Best Anime Girls With Headphones That Only Otakus Will Know

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Mega List of Anime Girls with Headphones For Otakus 

1. Fuataba Sakura:

Futaba Sukara- anime girl with headphones

Futaba Sakura is a pivotal anime girl with headphones in the Persona 5 video game. She is classified as a hikikomori (the Japanese term for shut-in). She is also Sojiro Sakura’s adopted daughter and Wakaba Isshiki’s biological daughter.

She first approaches the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in an attempt to convince them to take her twisted heart, which resulted in the manifestation of a Palace. Following the theft of her heart, she joins the Thieves as their new Navigator to discover the truth behind her mother’s death.

Necronomicon is her original Persona, whereas Prometheus is her Ultimate Persona.

In the Japanese version of the anime, she is voiced by Aoi Yuki; in the English version, she is portrayed by Erica Lindbeck.

Futaba is a bespectacled young lady with hip-length black hair that has been dyed a brilliant orange colour. Her brown eyes also seem to have subtle purple tones, giving them a mauve hue.

She is usually spotted sporting a pair of AKG K845BT headphones with red earpads. She seems to be very little, especially in comparison to other females.

2. Charles Bonaparte

Charles bonaparte anime giel

Charles Bonaparte is a third-year Genetics France student (Known as L.D.T.). She is the class’s top Pandora, as well as one of the world’s top five strongest Pandora, ranking third (pre-death, Chiffon’s fourth).

She is France’s top-ranked third-year student. She is now the most skilled practitioner of the Tempest Turn method, having the ability to duplicate herself up to ten times.
Charles, also known as the Tempest Phoenix ( Tenpesuto no Hs), is one of the world’s top five strongest Pandoras, ranked third.

Charles’ origins were revealed during E-rebellion Pandora’s storyline during her battle with Elizabeth.

Charles was once a destitute orphan since she was seen fleeing with a pocketbook that had been stolen from someone. She came into a gang of thugs who assaulted her, claiming she had entered their area.

While she was bleeding from her lips, Marks Spencer arrived at the end of the alley, enraged at Charles for stealing his wallet. After frightening the goons with a pistol, Marks took Charles home. When she regained consciousness, she found herself inside a hospital, where Marks was waiting for her.

Charles as a newborn was given to her by her brother, and Marks informed her about their rescuing the victims.

She proved to have over 75% compatibility with Stigmata during testing, allowing her to safely inherit Kazuha Aoi’s “Heroic Stigmata.”

She subsequently became involved with Genetics, believing that a few must be sacrificed for the greater benefit.

Charles has cream-coloured hair that is cropped short in the back with side-bangs that cover both sides of her face, brown eyes and is always seen with a pair of specialized headphones.

Over her Genetics outfit, Charles is dressed in a cream-coloured sweater. She is much smaller than the rest of the Pandora’s due to her “petite” physical shape, which is reminiscent of her famed namesake, Napoleon Bonaparte.

3. Ayana Sakanagi

ayana sakagi girl with headphone

Swim Swim, also known by her actual name Ayana Sakanagi, is one of the Magical Girl Raising Project’s major characters. Swim Swim is a shy and reserved Magical Girl. She is an ally of and a devoted follower of Ruler.

Ayana is a little child with short brown hair twisted into two twin tails and brown eyes in her human form. She is dressed in a traditional Japanese elementary school outfit.

Swim Swim has pale pink hair with short straight bangs and waves as a Magical Girl. Her hair is curled in the front.

Additionally, she wears headphone-like items on her head that are black with a pink centre that fades to purple. Additionally, the headphones have a black rabbit silhouette. Her eyes are purple and gradually fade to pink.

She’s dressed in a very basic white bikini that resembles a vest, white leggings, and pink goggles around her neck. The goggles feature a black outline and are decorated with upside-down white bunnies.

On her left leg, she wears a black garter with white ruffles and white dots, as well as a floating belt-like item that fades from pink to purple and has rabbit silhouettes with black outlines.

They feature lengthy black tentacles with silver pointed ends that are linked at the top by silver connections. She has tiny black devil wings on her upper back.

She is wearing thick black boots with four dark pink shoelaces. The bottom and top of the boots are purple, and the front of her soles are divided.

