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Passwords are insecure, inconsistent and easy to exploit. And even though their security depends on the user, while using passwords it is always easier for criminals and hackers to crack passwords.

This is where the need for passwordless authentication solutions arises. It simply means logging in without a username and password.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication is a way of verifying users’ identities without the use of passwords and grants a user a secure authentication.

Passwordless Authentication is a method to authenticate user access after identity access management has determined whether someone is, in fact, are who they say are without the need to remember a password.

Meaning of  Password Authentication

Authentication methods include- factors that can be verified by the Password Authentication solutions.

These factors are called “possession factors” that matches and identifies user presence and allow access based on (e.g., one-time password generator, a registered mobile device, or hardware token).

Or if the solution is using an “inherent factor” then; access is allowed through the use of biometrics and through the use of biometric signature (e.g., face scan, fingerprint scan, retina scan, voice recognition etc.)

Types of Passwordless Authentication- 

A user/ enterprise is given multiple methods of signing in to an application or device without the need for a password.

These are called passwordless authentication method types.

Email Authentication

Through email, a user can verify with a magic link or one-time code sent to their email.

SMS Authentication

The user is required to enter their registered phone number. OTP app then verifies if the one-time code is sent to the right user. After verification, the user gets a login.

Biometric Authentication

It includes Face scan, fingerprint authentication, retina scans forms of passwordless authentication are commonly found on smartphones.

Multi-factor Authentication 

It uses any three factors to grant access to the user. It includes security questions, PIN codes and contact information of the user.

Mobile Authentication

Mobile applications with biometric authentication are used. Pattern recognition, smart push etc.

Third-party identity

Third-party identity authentication methods give user access via Facebook, or via google.

How Does a Passwordless Login work?

As there are multiple ways and methods of using Passwordless authentication, it falls into the category of multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Passwordless authentication relies on the number of principals as digital certificates, cryptographer keys paired with private and a public key, also called security keys, used for unlocking padlock.

While a public key provides access to a website, application, Brower or any other online system in which the user has an account and wants to log in.

The private key is stored to authenticate user access using the Biometric system. Such as fingerprint, voice recognition, retina scan etc.

How difficult it is to have a passwordless authentication implemented in a hybrid enterprise? (both with cloud and on-premises)

Passwordless authntication solutions

  • Cloud-first organisations. Passwordless authentication solutions provide the highest levels of cloud security and reliability. It has both online and offline protection. 

For cloud users, FIDO authentication can be a great solution for SaaS and Web-based applications. 

For an organization using the cloud, Youbico, AuthenTrend, FEITIAN and Hypersecu information systems could be the best options for a powerful passwordless authentication system.

  • Hybrid Organization. The term Hybrid refers to the combination of an on-premises + cloud environment. 

Very recently Microsoft enabled passwordless authentication to on-premises resources for environments with both azure AD + hybrid Azure AD for seamless sign-in-on to on-premises using security keys. 

The use of FIDO2 security keys in hybrid environments enables Hybrid Azure Active Directory environments for FIDO2 security key authentication and hence, enables users to sign-in to their Hybrid AAD joined windows 10 devices on both their on-premises and cloud resources.

7 Best Passwordless Authentication Software

1. HID Global

HID Global passwordless authentication solution

HID Global is a renowned and trusted identity solution. In 2020 HID global has announced its support to the industry’s passwordless authentication initiative at RSA.

It now covers an access solution that extends zero trust security and FIDO2 authentication across the workplace in both on-premises and cloud environments.

It gives access coverage that is bridging gaps between physical and digital worlds by using hardware tokens, PKI-based smart cards, digital certificate and mobile push authentication as well as biometric authentication.

Previously, HID had a series of authenticators security keys available such as HID crescendo key series, HID crescendo 2300 series coverage smart cards.

And now they have also announced the general availability of USB-C option it HID crescendo key series which supports passwordless authentication with an end-to-end approach to an organization’s workplace security.

With HID’s multifactor authentication solution that sits within their Identity and access management (IAM) suite, along side identity management and risk-based management products.

HID’s MFA allows an organization to provide security to their corporate networks where a user needs access, VPN and cloud application such as office 365 for file sharing.


