, through Heat Maps, enables you to see where the user has gone and clicked on your website.

Its feature of Recording visitors shows video recordings of user sessions that give you access to every move of the user, enabling you to see exactly what they are doing.

With polls it allows users to leave their comments on the website as a review of what they have liked or disliked. Another feature, surveys, lets you know their options using forms.

All in all, Hotjar gives you excellent insights to improve your website conversion rate and sales(leads) with analytics tools and feedback tools.

While Hotjar performs maximum for an analytics tool, there are some very good tools available in the market that are not less if better.

Best Hotjar Alternatives To Try

Below we are giving you an overview of the best Hotjar alternatives and competitors of Hotjar:

1. Crazy Egg

Crazyegg alternatives to Hotjar

Crazy Egg is an online application and a website optimization solution that provides an understanding of how a client behaves on a website.

The crazy egg is a cloud-based solution that hosts effective tools and comes with an easy and simple system setup that helps you understand customer’s interests.

It is meant for both small businesses and big bands. Brands such as Dell, eBay, Yahoo, Intel are currently using Crazy Egg.

With Crazy egg, you can find out the origin of your site visitors. You can see if you have had a visitor from your Facebook page, Twitter, or other sources.

This can easily guide you to change the direction of your coming traffic, knowing where most of your user traffic is coming from.

Crazy egg gets you the intelligent online reporting. To say when it, Hotjar vs. Crazy Egg The chances are Crazy Egg will stand tight same as Hotjar.

Crazy Egg’s Advanced Features-

  • Heat Map
  • Scroll Map tool
  • Overlay tool 
  •  Confetti tool
  • Conversation tracking 

Crazy egg Integrations-

  • Optimizely
  • User testing
  • Boast
  • PandaDoc
  • Stride
  • Loop11
  • Ad Stage
  • Dream Host

Crazy Egg Pricing-

Free trial available, Basic $29 per month, Standard $49 per month, Pro $189 per month.

2. Fresh Marketer

Freshmarketer- Best Hotjar alternatives

Fresh marketer is a full-featured analytical tool for your business. It includes email marketing. It has a drag and drop email builder that lets you design your own email campaign just from the scratch.

You can use Fresh marketer if you are looking for fulfilling critical marketing needs, such as lead nurturing and scoring, auto-responding, the dynamic form captures and trigger lead journey building.

Fresh marketer supports integrations with CMS to manage their content. It offers a robust yet easy to use marketing automation solution.

Advanced Features-

  • Lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Landing page and custom forms
  • Journey builder
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics and attribution

Fresh marketer integrations-

  • Google sheets
  • Stripe
  • Facebook Leads Ads
  • Zoom
  • Sumo
  • Square Space
  • Vtiger CRM

Fresh Marketer Pricing-

21 days free trial called Sprout, Garden for growing teams at $309, Estate for larger teams at $539.

3. SessionCam

SessionCam website mapping tool- hotjar alternatives

SessionCam grants you access to an advanced session replay, heat mapping and conversion funnel technology to give the immense possibility of improvement and getting more sales and leads.

It is designed to serve start-ups, SMEs.

Its online Web Analytics tools system performs time-on-site tracking, user interaction tracking, site search tracking, multiple site management, conversion tracking in just one place.

Also, the reason why it has landed our list of top 5 Hotjar Alternatives.

It builds conversation funnels to assess drop-off between form pages. Sessional heatmaps created dramatic illustrations of users in-page behaviour to further learn their behaviour over websites.

And not to forget Session reply, which allows you to watch a recording of customers viewing your website.

Advanced features-

  • Campaign management
  • Conversion tracking
  • Multiple site management
  • Site search tracking
  • Pageview Tracking
  • Time on site tracking
  • User interaction tracking

Session cam integrations-

  • Adobe DTM
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tealium
  • Adobe Analytics
  •  Google Analytics
  • Qubit
  • Monetate
  • Informizely etc.

Sessioncam pricing-

Not disclosed.

4. Inspectlet

Inspectlet- best hotjar alternatives

Just as Hotjar, Inspectlet is an online tool designed to successfully track visitors visiting your websites. it simply makes sure that your customers/ visitors/ users are getting a great user experience.

Just like other analytics and feedback tools, Inspectlet too records videos of user’s activities.

It tracks down mouse movements and clicks. It also gives you funnels to see how users/ visitors have completed certain actions, such as filling up a form, purchasing a product etc.

With eye-tracking heatmaps, Inspectlet lets you see how far a visitor has scrolled down on the pages only to understand where you should place your most vital content or parts of your content for maximum exposure.

Advanced Features-

  • Eye-tracking heatmaps
  • Session/ user testing
  • Filtering
  • Recording
  • Scroll heatmaps and more.

Inspectlet integrations-

  • Shopify
  • RequireJS
  • Segment (unpopular integration)
  • Optimizely
  • Module and more.

Inspectlet pricing-

Free version available, Micro plan $39 per month, Startup plan $79 per month,

Growth plan $149 per month and Enterprise undisclosed amount.

5. Clicktale

Clicktale overview

Unlike any other Hotjar alternatives, ClickTale believes customers are more than just data. With this thought, Clicktale has developed a State-of-art enterprise Digital Customer Experience (DCX) management solution that helps optimizing engagement and maximises revenue generation through visitor interaction over websites.

In simpler words, Clicktale understands and evaluates user interaction with the website by utilizing different features, such as session plan, click heatmaps.

Mouse move heatmaps, attention heatmaps etc.

Clicktale is designed to reach a wide array of customers. It includes freelancers, mid to large enterprises and even non-profit organizations and public administrations.

Top brands like Lenovo, Walmart, MetLife, Adobe use Clicktale.