Swim Swim is a girl who is short on words. She aspires to be like people in positions of authority, to the extent of imitating her instructor. She is not very expressive of her emotions and is incredibly intelligent for her age, as shown by her ability to manoeuvre Ruler into a position where the latter would perish.

4. Ooyodo

Ooyodo- anime character with headphones

Yodo was a Japanese Imperial Navy light cruiser built during World War II. She was the only ship of her class to be completed before the war’s conclusion.

As was customary for IJN light cruisers, she was named after a river, in this instance the yodo in Kysh, Japan. Originally designed as a command vessel for submarine operations, she was used to a variety of uses and eventually became the flagship of the Combined Fleet before being destroyed by American planes in July 1945 near Kure, Hiroshima.

She plays two roles in the game: first as the female who appears in the mission menu as “Ninmu Musume” or “Mission Girl,” and second as a playable ship with an enhanced version that includes a command centre for returning damaged ships home.

Both of her incarnations wear a serafuku (similar to Akashi’s) over a collared shirt and necktie, as well as a blue pleated skirt with hakama-style side slits and thigh highs. She carries notes and a quill as an NPC. Her footwear consists of basic heels.

As a playable character, she has a triple 15.5-centimetre naval cannon in her left hand, a catapult in her right arm, another triple gun holstered on her thigh, and a huge seaplane hangar on her back.

Numerous anti-aircraft weapons are mounted on her and her hangar, and the hanger is topped by three masts with radar/radio antennas. Her shoes have been transformed into propeller-rudder platform heels.

She has long, black hair that she wears in a hairband and bluish-green eyes that are framed by spectacles. Under her boots, her redesigned shape has purple lace thigh highs and a long white ribbon instead of her hairband.

As a non-player character, fans made her popular by promoting the “Dismantle two ships” task. She is recognized as the second light cruiser with four slots (the first being Yuubari), compensating for her lack of the relatively poor Torpedo and ASW ratings, which match the real-world cruiser’s (uniquely for an IJN light cruiser) absence of such weapons.

5. Matsuri Mizusawa:

Matsuri mitsuzawa

Matsuri Mizusawa is Inori Mizusawa’s elder sister and a former junior high school student who begins the series as an adversary but eventually becomes a supportive character.

Matsuri is a petite young lady with pale pink shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.
Her style is extremely informal, as she often dresses up like a delinquent, which reflects her sneaky nature, and she frequently wears headphones around her neck or atop her head.

Matsuri is a very bright and intelligent young lady who doesn’t mind her own words. She may be a little wicked at times since she loves tormenting people, particularly Yuzu and Harumi.

Matsuri, like Mei, is very manipulative and without any sense of shame, as shown by the fact that she seemed unconcerned when little boys were allegedly peeping beneath her skirt and then coerced them into snapping an incriminating photograph of Mei to blackmail her.

Later on, it is revealed how lonely Matsuri was and how the prospect of losing her “elder sister” Yuzu to Mei frightened her, which resulted in her behaving inappropriately.

Despite her mischievous nature, she is capable of being nice and compassionate to a certain extent, but she immediately denies this when others see this side of her.

6. Chelsea

Chelsea anime girl with headphones

Chelsea, along with Susanoo, was one of two recruits to join Najenda’s Night Raid branch. Later that year, she was killed in the line of duty.

Chelsea’s complexion was pale, her hair was auburn (pink in the anime), and her eyes were crimson (pink in the anime). On her head, she wore a butterfly-shaped headphone attachment.

She donned a vocalist-inspired ensemble consisting of a white long-sleeved blouse with a red ribbon-tied collar, a black vest, a red checkered short skirt, and black leather below-the-knee boots. She travelled with her Teigu, Gaea Foundation. Almost often, she was observed sucking on a lollipop.

Chelsea had a cheeky streak, although this might have been an act. She had a cool, calculating side that often resulted in her offering a harsh (but correct) assessment of a person or circumstance.

Finally, she was revealed to have good intentions and attempted to assist the Night Raid members to become more realistic, as she was shown to care about them and did not want to lose them the way she had lost her last team. She was revealed to have a fondness for lollipops because her Teigu was brimming with them and she was often seen with one in her mouth.

