Best Free PDF Editor Software

PDF has become an essential document for business, office, education and various other sectors. Though it is relatively straightforward to write and edit the content on different tools, editing in PDF is pretty hard. Here, we’ve listed the Free PDF editor, compatible with Windows 10.

The best part about PDF files is that they remain the same on each and every device they are seen on. This is why PDF becomes a fantastic option for essential files. The cumbersome task comes when you can’t edit a PDF.

For editing, you need a designated tool. This is why it is necessary to know the best tools that will help you in editing your PDF files better.

10 Best Free PDF Editor Software

#1. PDF Element

PDF Element is one of the best PDF editors out there which is at power with the Adobe Acrobat. PDF Element has a free trial which helps you to either get through with your small assignments and most importantly to get the hang of it.

There is also a paid version though which again is very affordable.

It has a lot of incredible features which will get through all your office work, student assignments and whatnot. Another impeccable feature is that it has OCR technology which allows you to edit/extract the PDF files from scanning.

#2. Sejda PDF Editor


Another trendy PDF editor is the Sejda PDF Editor. It can get the job of editing your PDF files very quickly. Along with that, it also lets you do additional tasks. It can also add signature on PDF files, add comments and links on PDFs, create fillable PDF forms, edit the content in PDF documents.

You can get away with editing unlimited documents which are impressive. The user interface of the editor is very user-friendly and hence can take a little time to get the hang of it.

#3. Apowersoft Online PDF Editor


This PDF editor required a small plugin download, but once you’re done, it’s all good to go. It is well equipped with many editing features. It can be used in any modern browser, and the real catch is that its free. For a free editor, it is effortless and handy for beginners.

A little practice would help you a lot. It is one of the best free PDF editors out there to get the job done with no cost.

#4. Small PDF


Small PDF, like the name suggests, is a compact yet powerful PDF editor. It gives you a free trial which can sometimes be enough to get through your work. However, if you want the PDF editor, in the long run, the free trial lets you understand the software better. Besides plain editing, you can also use SmallPDF to fill in forms, design, unlock, or protect a PDF. SSL secures the edits made on this editor.

This protects your PDF files from getting in the hands of third parties. This is a significant feature, especially for the safety of your documents. Small PDF is not free, and the pricing begins from around $5 per month.

#5. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro

Another very useful as well as efficient PDF editor is the Nitro Pro. It is easy to use software which is backed up by the OCR technology for editing scanned PDFs. The trial version of the software has limited features.

The paid version will have a lot more. The bought version can be a little expensive on the pocket so it is advised to use this software for small projects which can be covered in the trial period. Nitro Pro has two versions, paid and business.

#6. PDFescape


PDFescape is one of the very functional PDF editors. It is amongst the top PDF editors for Windows. You are supposed to download the PDF editor to complete the online editing tasks for free. It lacks certain main PDF editing features which are available in other tools.

However, if you are interested in using this editor and have got the hang of it, it has three versions. Their three versions have been labelled as Premium and Ultimate.

All three versions have different features, and the price keeps increasing perversion. It costs about $5.99 per month for the Premium version, while the Ultimate version costs $8.99 per month.

#7. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro


It is without any doubt one of the best PDF editors out there in the market. Though a little expensive, however, once you get the hang of it, it’s challenging to let go. It has the ultimate top-notch features making it stand on top of the alternatives.

It is straightforward to use, and the interface is very comfortable. Even though it is one of the best, the cost of the PDF editor cannot be neglected. It might not be suitable for many businesses due to its high price. The PDF editor has a free trial version for professionals to give a try.

#8. Inkscape


A very well know image viewer and editor, Inkscape is also a good PDF editor. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. In PDF files, it is not just text that has to be changed. Many PDF files have images which are meant to be edited as well.

This is where Inkscape comes to the rescue. Now you can edit images in your PDF files with no hassle.

#9. Foxit Phantom PDF

Another PDF editor that can work very well in the Windows format is the Foxit Phantom PDF. It is a perfect PDF editor, and it performs other functionalities as well. It has OCR function, and users can work with the scanned PDFs.

It gives a trial version of 14 days where you can explore the editor and learn more about it.


The trial feature has limited features, though. The user interface is slightly complicated for a one time use.

#10. PDF-XChange Editor

This is another outstanding PDF editor. It lets you retype, delete, and reformat text, and adapts well if the document uses a font that isn’t installed on your computer. It is built-in with OCR. It helps in editing text, and along with that, it can even split and extract pages.

PDF-XChange Editor

Wrapping Up

Here are the best free PDF editor software available out there. Let us know which one do you use to edit your PDF Files.

If you have any other PDF editors in mind that you’d like to recommend, please share them with us!


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