How to Locate a Phone Without Them Knowing

For different reasons, people need to find out the location of the target device. There is nothing wrong about it if your concerns are good. There are many ways through which one can locate the target phone without the knowledge of the spied device’s owner.

Parents often need to find out the location of their child’s phone when they are late at night. Organizations need to monitor the activities of their workers to find out what they are doing. At times partners want to keep an eye on their other half to get to know where they are at the current moment.

Whatever the reason you have behind tracking the spied phone we all need something on which we could rely. If you are also looking for something like that then this article will help you in finding out about the best solution through which you can locate the phone without anyone’s knowledge.

Spyic, The Ultimate Solution that Helps in Locating the Spied Phone

Obviously there are many ways through which you can locate a phone without them knowing but Spyic is the one to whom we will give first rank. This is a phone monitoring application that keeps an eye on every single activity of the target device. It doesn’t matter where the phone is, this app does everything with a safe distance.

You will not find anything better than this application as it does it’s work with extreme professionalism. There is no need to touch the spied phone to locate it. The ease of usage is another perk that belongs to Spyic. Millions of users are currently using this application.

You don’t have to be trained and equipped with any kind of technical knowledge to use this application as the commands are really simple and anyone can use Spyic on the basis of their needs.

By using Spyic, you can locate a phone without them knowing so this is a real deal to go for. As everything is done via automatic processing and a few instructions are being required from your end so we can say that there is nothing better than it.

1. No need to Jailbreak or Root

To locate the spied phone you don’t need to jailbreak or root the device to use Spyic. Most of the other spy tools require you to jailbreak and root first in order to use the software, but with Spyic this is not mandatory. Anyone can use it without any issue as it is really simple to use.

Rooting and jailbreaking take a lot of energy, time and technical know-how from the end of users so not everyone can make it work. With Spyic everything is simple and we all can use it and gain access to the data within a couple of minutes.

2. Stealth-Mode

Spyic functions via stealth-mode and that’s the reason customer’s privacy remains intact. You don’t have to be worried about being caught for spying or doing anything suspicious as by working in stealth-mode Spyic makes everything 100% safe for the user.

3. Ease of Usage

The thing I love about Spyic is its ease of utilization. Anyone can use this app as it is really simple to use for people of all ages. There is no technical requirement to use Spyic so all those people who are looking forward to an app that takes responsibility for all the work, this is your app.

4. Geo-Fence

By using this feature users are allowed to locate the spied phone on a map. Here they are supposed to mark a few boundaries and the time when the spied phone crosses those marked edges the user will receive an alert and get to know where the device is at the current moment.

5. User-Friendly

This application operates any kind of operating system. It doesn’t matter if you need it for iOS or Android. Both kinds work quite well. As everything is done remotely so for locating an android device you need to install the app in the spied phone first. This would be done manually and that’s the only time you need to touch the target device.

For iOS just iCloud account details are necessary and the rest of the work is up for Spyic to deal with. Users don’t have to install the software in it and this is the easiest thing that Spyic has for you to offer.

6. Web-Based Interface

With the help of its dynamic web-based interface users are allowed to use this app for any kind of browser. You don’t have to install a certain kind to use this app because it is compatible with all kinds.

Locating a Phone Without them Knowing with Spyic

Step 1. As the first step just sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for your device.

Now go for the commands that pop up on the screen as they will lead you through the setup process.

Step 2. For locating an iOS device just add the iCloud credentials of the spied phone and verify. Now choose the device you need to monitor that is linked with the iCloud account.

For Android phones just download and install Spyic on the spied phone through the link that is given in the setup wizard.

Step 3. Now tap the option that says ‘Start’ and you are ready to start monitoring the device!

Once you see the Spyic dashboard on your screen, you can easily find the Location Tracker module that is right there on the left side of the panel.


Apart from all the above perks that we have mentioned about Spyic, this application is really good in pricing and high quality performance. If you are tight on budget then that’s the best deal for you. You can visit the official web-page of Spyic today to check out all the subscription plans.

To know more about this app you can see the live demo there so by doing that you would be able to learn about this application in a better way.


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