Chelsea worked for a harsh viceroy who snuffed away the pleasure of hunting. Under this tyranny, she became nihilistic until she discovered Gaea Foundation, which had been hidden for lack of a proper owner.

She murdered the viceroy with the Teigu and replaced him with a nice and capable one. Recognizing that she had influenced her Teigu, she eventually joined the Revolutionary Army.

7. Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama is one of K-ONfive !’s major protagonists. She is a passionate and technically proficient left-handed musician and songwriter who performs as the band Ho-kago Tea Time’s bassist, second singer, and primary lyricist. She is a kind and gentle young lady, although very timid and sensitive.

Despite her shy nature, she often serves as the voice of reason among her bandmates, who frequently depend on her sensitivity in times of crisis. Yko Hikasa (Japanese) and Cristina Valenzuela give their voices (English).

Mio is warm-hearted and emotionally aware, with a very sensitive side that manifests itself more often than she wishes. Perhaps the greatest example of her compassion is her sister-like care to Azusa. She even had a heart-to-heart with the band’s new addition, whom she knew nothing about at the time, in the hopes of making her feel welcome.

Mio is acutely aware of and expressive of her emotions, albeit not always consciously, whether it’s her admiration for her friends or her love for the bass guitar. She is also the first to cry after their final school festival performance.

She also seems to have a gift for soothing her companions in times of hardship, especially when it comes to Ritsu.

Mio’s gentler side is evident in her sometimes strange writing and lyrics, which often include cutesy and excessively girly themes and phrases.

Her vulnerability is macabre and terrible, and tales of the occult, horror and gore can paralyze her with dread. Additionally, she suffers from trypophobia, an unreasonable dread of clusters of tiny holes.

8. Chihaya Kisaragi

Chihaya Kisaragi- anime girl with headphones

The Idolm@ster chronicles the journey of 13 ladies who want to be recognized as the country’s singing superstars. The girls are overseen by 765 Production Studio, which must also keep an eye on competitor 961 Production.

Chihaya Kisaragi is one of thirteen gifted individuals. During her spare time, this anime girl with headphones enjoys listening to classical music, as shown by the adorable girl’s headphones she wears in different views throughout the anime.

Chihaya was tasked by Ritsuko Akizuki with the responsibility of looking for Chihya, whom Miki Hoshii discovered on a tropical island. She was first hesitant since it is a significant responsibility, but she came to love her and chose to keep her.

A recurring joke is that she is continually attempting to name the Puchidols Gonzales, but is constantly shot down.

9. Konatsu Miyamoto

Konatsu Miyamoto

Konatsu is a young girl with a very pale complexion, light brown hair that reaches beyond her neck and shoulders and brown eyes.

She is often seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, brown shoes, navy socks, blue skirt, red tie, cream sweater vest, and a white blouse.

Apart from her regular school uniform, Konatsu is often spotted wearing her green headphones while softly singing to herself on her treks between school and home.

Konatsu is a vivacious and ambitious young lady who is always striving to achieve her objectives and supporting her friends. She is also a sociable person, particularly among her acquaintances.

Konatsu is well-known for her love of music and singing and is often seen singing along to the tunes she is listening to via her headphones.

10. Asuka Fuji

Fuji Asuka- anime girl with headphones

Shirobako follows the lives of five high school students at Kaminoyama High School, Misa Toudou, Shizuka Sakaki, Midori Imai, Ema Yasuhara, and Aoi Miyamori, and the obstacles they encounter on their path to success in the animation business.

Asuka Fuji works as a mixing assistant at Musashino Animation, where Aoi and Ema eventually get employment. Her headphones for girls are an important part of her since they reaffirm her profession.

11. Meika Daihatsu

Meika Daihatsu

Meika Daihatsu is one of the anime’s most prominent female characters. Meika is a young lady who is the smallest of the females in terms of height. Her wavy, saddle brown hair falls to her waistline, with brow-length bangs.

The headphones around her neck restrict her lower hairstyle from swinging freely. Meika likes long-sleeved gowns, the most often worn of which is her knitted dark blue sweater dress.

