If you have loved watching Anime over NarutoSpot and have been looking for Narutospot alternatives?

We have just a list of interests that not only contains similar websites you can use to stream popular Anime but Anime sites that are even better than NarutoSpot.

First of all, let’s learn a thing or two about an Anime Website.

What is an Anime Website?

An Anime Website is a video content streaming Platform that streams Anime content. These Websites have the most user-friendly interface and are extremely feature-rich.

They offer Anime lovers the content of their liking and do not hold back on enlisting any anime that is a fan favourite and has a loyal fan base.

Anime Websites have a database of thousands of Anime episodes and movies. These websites have high-video-quality content. Some Websites allow users to download video content for offline viewing.

They offer content that covers various genres. Some of these are romance, fantasy, ecchi, drama, comedy, vampire, horror, ghost etc. These Anime Websites add new releases and follow very instantly or in a short period of time after a user has made a request.

What is NarutoSpot?

Naruto spot page

NarutoSpot gained popularity because it offered high-quality anime-related content worldwide. NarutoSpot is one of the most user-friendly Anime Streaming Websites.

It provides users with the Best/top-rated anime and provides upcoming Anime videos and Anime trending material, which keeps the user in the loop and other user-friendly features. Making NarutoSpot maintain touch with the user, which other anime websites do not.

Many websites/ companies are coming forward with better features and are continually giving NarutoSpot cutting-edge competition.

While thousands of websites offer services similar to NarutoSpot. Below we are providing some of the best Anime Websites that you can use to watch anime.

These Narutospot alternative platforms are prominent and have a stronger reputation among users in the anime industry.

Best Websites like Narutospot & Alternatives

Below we have provided a shortlist of the best Anime Websites like Narutospot.

1. 9Anime

9anime- Naruto alternatives

9Anime stands amongst the most loved and preferred alternatives to Narutospot. 9Anime is amongst the very few websites that have amazing video quality. Users without delay can stream video content in quality 1080p.

9Anime is known to be a huge platform for anime series as well as Anime movies. It has both subtitles and dubbed versions available for all the Anime shows, series and movies listed.

A user can watch Anime series and shows without registration or paying a dime. The topmost watched anime over 9Anime are Death Note, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Psycho.

– Multi-language subtitles available.
– Dubbed Anime versions available.
– Doesn’t support HD quality.

– No Downloading options.

Region Available- Worldwide

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll- best narutospot alternatives

Another fruitful alternative to NarutoSpot. Crunchyroll has featured numerous Anime series and shows including, Naruto, including Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice and more.

Crunchyroll has the simplest interface and hosts a plethora of Asia dramas and anime. It even has a Manga library.

A user can choose to get a premium version of Crunchyroll, which eliminates the ads and adds extra features to their Anime watching experience. Yet, all of the famous Anime like, Naruto, Tita, etc, remain free to watch, what you’ll be paying for is ad-free video streaming mainly.

– Anime can be searched according to its genre, season or how popular they are.
– Simplest and most attractive interface.
– Has a free version.
– Have almost all top Anime listed.
– Available in 180-plus countries.

Have ads that can be annoying while watching anime.
– For premium, a subscription required.

Region Available- USA, Philil[ines, India, UK, Australia, Canada etc.

3. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak - narutospot alternatives

Animefreak has over a million users online. It is loved by anime shows and series watchers and manga readers. It is a free anime website with a big collection of both subbed and dubbed anime.

AnimeFreak’s home page is colourful and has a Japanese style of organizing which shows user-friendliness. The site even enlists exclusive anime series that cannot be found on other Anime websites. Animefreak android application can be downloaded from the play store.


– Subtitles with multiple languages available.
– Dubbed version with multiple languages available.
– Significant increase in video quality compared to other Anime Websites.
– Advanced filter search.
– Faster Streaming of Anime content.


– Anime can be watched over limited devices.
– Contains ads that can be annoying.

Region Available- Worldwide

4. AnimePlanet

Anime planet- best narutospit alternatices

AnimePlanet has a user interface that’s somewhat the same as NarutoSpot. It is the biggest anime site in the world and it is run by a single admin and a small group of volunteers.

AnimePlanet has a database that is vast and contains a larger number of Anime shows than other Anime Websites.

Anime Shows and series can be watched for free. User can build a library that they can use to store content that they want to watch in the future. It has extensive availability of features that are loved by its users.

It is legal to watch Anime over AnimePlanet, unlike many other Anime Websites that have geo-restrictions.

– Amongst the few, Anime-Planet has a manga library.
– Lesser ads and pop-ups.
– Have an Anime Lovers community on the website.
– Compatible with most devices.
– Streams over 40,000 episodes of anime.

– Unlike many other Anime Websites, Anime planet needs registration.
– Little difficult to search for anime as genres are not listed.
– Annoying ads

Region available- US, Philippines, UK, Aus, India etc.

5. KissAnime

Kissanime- Best narutospot alternatives

KissAnime is another NarutoSpot alternative with legality that is unquestionable and while streaming content you are not violating any rights. It is best for streaming Anime shows series with seasons of decades and movies.

KissAnime is one of the anime streaming platforms that lists the best anime to watch and is completely free and guarantees the quality and quantity of content without charging anything.

This Anime website has English subtitles and dubbed anime streaming in HD and video quality 240p to 1080p. Kissanime has genres including Comedy, horror, romance, drama, fighting, adventure and more.

– Multiple languages subtitles available.
– Anime can be downloaded.
– Options with video quality available.
– Advanced search options are available.
– Fast video loading.

– Kissanime contains ads.
– Less compatibility with devices.

Region Available– USA, Aus, UK, India, Canada etc.

