How to Monitor an iPhone Without Jailbreak

Apple has a reputation for making iPhones very secure. However, today online spy apps provide an easy and convenient way of monitoring an iPhone. The most advanced iPhone monitoring apps do not require jailbreaking.

With advanced iPhone monitoring apps, you can spy on virtually any aspect of the target iPhone. Such apps eliminate the need to have the necessary technical skills to jailbreak the target iPhone.

In this post, we will show you how to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking it using an advanced iPhone monitoring app. Read on to find out the process and what to expect from this monitoring app.

Neatspy – The best iPhone monitoring app.

As a reliable iPhone spy app, Neatspy provides multiple iPhone features. Neatspy supports iPhones and Android smartphones. Its iPhone monitoring features are gaining the attention of major media outlets like Forbes.

If you want a trustworthy iPhone app, check out the Neatspy homepage for its service and trial mode. Neatspy lets you monitor all the areas on the target iPhone. It is no surprise, the app is popular across the world.

With Neatspy, you get over 30 iPhone monitoring features that provide unlimited access to the target iPhone. What’s more, all the monitoring activities take place in stealth to make sure the iPhone user doesn’t suspect.

Why you should consider Neatspy

Apart from its features, Neatspy is equipped with exemplary iPhone surveillance capabilities. Below are some of the reasons why Neatspy is the preferred iPhone monitoring app for millions of users.

1. No jailbreaking necessary

Since Neatspy doesn’t require installation on the target iPhone, there is no need to jailbreak the iPhone. To accomplish this, Neatspy employs cutting-edge technology. It uses the iCloud backup to monitor an iPhone.

So, it only requires the iCloud credentials used on the target iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone compromises the security of the phone and leaves the user vulnerable to malware. Also, it voids the warranty on the iPhone.

Besides, jailbreaking an iPhone requires technical skills that many people lack. Thanks to Neatspy, you can monitor an iPhone without technical skills.

2. 100% discreet

All the iPhone monitoring activities in this app take place in stealth to avoid raising the eyebrows. Neatspy doesn’t affect the performance of the iPhone because it doesn’t use system resources such as memory.

Rather, Neatspy uses the iCloud backup to monitor an iPhone which makes it hard to detect. What’s more, since jailbreaking is not required, the target iPhone user won’t realize you are monitoring them.

3. Safe and secure

Neatspy ensures you are the only one capable of accessing the content on your Neatspy dashboard. Also, the app safeguards the iPhone user’s data privacy by not gathering data from third-party apps.

4. Web service

Each iPhone monitoring activity takes place remotely through a web browser. Neatspy eliminates the need to use a special app to monitor the target iPhone.

With Neatspy, you can use any browser to access your Neatspy dashboard. It provides a discreet way of monitoring the target iPhone from anywhere in the world.

How to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking using Neatspy

It takes a few simple steps to start monitoring an iPhone using Neatspy. Below are the steps required to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking the phone:

Step 1: Begin by visiting the official website for Neatspy to signup. When signing up, Neatspy will let you select a plan that meets your iPhone monitoring needs. Also, it will let you choose your login credentials.

Step 2: Set up the target iPhone. Neatspy requires you to provide the iCloud credentials used on the target iPhone. Once you have them, provide the iCloud credentials and verify.

Step 3: After configuring the target iPhone, Neatspy will allow you to access your Neatspy dashboard. In the dashboard, you will have access to features that let you monitor different aspects of the iPhone.

Neatspy dashboard gives you access to the different features on the scroll tab to the left. It allows you to monitor anything from social media apps, contacts, location to messages on the iPhone among others.

Outstanding Neatspy features

With Neatspy, users have over 30 iPhone monitoring features. Below are some of the features you get from Neatspy:

1. Location monitoring

Neatspy makes monitoring of iPhone whereabouts easy. It can monitor an iPhone GPS location as well as its real-time location. With Neatspy, users even get to know the street addresses the iPhone user has been to.

The app provides the location history of the iPhone. It includes Google StreetView which provides a street view of the location. Besides, it includes a geofence feature.

The geofence feature monitors the movement of the iPhone and sends notifications when it crosses the set boundary.

2. Monitoring of social media apps

With Neatspy, it is easy to monitor the activities on all the popular social media apps. The app can monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, and LINE. It lets you access all the posts as well as chats on these social media apps.

Neatspy can also monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages on the target iPhone. It even archives all messages on its server to ensure you don’t miss a thing, even the deleted ones. It lets you access them when it is convenient for you.

3. Keylogger feature

The app has a keylogger feature that captures all the keystrokes made on the iPhone. This feature can capture sensitive details like usernames and passwords on the iPhone. Neatspy groups these keystrokes by app.

4. Monitor multimedia files

This iPhone spy app can easily access all saved files and documents on the iPhone. Neatspy lets you monitor videos, pictures, and documents. Also, it can monitor shared files on social media apps.


To monitor an iPhone, you need a reliable phone monitoring app. Many iPhone monitoring apps require jailbreaking the phone which is risky. Try out Neatspy if you need a reputable iPhone monitoring app.


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