Additionally, she is dressed in dark orange-red, long stockings and slip-on yellow rubber slippers. As a robot, Meika’s inside is filled with numerous mechanical components that keep her functioning, such as a reactor.

Despite this, she is very lifelike, her skin changing colour as the tape was removed. Her skin also seems to be impervious to water, since she is submerged many times without suffering any ill effects other than getting wet.

Meika is a clever, pleasant young lady. She is often irritated by little matters and has been proven to be aggressive when it comes to making new acquaintances, as shown by how Yta and Mikatan met.

12. Ohana Matsumae

Ohana matsumae

Hanasaku Iroha is about Ohana Matsumae, a sixteen-year-old girl who is forced to fend for herself when her mother abandons her.

The series, which aired from April 3, 2011, until September 25, 2011, follows Ohana as she navigates the difficulties of working for her grandmother at Kissuiso Inn.

Ohana Matsumae is the series’ protagonist. She is a 16-year-old high school student who worked as a waitress at Kissuiso.

Ohana is a pleasant and principled young lady. However, this anime figure using headphones may be seen in pictures without them. The headphones simply serve to highlight Ohana’s youth, despite her age-appropriate maturity.

13. Kaname Makiishi

Kaname Makiishi

Kaname Makiishi is a nerd girl with a high IQ and, as she admits, an emotional deficiency. She is a Syringe member who works as a hacker to acquire information and as a pilot or driver for the planes and vehicles used by Syringe on missions.

Kaname is very brilliant, yet she is emotionless. She is usually sluggish and exhausted and has little regard for her fellow men or Syringe companions. She does what she pleases and just what she is in the mood to do.

Kaname spends most of her time in front of a computer, amusing herself by hacking into the systems of other companies or public entities. Only Reika Azuma seems to respect her;

Kaname never opposes her and always attempts to carry out Reika’s instructions successfully.

However, she does not seem to mind if she is unable to carry out one of Reika’s instructions. Reika is never upset with Kaname for anything, and she seems to place a high premium on Kaname’s abilities.

Kaname is also immune to fear and anxiety; even when agents of the Tobishiro clans were overpowered, abducted, and tortured, she maintained her composure and even hung up to laugh.

14. Tomo Oshii

Tomo Oshii

The anime, which is based on a mobile game, follows Shiina Kokomi, a high school student who is a member of the school’s rhythmic gymnastics club. Girlfriend (Kari) focuses on the difficulties Shiina and her classmates face as adolescents in school.

One of the pupils is Tomo Oshii. She is a second-year broadcasting committee student, which explains the headphones. Ironically, Tomo avoids open broadcasts in favour of working behind the scenes.

15. Cocco

Cocco anime girl with headphones

Cocco is Mega Man 5’s big hen-like children toy robot adversary. It generates an endless stream of Corocoros that attempt to ram Mega Man.

It has been seen to lay up to three Corocoros concurrently. Their head is their weak point. They occur on Gyro Man’s, Charge Man’s, and a few Wily Castle levels. The number of shots/hits delivered by Special Weapons required to destroy a Cocco.

Corocoro ( Korokoro) is an egg-shaped hostile robot that emerges from Cocco. If they encounter an impediment, they either hop over it or try to jump over it and then turn around (depending on the height of the barrier).

Apart from that, it is free of assaults. They are easily killed by a single blast from the Mega Buster and often drop valuable power-ups.

16. Seira

Seira anime girl with headohone-onepiece

One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old pirate, as he journeys across the Grand Line in pursuit of the most desired treasure of them all, One Piece.

The protagonist, who is not your average pirate, is accompanied on his escapades by his companions, each of whom has their eccentricities.

Seira is a lovely mermaid who wears a bikini and a pearl necklace in One Piece.

Headphones made of shells complete her ensemble. The adorable girls’ headphones are reportedly a representation of Seira’s love for music as a dancer at the Mermaid Cafe.

17. Shione Togawa

Shione anime girl with headphones

Shione Togawa is one of the series’ central characters. She is a strict girl who was formerly Nonoka Komiya’s closest friend, but she came to despise her when she left without informing anybody.