Advanced features-

  • Conversations funnels
  • JS error tool
  • Attention Heatmaps
  • Link Analytics
  • Form Analytics
  • Bounce report

Clicktale Integration-

  • Live chat
  • Convert experiences
  • Tableau
  • Google analytics
  • Adobe analytics

Clicktale Pricing-

Free limited plan also available, Basic plant at $99 per month, silver plan at $290 per month, Gold at $990 per month.

6. VWO

VWO optimizer- best hotjar alternatives


VWO is an A/B testing and conversion optimization platform. It is an interface where a visitor/ customer research and A/B testing is combined for qualitative and quantitative purposes.

VMO focuses more on personalization possibilities. They have heavily focused on user research and optimization.

VMO creates segments, identifies user/ customer’s need and further goes on creating experiences that would then match those needs.

They also have a personalization solution where it performs advanced targeting and goal tracking. It is only accessible if you have an enterprise version of the tool.

Advanced features-

  • Session recordings
  • Heatmaps
  • On-page survey
  • Form Analytics
  • Usability Reviews
  • Funnels (landing page, Product listing page, Product description page, Checkout and final conversation)

VWO integrations-

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Bigcommerce
  • Magneto
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Clicktale

VWO Pricing-

VWO testing $199 per month, VWO insights $169 per month, VWO Engage $99 per month and VWO Full-stack plan Price not disclosed.

7. Decibel Insight

Decibel insights

Decibel Insight is one of the behavioural analysis suites which helps users to gain certain actionable insights about their audience.

It is highly used in generating leads and generating online sales by tracking their customer’s behaviour and further generating data about customers that have visited the website.

Decibel gives you a form of data that is easy to understand and easier for users to come up with data-driven decisions. It tracks users based on customer experience, which is first handedly required for campaigns, designs, sales, schemes and promotions.

Advanced features-

  • Form analytics
  • Integrates with split testing tools
  • Tag Manager deployment
  • Dedicated account management
  • Advanced segmentation dynamic heatmaps

Decibel insights integrations-

  • Google Analytics
  • Maximiser
  • Optimizely
  • Adobe target
  • Monetate
  • Tealium etc

Decibel Insight pricing-

Free trial not available, plans and pricing are disclosed on demand.

8. Mouseflow

MouseFlow- best hotjar alternatives

Get mouseflow if your needs are simple and sorted and in need of a simplified solution to make the analytics decisions that matter to you.

As mouseflow replays sessions and generates heat maps to show visitors clicks, move, scroll, browse and where they have paid their attention to their websites.

MouseFlow discovers portions of websites where it shows user engagement using rich heatmaps. It also shows behavioural changes between experiment variations with its robust session recording.

Advanced Features-

  • Convert more leads
  • Heat Mapping
  • Forms analysis
  • Feedback campaigns
  • Realtime user monitoring

Mouseflow integrations-

  • HTML
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Squarespace
  • Blogger
  • WIX
  • Weebly etc

Mouseflow Pricing-

Free plan available, Starter plan $24 per year, Growth plan $79 per year, Business plan $159 per year and Pro plan $299 per year.

9. Smartlook

Smartjar overview


Smartlook proved the easiest way to understand how users use your websites.

Smartlook record tracks repeated visitor clicks and help users make informed decisions regarding website content location. Smartloos have the easiest integrations.

Smartlook just like any other analytics tool can be integrated with your helpdesk or with the number of CRM solutions and automatically associates the URL of session recording with a user by tickets.

You can even directly integrate with major platforms that can be enabled directly from your project with just a couple of setting changes under the integrations tab.

Advanced features-

  • Advanced filtering
  • Visitor journey
  • Event statistics and breakdown
  • Heatmaps
  • Always-on-recording
  • Email reporting for events and funnels
  • Anomalies alert etc

Smartlook Integrations-

  • Google Analytics
  • Intercom
  • Mixpanel
  • Piwik PRO
  • Sentry
  • Slack
  • Zendesk etc

Smartlook Pricing-

Free trial available, Free plan available, Startup plan $31 per month, Business plan $79 per month, ultimate plan prices not disclosed.

10. Zoho Pagesense

PageSense- website optimizer tool

If you have a requirement for complete A/B testing and a conversion rate optimization platform, Zoho Pagesense is the solution for you.

Zoho Pagesense helps you keep track of goals that track key metrics of your websites across segments. It uses funnel analysis to sort out heifh pages on your site that can cause you to drop off as they move through a series of pages. 

It also identifies a page with major drop off which further helps detect marketer target particular pages for improvement and increase in the website’s overall performance.

 Advanced features-

  • A/B testing
  • Heatmap software
  • Statistical relevance analysis
  • Audience targeting
  • Behavioral mapping website analysis
  • Dynamic maps campaign segmentation

Zoho Integrations-

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  •  Kissmetrics
  • Mixpanel
  • Google AdsSales IQ and more.

Zoho Pricing-

Plans start at $29 per month. Rest of the plans are not disclosed. 


Q- What to look for in a perfect Hotjar Alternative?

  • Heatmaps- Visualize where users have scrolled and clicked.
  • Visitor recordings/ Session Recordings- Session recording of tasks they have performed.
  • Conversion funnels- This shows where a user is dropping off along your sale funnels.
  • Form Analysis- Shows user interactions with forms to help reduce failed completions.
  • Feedback polls- Allows you to query the user/ customer.


Finally, we have successfully delivered you the top best Hotjar alternatives for you to use in . While there cannot be a perfect Hotjar alternative as they all are equally great.

You can always decide up to your needs, which analytics tools fulfils your needs the best.

If you have found this article helpful, kindly let us know! Comment below!

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