6. Chia-Anime

ChiaAnime- best narutospot alternatives

ChiaAnime has a high-quality Anime streaming site that mostly streams Japanese anime. The site has anime video content enlisted under various resolutions and it works perfectly well in all web browsers.

It enlists the latest anime episodes as early as they are out. You can watch anime in format 360p to 1080p.

Thought, ChiaAnime might not be the safest anime website to stream/ watch anime online. It is a pirated platform that is only safe until you click on suspicious ads displayed on the website. If you have decided to stream anime content over ChiaAnime, we suggest the use of a VPN.

– Anime Advanced search options.
– Faster streaming of videos.
– Option available for downloads.
– Dubbed versions available.

– Only dislikes are the ads.

Region Available- New Zealand and Australia

7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab- best narutospot alternatices

AnimeLab is another infamous alternative to Narutospot that is legal to watch. AnimeLab is operated from Australia and its content is available to be streamed worldwide.

AnimeLab delivers the best Streaming services with the very best Anime series, shows, seasons and movies direct from Japan. It has hundreds of anime with subbed and dubbed versions. It streams shows such as Naruto, Dragon Ball and more.

If you are a user of PlayStation consoles/ generations, LG TV is not supported for content streaming. you can choose a premium that eliminates ads, streams anime with zero delays, gives you full access to the catalogue and unlocks HD up to 1080p.

– Subtitles available in multiple languages.
– Fast updates.
– Have the highest device compatibility.
– Have a free version.

– Dubbed version of videos is only available for premium account subscribers.
– Annoying ads in the standard/ free version.

Region available- Worldwide.

8. AnimeShowTV

AnimeShow altermatives to Narutospot

AnimeShowTV is a well-designed Anime streaming website that categorises anime genres such as, action, comedy, drama, ecchi, fantasy, mecha, scary, romance, seinen, shoujo, vampire and a lot more.

AnimeShowTV is free to stream anime content. It is simple to navigate. And has an appealing interface. It provides recent releases of episodes and quick streaming of Animes with seasons with English subtitles.

– Free streaming of Anime.
– Vast collection.
– Fast streaming.

– Geo-restrictions.
– Illegal streaming of content(Use VPN).

Regions available- Worldwide.

9. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime- best narutospot alternatives

GoGoAnime is another excellent Alternative to Narutospot. It offers an exceeding range of selected and famous Anime movies and shows. GoGoAnime is regularly updated and has the latest Anime content listed given any time of the day.

Not only Asian Anime, but GoGoAnime also enlists American cartoon series in their library, which makes GoGoAnime a favourite to non-amine lovers as well.

GoGoAnime database is most organised and divided into different genres that make it easy for users to easily access and search for their favourite Anime series and movies.

You can easily get GoGoAnime from the play store of your device.

– Free Anime.
– Random anime suggestions..
– Have a good genre category.
– Subtitles available.
– Dubbed versions available.
– Recent releases added ASAP.
– Request an anime option available.


– Limited subtitles and dubbed versions with Chinese animation series.
– Geo- restriction in most countries.
– Use of VPN suggested.

Regions available- US, India, UK, Singapore etc.

10. AnimeUltima

Anime Ultima- best alterantive to Narutospit

AnimeUltima can be an excellent alternative to Narotuspot. It has anime movies and TV shows of multiple genres including, action, comedy, drama, ecchi, fantasy, mecha, romance, mystery etc.

You do not need to be registered to watch your favourite anime shows and movies. With a registered account, animeultima has more to offer. If you have made an account over Animeultima you’d be getting updates every time a new episode is out. you can freely leave comments under your favourite Animes.

AnimeUltima has the simplest and extremely easy to navigate.

– Good genre category.
– Gives new episode release updates for registered accounts.
– User-friendly.
– Easy to navigate.

Regions available- Worldwide.


Is Anime Illegal?

Streaming Anime online over an authorized platform is not illegal. Sites that legally license Anime are legal and watching Anime over these sites, such as Netflix, Amazon watch, kissanime, Crunchyroll etc. is not illegal.

Watching anime over a Pirated site is not illegal, though being an owner of such a site is.

Where can I stream Anime Legally?

Amazon Anime, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Kissanime, Tubi TV, AnimePlanet, Hulu, CONTV and a lot more.

Where can I stream Anime for free?

Answer– 9anime, Crunchyroll, SoulAnime, SideReal, AnimeTake, Gogoanime and a lot more.

What are some Devices I can use to Watch Anime? (devices supported by enlisted Anime Websites)

Some of the devices that you can use to watch Anime are- Wii U, Chromecast, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple TV, Roku Box, Fire TV.

Is Crunchyroll good for streaming Anime?

Yes. Crunchyroll is not only good but is absolutely fun for streaming Anime. It has some of the best anime that you can watch, such as, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Fate Series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tarodora and over 1000 anime shows. It covers more than 200 east Asian dramas and 8 manga titles.

What to look for in a NarutoSpot Alternative?

Features to look for the best Narutospot alternative are-

Good categorization of the Anime genre, like Anime, Cartoon, movies and more
– The vast collection of Anime
– Legal licence
– Availability of top-rated and popular anime
– Premium
– Ads-free
– Worldwide availability
– Great video quality and more

Bottom Line

Although there are millions of websites that you can use to Stream Anime. Though, not all of them are illegal and available worldwide or equally good as NarutoSpot.

The above listed Narutospot alternatives are certain to give you equal experience as NArutospot if not far better than Narutospot.

We suggest you go through the sites before you conclude selecting one of these for Anime watching These Anime Websites are full of features and services that are adored by anime lovers.

They all carry a very versatile and dynamic environment. Some of them even work on user preferences and recommendations.


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