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Node.js is one of the prominent JavaScript runtime environments. This is extensively used by millions of users all over the world.

Node.js is ideal for mobile apps. A chat app or SPA (single-page application) deployed to your users’ phones will need to efficiently manage a flood of small requests from users. Using Node.js leverages the processing power of the server, meaning it’s well suited for creating web applications that move data for real-time interaction with the user, like a chat or collaboration app. It has a massive user base and lends itself.

Does your business revolve around a speedy setting or needs to be productive, then Node.js is a superb selection. From its origin in 2009, it’s full-grown in quality and the business sector chiefly uses Node.js.

Currently, it’s employed by several businesses out there.

It will be used for each end-to-end application development associated with one side of an app. Building your application is easy with Node.js since the package comprises a vital variety of modules. It is good for building fashionable applications considering how extremely climbable it is.

This conjointly implies that it scales well while not financing an excessive amount of hardware. Not to mention, it also conjointly supports the incomparable favourite Node Package Manager(NPM).

You specialise in application code and infrastructure is maintained by a service supplier. Cloud VM/VPS – you get the OS of your selection wherever you put in, deploy, and manage everything on your own.

Ways to Host Node.js Applications

Which one to choose? These are technically 2 most well-liked ways to host Node.js applications.

Well, if you don’t wish to induce into system administration, then a managed platform would be a more robust selection. However, if you’re able to pay time in installation, administration and have the correct skills, you’ll go to Cloud VM.

It’s forever difficult to seek out a reliable and secure platform since there are a lot of hosting suppliers for WordPress or alternative PHP applications than Node.js.

Node developers are most likely to obtain VPS directly since they appreciate flexibility.
Shared hosting isn’t the standard setting for Node.js. That is why you’ll see a few shared suppliers even support Node.

The plans will be a reasonable possibility for running light-weight apps or simply testing
Still, many firms provide quite good shared Node.js server hosting.

Node.js will run in numerous setups. The bulk of specialised hosts advise to induce your server – virtual or otherwise – to induce the foremost of it, however, that’s not the sole method and is unquestionably not the foremost cheap method.

That’s why we tend to divide the most effective Node.js hosts into 3 classes

Node JS Hosting Types

1. VPS Hosting

VPS may be a standard possibility for running Node.js. Its nonrestrictive nature is superb for experimenting with completely different setups. Plus, you always get a good quantity of server resources at a reasonable price—and Node.js is all regarding value reduction.

While several developers wish to select a blank VPS and get wind of everything themselves, a managed net host for Node.js will take a major burden off you.

2. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting isn’t the standard setting for Node.js. Node developers appreciate flexibility, thus most like obtaining VPS directly. That is why you’ll see a few shared suppliers even support Node.

Still, many firms provide quite good shared Node.js server hosting. The plans will be a reasonable possibility for running light-weight apps or simply testing.

3. Cloud Hosting

As cloud platforms are a unit gaining traction, several developers have found them to be excellent for node js hosting. After all, straightforward scaling and unmatched flexibility are any developer’s fantasy.

You can notice many cloud hosting suppliers that specialise in Node.js, however here we tend to list the highest decisions out there.

Top 12 Node.js Hostings

Are you finding it difficult to search for the best hosting platform for Node.js?We got you covered. Here are the top twelve Node.js hostings.

1. FastComet

FastCometFastComet is a provider which is autonomous and its plans are geeky.
Let’s see what FastComent has for Node enthusiasts.
With an associated abundance of resources, developer-friendly setup, and marvellous scaling, its shared plans stand out already. glorious support and an inexpensive tag solely propel it to the highest.

FastComet is a geeky host that loves stylish technologies. It has low entry values. It offers wonderful deals if you require it precise and then begin for your node js apps.
It is developer-friendly and fantastic in handling traffic spikes. It has an excellent support team with aggressive speed optimization.

2. Namecheap

NamecheapName cheap is budget-friendly and has freebies. It also supports several technologies. NameCheap’s shared hosting is geared toward technical users. If you’re a DIYer, you’ll fancy its awe-inspiring options at a remarkably low value. If you would like to start out experimenting with

Node.js on a strong shared platform, NameCheap is the host to supply it.
It is designed specifically for all the tech-savvy users and has an average support system.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 HostingA2 Hosting also supports several technologies and we can obtain prorated refunds. It has affordable plans at just $4.99 per month and considered to be one of the few traditional hosts.
With generous resource allocation, several supported technologies, and excellent support, A2 Hosting ticks all the boxes. Albeit it’s a shared Node.js host, you get the facility you’d expect from a VPS supplier. And did I mention the anytime money-back guarantee?

A2 is assured regarding its services. It’s an associate all-around glorious selection for Node.js enthusiasts. In the monthly plan, it offers 5 databases, a free SSL certificate, 1 website, unlimited storage and transfer, and cPanel for server management. However, with A2 Hosting it isn’t easy to scale your application.

4. HostPresto

hostpresto node js hostingHostPresto has a robust cloud infrastructure with lots of community-generated resources.
HostPresto may be a good native hosting supplier if you would like to run Node apps within the United Kingdom. The shared plans are a cheap unit to start with, and you’ll expect a superb level of service from the support team. It’s a solid selection if you’re targeting an area audience.

