how to make own game site for free
Ever hear of Ninja? PPD? Fear? UNIVERSE?  Well, these are few of the highest earner in the world of gaming.

To give you an idea of their net worth, UNIVERSE/Saahil, has an annual income of 2.7million Dollars by just playing professional gaming tournaments.

Gaming has witnessed a phenomenon in the 21st century.  After the introduction of a professional setup like eSports, the gaming industry has been one of the most revolutionary jobs in our times. Millions of millennials have started playing games online and start earning good revenue.

One question that bothers a lot of people out there is that can you only earn money by playing professional gaming tournaments?

Answer to this is no; there are multiple ways to earn money in the gaming industry. You don’t have to be an eSports player to churn out dollars; you can still play various games online and make money.

In this blog, we have listed down a few websites that can help your passion for gaming to become a full-time career. Also, if you are already playing games online and earning some chunk of money.

We have something that can take your earnings to the next level.

As you know, these websites get good traffic, and people spend hours and hours while playing and trying to earn money off it. Imagine owning a website like this?

Yes, you can now easily create a website, host such games, and earn a lot of money. But you might be wondering how to make own game site for free? Well, the answer is simple and easy.

There are amazing websites that can help you with that. Typically, these websites provide you with free designing options along with some essential feature to start your gaming site. Isn’t that cool. Imagine showing off this fantastic gaming website to your friends.

how to make own game site for free

If you like playing games, then it is time to some earn some money. DO let us know your favourite websites and games that you like to play online. Also, if there are any better suggestions for the websites we mentioned, do share with us in the comment below.

Now, when we define gaming, it is not just DOTA, Counter-Strike or PUBG. There are billions of micro online games that are interesting to play and can help you earn the right amount of money.  Some necessary flash based everyday games can also help you make good money.

Below are some sites that are best for such games.

Earn while playing games online

#1. Swagbucks

With an exciting name, Swagbucks is one of the most loved gaming websites to make money online.

Also, apart from games like slot machines and bejewelled, you can even fill surveys and browse the web to earn dollars.

The exciting part is if you play through GSN, Swagbucks gives you 18 bucks for every $1 spent on various games.

You can redeem these with retail stores or also get it transferred to your PayPal account.

#2. InboxDollars

Another fantastic website is InboxDollars. Similar to Swagbucks, it allows you to play online games and earn money.

There are multiple categories that you can explore. You do get a $5 signing bonus to play. There are a lot of free games available as well.

Play through GSN to earn more money.

#3. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a slightly different kind of gaming platform. First of all, it is an app. An app that is based on the concept of a scratch card.

You can download the app from Playstore or Apple Store. Essentially, all you have to do is watch some ads, and then you get a scratch card.

You can win exciting rewards and redeem them on Amazon. Also, you get to win cash prizes as well.

#4. Pogo

Okay, now if you want to level up your online gaming skills and win big, Pogo is for you. Pogo is a full-fledged gaming platform that has everything that you would expect a professional gaming platform to be.

A lot of gaming categories paid subscription, tournaments and winning a big pot. You can download the app for Android and iOS.

#5. Bananatic

Quirky name, and quirkier gaming model. This is a test, play and earn gaming platform where you will earn bananas while reviewing games.

Bananas are delicious and come with redeemable value on Amazon gift vouchers and cash exchange as well. Try this for some fun.

These were a few gaming platforms that are an excellent source to generate income by playing games online. Now you all must be waiting for the surprise that we mentioned earlier.

If you want to level up your game to earn money from gaming online, we have something special for you.

Keep playing and keep earning.


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