How to Spy on Someone's Phone

I was in my gloomy teens when I watched James Bond first. Needless to say, I was highly impressed and wanted to become one in real-time as well.

My teenage fantasy turned into reality when I came to know some of the advanced methods that helped me to spy on someone’s mobile phone without any hassle.

These methods were so advanced and fantastic that I was able to keep a note of everything happening on other’s phones. I was feeling on cloud nine. If you also had a fantasy-like mine and read this article and learn about those wonderful six methods.

6 Methods to Spy on Someone’s Phone

#1 – Spyic

The spy method that I tried was Spyic online. With its help, I was able to keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities without any rooting/jailbreak. And this is the reason why millions of others like me have shown trust in it.

Along with this, many leading media houses say spy on someone’s phone with Spyic is the easiest thing to do. This claim was 100% true as I have tried and tested Spyic on my own. And this is why I am suggesting it here.

Spyic makes spying a risk-free job

Becoming a James Bond and spying on someone’s phone in real life is not an easy job. There are many risks and hassles. But, gladly, Spyic keeps all these hassles out of your way. Here is how it accomplishes this task.

  • The at-work technology of Spyic is free from rooting/jailbreak. So, whatever you do is 100% legit and risk-free 
  • When you’re using Spyic online, none of your crucial data is saved on its server. Hence, you don’t get unwanted exposure to malicious cyber activities 
  • With features like 100% browser-based interface (in iOS solution) and stealth mode (in Android solutions), it keeps your moves and motives a secret. So, no one else can find out what you’re up to. 

You don’t need to be an expert

Spyic comes with the world’s most straightforward interface that doesn’t demand any extraordinary technical skills. Being ordinary is good enough with Spyic. Spyic’s iOS solution comes with a no-download interface.

It can be at your service using your regular device and browser. The same kind of ease can be witnessed in Spyic’s Android solution. Though a standard download/installation protocol needs to be followed, it is so easy and effortless that you will face no issues because:

  • The app is of small size(less than 2MB) and won’t consume much of time and phone space
  • The download/installation is the same as any other app that you use
  • You don’t require any supportive hardware/software to support its function

It never puts you down

All the data that Spyic captures is 100% reliable as it works in real-time. Every data is captured in real-time and comes with timestamps. When I confronted one of my targets with the details that I gathered using Spyic, he was in shock.

It’s not a costly affair

Using Spyic is very pocket-friendly. You can use its one month’s long service at a mere cost of $10. I never thought that fulfills my fantasy would be so affordable.

#2 – Spyier

Up next is Spyier. Built with super powerful and cutting-edge technology, this phone spy app has the ability to make you a spying expert without digging a hole in your pocket. All of its features are user-friendly and won’t give you any hard time.

While the rest of the world was struggling hard to make most of rooting/jailbreak and spy one other’s the phone with minimal risks, Spyier invented its 100% rooting/jailbreak free technology. Hence, there are nearly zero risks in spying now.

Its huge popularity is the talk of the town. In a short span of time, it managed to win the million hearts across the globe.

#3 – Minspy

Being an epitome of quality and steadfastness, Minspy has made it into the list. During my research on Minspy, I found out that Minspy can help you to spy on Android and iPhone with equal ease and reliability.

With Minspy, you can catch your prey with full confidence as it captures data in real-time. There are no loopholes in it. Every data comes with the attached timestamps and gets directly delivered on your dashboard.

Its stealth mode and web-based interface are two strong points that surely deserve a huge round of applause. Because of these two things, no one can ever find out about your mission.

#4 – Spyine

If spying on someone’s phone is everyone’s cup of tea right now, it’s all because of the user-friendly interface of Spyine. By using best-of-the-breed spying technology, it has eliminated all the complexities and made it a job that anyone can do easily.

Keylogger, stealth mode, compact size, ability to track 35+ phone activities, and rooting/jailbreak free operations are some of the key specialties that make it stand out of the crowd.

#5 – Neatspy

Neatspy is a remote phone monitoring app that will help you spy on someone’s mobile phone without trying risky activities like rooting/jailbreak. When it is at work, it keeps all your crucial data safe by not saving it over the server.

At an expense of $10 per month, Neatspy can keep tabs on around 35 phone activities like call history, SMSs, email s, social media accounts, live location, and many more with full conviction. It made me say that you can go for it without having a second thought.

#6 – ClickFree

The last effective phone spying method that I am going to suggest is ClickFree. It has already impressed millions across the globe and delivered guaranteed phone spying assistance. This explains a lot.

What impressed me and the rest of the world is its rooting/jailbreak free assistance. By maintaining a safe distance from these two activities, it has introduced the world with a 100% safe way to spy on others’ phone.

Final Words

Spying on others’ phones is one thought that strikes in everyone’s mind.

We all are curious to know what is happening on other people’s phones. Well, you can calm down your mind horses with the help of these six methods that I just told you.

With their help, you can gain admin-like access on other’s phones and keep tabs on everything. Nothing seems as useful as they are.


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