Best Employee Onboarding Software for Your Small Business

One of the most cluttered departments is the Human resource department of a company. And, to get hold of these tasks, you need a strong onboarding tool for employees. These technology-driven Employee Onboarding Software or HR software gives way for better management and hiring for the employees. 

Even the small business wants to make use of the standard automation and fast-edge technology to scale up their business. A successful onboarding process lets companies hire employees with quick action, save time and money and improve relationships with the employees. 

In this article, we have listed the benefits of the employee onboarding tools and Best onboarding software for small businesses. 

Why Should You Use Onboarding Software?

Accept it or not, employee monitoring and onboarding software tools can cut off a lot of your time and efforts. Moreover, these tools can be helpful for the new hires to introduce them about company history, cultures and other important details. 

  • Save Money and Efforts

Onboarding software solutions help you save a lot of time and effort. Using the traditional system such as filling out the paper for the new hires can eat up a lot of your time and is less efficient too. 

Furthermore, it reduces the time to productivity for the new employees while saving the company from tedious training programs. 

  •  More Face Time

In times of remote work or the contract based work, onboarding software can help companies to effectively connect with their new employees. 

Most of the onboarding software offers one-in-one facetime and video meetings so that you can create impactful relationships and have quick discussions rather than navigating to the FAQs and creating follow-ups through email. 

  • Create Insights

Onboarding software solutions can create insights and report about the activities of your new employees. This also eliminates the need for a physical handbook for your new employees. 

Most of the onboarding and HR software is flexible enough to include company details and create details about your learning material.

  • Increased Usability

Most of these solutions are SaaS-based and that makes the employees onboarding much easier. HR Onboarding software is easy to navigate and easy to use. Most of the information can be stored promptly so that the employees don’t feel the need to enter the same information again and again. 

Best Employee or HR Onboarding Software For Small Business 

I have compiled a list of 5 best onboarding software solutions for small business & medium-sized businesses with pros and cons. 

1) GoCo

GoCo employee onboarding software

GoCo is a top-notch HR software designed for small businesses to automate hiring for new employees. It is a SaaS-based tool that has a centralized dashboard for gathering employee information and documents at one place. 

It has sheer features that can benefit both the employer and employees. GoCo collects various documents such as I-9 and W-4 forms to gather them at one place. As an employee, you can manage various tasks such as payroll management, employer self-service and benefits enrollment. 

GoCo has completely automated HR onboarding software that fastens the workflows for HRs. It is a great solution for the companies willing to streamline the HR tasks; be it the remote team or in-house.


  • Time-tracking and management for your business
  • GoCo Demo Account is available 
  • Compliant for agencies and small business
  • Integrates seamlessly with platforms like Linkedin, Slack, Quickbooks and Google Calendar. 


  • No free trial
  • Poor Customer Support  

2) BambooHR

BambooHR employee monitoring tool


BambooHR is known as the ‘HR software with heart’ by most of the companies. It is certainly one of the most amazing HR onboarding software with features such as payroll management, applicant tracking system, new hire onboarding, document sharing and e-signatures on the go. 

I would consider it more useful for HRs than new employees. With features such as webinar libraries and in-depth content, it keeps the HR updated and active. 

HR can keep track off the time spent by each employee, prepare the payroll and invoice for every employee according to the pay hours. It is an open API solution so that the HRs can customize the interface according to their own needs. 

Bamboo has two pricing packages; Essentials and Advantage. Advantage plan has more features when compared to the former. 


  • Smooth Interface
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Create Custom Workflows
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS


  • No payroll integrations

3) Lessonly

Lessonly for employee onboarding

Lessonly is a great HR boarding tool for team management. With Lessonly, you can create quizzes, training courses and flip cards for the new hires so that they can train better. Hence, the training and on-boarding go hand-in-hand with this. 

You can train your new hires using the webcam with managers and teamwork onboard. Lessonly lacks the essential feature that HR might need. 

As an add-on, Lessonly Gradebook lets managers measure the productivity and progress of each employee training program. You can also create your own course to develop the desired skill of your employee. 

Lessonly offers four different pricing plans; Pro, Pro + Coaching, Add-ons and enterprise. However, the pricings are not available on their website and you need to contact the company for the same. 


  • Online Courses & Training Materials
  • Get Deep insights
  • Sleek Interface
  • Integrates with Slack and Salesforce


  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Not a great choice for HR

4) Zenefits

Zenefits #1 HR software


Zenefits is considered as the best HR software solution after Bamboo. It is a SaaS-based software and one of the oldest HR software. 

It offers hiring and onboarding solutions for startups, small and mid-sized businesses. As an HR, you can streamline the hiring and onboarding process with features like payroll processing, performance management, automatic enrollments. 

Most importantly, Zenefits can manage your payroll while focussing on tax filings and tedious calculations. You can automatically add the new employee’s data into payroll and track every progress with ease. 

Besides this, Zenefits connects HR with the employees to collaborate with them on payroll, bonuses and commissions. And, it has a centralized and smooth dashboard for the same. Zenfits is currently employed by over 11,000 small and medium-sized businesses.


  • 360 Degree Feedback 
  • Add-ons
  • Biometric Recognition
  • Free Trial
  • Compliant HCM software


  • Not the best customer service
  • Steep learning curve

5) ClearCompany

Employee-Onboarding tool Clearcompany

ClearCompany is a talent acquisition software for the employees. It is one of the most user-friendly onboarding tools specifically designed for small businesses. 

You can create a custom portal for the new employees for file sharing and all the necessary details that they need on the first day. With features such as applicant tracking system, onboarding tools, performance management and time tracker, ClearCompany is a great choice for startups.  

Managers can track the new hires’ progress and measure their progress in terms of tasks. It has a pay per user subscription plan. Also, you can pay as per the features and users. 


  • Mobile-Friendly Interface
  • Payroll Integration
  • Flexible Pricing


  • Limited features for tracking
  • No free trial


Every company and every business has its own demands. It would be best to consider the monthly and annual budget in mind. Also, before spending a hefty sum, know the number of employees in your organization. 

Look for the onboarding tool that offers both HR capabilities and the newly hired employee benefits so that you can cut time and money for both. 

If you have just started, look for the software that has pay per subscription options. This was our list of Best Onboarding software or HR Software for small and medium businesses.

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