Shione has navy blue hair that falls to her hips and blue eyes. She is often seen wearing her school uniform, without the pink cape and with black tights. Shione wears headphones in the first episode and earmuffs in the flashback.

Shione was timid as a child, but after meeting Nonoka Komiya, they became good friends with her and the others, which resulted in her being happy.

Shione, on the other hand, seems secretive and reclusive in the present and is seldom seen speaking to anybody. She also seems to be frigid, particularly towards Nonoka, whom she refers to as a “lie” for not returning.

She is nice too and concerned about Noel, claiming that she was instrumental in reuniting everyone. Despite her appearance, she is cheerful and pleasant, as well as a kind person.

18. Takane Enomoto

Takane Enomoto

Mekakucity Actors’ narrative centres on Shintarou Kisaragi, who hasn’t left his room in years because he was obsessed with his computer and the Internet.

Shintarou, on the other hand, is forced to leave his comfort zone by circumstance and finds himself in a hostage scenario. He is saved by a gang of young people known as the Mekakushi Dan who possesses eye-related abilities.

Takane Enomoto, or Ene, joins Shintarou on his travels. The adorable headphones for females she’s wearing accentuate her technological persona even more. After all, she is the cybergirl who resides in Shintarou’s computer.

19. Izuko Gaen

Izuko Graen

Izuko Gaen is the head of an oddity expert network comprised mostly of former members of her college’s Occult Research Club. She is well-known for her assertion that she “knows everything.”

Izuko is a lady in her forties with long wavy brown hair and orange eyes. Her attire, which has a loose light green blouse worn over a black hoodie, loose maroon trousers, and running shoes, is evocative of hip hop fashion with its vivid colour scheme.

She is dressed in a white baseball hat with a bright green rim and accessorized with a smiling necklace and a pair of orange headphones around her neck.

Wherever Gaen appears, a swirl of rainbow clouds can be seen in the backdrop for some reason.

Despite her appearance, Izuko is a very educated individual when it comes to the supernatural. She also seems to be familiar with Koyomi Araragi and Tsubasa Hanekawa, as well as current events.

Indeed, she often brags about her vast knowledge, to the extent of adopting the slogan, “Nothing is unknown to me. I am fully aware of everything “which is opposed to Tsubasa’s slogan.

While the veracity of her boasts of “knowing everything” is questionable, one might argue that she is skilled at exploiting what she knows and what others do not, enabling her to undermine a person’s confidence, such as Tsubasa’s trust in her knowledge.

20. Koito Minase

Koito Minase

Koito Minase is one of the series’ central characters. She is a first-year high school student who moved to Hosea Academy in April. She is a girl with a unique talent and a phantom hunter, but she hunts the phantoms alone, rather than joining a club or battling them with others.

This is because she has isolated herself from other people as a result of an event during her youth.

Koito is an adolescent girl with an average body and height who exudes a cool attractiveness. Her short, lower chin-length, wavy hair is magenta-pinkish in hue and is styled inside bangs that frame her face.

On the left side of her hair, she has a yellow star-hair clip. Her eye colour matches her hair colour, and unlike the other characters, she lacks a second white highlight in her eyes, giving the appearance that she is distant and silent. Additionally, she is nearly always seen with her headphones wrapped around her neck.

Koito is often spotted wearing the standard Hosea Academy first-year female student outfit.

Koito is a girl that likes to be alone and battle the phantoms alone most of the time. She also dislikes working in pairs and maintains a certain distance from others; this has been her way of life since she acquired her talent, as she sees herself as “different.”

21. Saori Himemiya

Saor Himemiya- best anime girls with headphones

Saori Himemiya is a character from the famous anime series Sakura-sou No Pet Na Kanojo. The protagonist of this story is Sorata Kanda, which is a student at Suiko and about his life in the Sakura Dormitory as he was thrown out of the regular dormitory for keeping the stray cat.

This anime girl with headphones is a music student in Sorata’s school and a resident of the same dormitory.  Saori is the girlfriend of Soichirou Tatebayashi, who is the former president of the Student’s council.

Conclusion: Best Anime Girls With Headphones

All of these are some of the best anime girls with headphones. They look cute, don’t they? I hope this article helped.

Please let me know in the comment section which one you liked the most.

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