Its support team is available 24/7 and charges £6 each month. This price is fixed.

5. RoseHosting

rosehostingRoseHosting is fully customizable and highly climbable. It is the first-ever company to supply Linux VPS hosting with quite a name to uphold. It offers associates like an expert tuned infrastructure, glorious scaling, and lots of services that transcend easy server management. Add the chance of running with reference to any technology. RoseHosting features a top-notch VPS platform with reference to any Node.js app. It’s one amongst the most effective within the business.

It has a money-back policy of 7 days which is considered to be a bit short considering, many other hosts offer 30 days.

6. MilesWeb

MilesWebMikesWeb has started in India and now has data centres on four different continents, serving thousands of clients. MilesWeb is powerful, has flexible and affordable plans with a decent setting. MilesWeb is one amongst the massive hosting brands to emerge from India. With a robust setup, good scaling, associated with an array of supported technologies, its VPS plans are a pretty choice for Node.js developers.

Knowledgeable support and extremely customizable servers conjointly create it appropriate for with reference to any app. To high it off, the rating is within the low finish of managed VPS hosting. It all amounts to a formidable service. However, the license is considered to be expensive.

7. InterServer

InterServer node js hosting

InterServer has top-notch support and is affordable with great scaling. InterServer offers a superb platform for developers who wish to focus on the United States of America market. The plans go along with sturdy options, a bunch of resources, and may scale massively. If you prefer tinkering with the server yourself, InterServer will offer you with NodeJS hosting that’s very sturdy and cheap.

8. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb HostingAccuWeb Hosting is a custom server setup with robust infrastructure and generous electronic equipment.

AccuWeb may be a good VPS host with Node-ready plans, you’ll get basically any server setup that you would like with a generous quantity of resources and Plesk enclosed within the total value. Simply confine mind that the money-back amount is shorter than usual, and you ought to have superb expertise with AccuWeb.

9. Cloudways

CloudwaysCloudways has partnered with the most important ones in cloud computing with excellent developer-friendly setup.

Partnered with a number of the most important names in cloud hosting, Cloudways makes all the advantages of the cloud simply accessible. Whereas the platform caters developers, even complete beginners will get their node js apps on-line in an exceedingly matter of minutes. Everything is about up and managed by correct cloud specialists, thus you’ll specialise in your JavaScript code with no distractions.

10. node js hostingMedia has tailored solutions with AWS infrastructure and cloud management lessons enclosed.

Media Temple may be a higher-end supplier with a formidable provider. It builds you a very made-to-order resolution hosted on high of AWS’s infrastructure. The supplier conjointly helps, unfold the word regarding your brand, learn your method around the cloud, or sell hosting services. The service is costlier than most—you’ll after all get a number of the most effective Node.js cloud hosting.

11. Kamatera

KamateraKamatera has excellent cloud infrastructure with handy add-ons and near-infinitely customizable plans.

Kamatera is one amongst the highest cloud hosting suppliers out there. You get all the advantages of the general public cloud, like server flexibility and measurability. Plus, you can request just about any server setup and obtain a managed service directly from the supplier. Better of all, you get a terribly cheap rating for all the services and add-ons. If you would like to associate easy-to-use cloud suppliers for your Node.js apps, Kamatera is a superb selection.

12. Platform. sh node js hostingPlatform. sh(platform-as-a-service) governs all of your app’s infrastructure. It partnered with AWS, Google Cloud Platform etc, thus not hosting itself.
Partnered with high cloud computing firms, it has fantastic developer-friendly options

Widely thought to be the go-to Node.js hosting supplier, Platform. sh features a variety of engaging options. Not solely is it partnered with a number of the highest cloud computing platforms, however, it conjointly offers a mess of options. Its plans start from $50 per month. It also provides a free trial with no credit card required.

These embrace sturdy tools that facilitate developers work, deploy node js apps and check changes simply. Its Node.js servers cluster scale laughably high, and also the list of supported technologies is in-depth. If you’re a technical user searching for a strong cloud supplier, Platform. sh, ought to be your next stop.

Check out the offer—Every supplier is completely different, and they specialise in completely different areas. We tend to check what every supplier offers to examine if they’re a worthy candidate.

Check reputation—Bad news travels quick, particularly on the online. A shady name may be a sign of even a lot of hassle down the road.

Sign up—Digging right into every host’s technical capabilities, we tend to create hosting accounts and deploy code of our own.

Test features—Some suppliers say they support Node.js owing to its quality however do very little to assist developers to deploy a node js app. A supplier has to provide the options you want rather than cutting corners.

Query the support—Getting support is one amongst the most advantages of shopping for a managed resolution. We tend to ensure the technical groups, understand their method around the JavaScript runtime setting and may run the platform consequently.

Go through legal documentation—Did you recognize seventy-four of users skip reading terms of service? As for the rest—well, most varieties skim it. We tend to go through every provider’s wrongfully binding texts to confirm they aren’t an activity something you ought to realize.

So, uncover an ideal platform for node js hosting. Do check out if they are providing trial or free credit. For security susceptibility, scan your node js application.


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