Okta software- best passwordless authentication services

Okta Single Sign-on provides extremely reliable passwordless authentication. It is an ideal single-sign-on and access management solution for small businesses and team custom applications.

Its identity management platform allows its team and users to secure access to cloud accounts.

OKTA provides MFA and singles on single authentication that can easily be integrated into both cloud-based tools and applications by using OKTA’s integration network.

This passwordless authentication solution secures users presents throughout the network with integration to AD/LDAP across multiple domains.  

 OKTA passwordless authentication enables users to-

– Not rely on insecure authentication methods any longer

– Implements access policy based on build-in device data

– Better end-user experience and more

OKTA is efficiently used by start-ups and small enterprises, so if you have a need to cut down password use and you require a solution that is hassle-free and doesn’t have a complex working or is simple you can easily go for OKTA.

All-in-all OKTA is easy to deploy and use, it has seamless onboarding, it doesn’t require any hardware dependency. 

It has everything that is required to give a user a consistent experience on a desktop and mobile, making it the most used and recommended passwordless authentication solution/ technology.

3. AuthenTrend

AuthenTrend- passwordless authentication software

Authtred’s MFA gives you the use of Biometric authentication. It also provides authentication with FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified Broadcom Credential Vault.

AuthenTrend has a high global demand for FIDO security keys that supports biometrics and other multifactor authentication methods for passwordless authentication.

It also has the availability of a cryptocurrency hardware wallet with fingerprinting access. It is highly used by assets investors and bitcoin dealers. The fingerprint cryptocurrency wallet is also used for bitcoin transactions.

Biometrics provides a secure authentication with fast fingerprint matching which is not only fast while logging but also secure and more challenging for criminals to exploit.

AuthenTrend’s fingerprinting enables a security key that can be used to get access to a user’s Azure Directory (Azure AD) account. It is also used to login to hybrid Azure AD-joined Windows 10 devices for a single-sign-on cloud and as well as on-premises resources.

AuthenTrend technology gives you potential and permanent increase of remote workforce and eliminates unauthorized or password breach like attempts for the organization using it.

AuthenTreand is another highly used password-free authentication technology next to Microsoft authenticator.  Both of them are used for passwordless authentication in hybrid organisations and structures. 

4. OneSpan

OneSpan Passwordless authentication services

OneSpan authentication servers are used for passwordless authentication are centralised, meaning, they are trusted highly with strong authorization and for validation of transaction signatures.

Onespan is primarily used by corporate networks, financial services, banking, insurance, government and business applications.

Onespan also has a version for mobile security suite to safeguard a user’s apps and their mobile transactions.

One span also uses Biometric authentication, which uses face recognition and fingerprint recognition technology for granting authorization.

OneSpan Authentication servers are available for Windows to use.

It gives a strong authentication solution that allows a user to manage the full authentication lifecycle, access corporate (mainly because of its centralised servers) application and resources securely.

5. Yubico

Yubico passwordless management service- best passwordless authntication

Yubico provides single-factor authentication (with touch/tap) for strong single-factor authentication.

And for Multi-factor authentication(MFA), Yubico has a combination of hardware authenticator with a user touch and enter PIN, which solves password-free high assurance requirements for eg, financial transactions.

Yubico FIDO2 objective to provide a passwordless login flow.

It also supports cryptographic protocols that protect access to computers, networks on online services for organizations and enterprises.

While other forms of passwordless authentication such as SMS, mobile apps still are susceptible to malware and hackers, and other hardware authentication solutions such as biometric authentication can be difficult to deploy, YubiKey changes this.

YubiKey gives OTP support protocols where a user can use a one-time generated code to log in. YubiKey also supports smart cards protocols.

You can use YubiKey almost every day for multi-factor authentication. It is easy to use and gives a good user experience when security is the prime concern.

The password and username cannot be compromised remotely but as long as you are using YubiKey, you need to have physical possession of the key.

Yubico can easily be used for logging in to any device, network and even on SSH keys for logging in on remote SSH servers.  

6. Swoop

Swoop Passwordless authentication software

Swoop has excellent top security protocols for passwordless authentication. 

Swoop as an authenticator app secures authorization and also is a simple and secure password-free authentication service.

Swoop uses magic kink and magic messages technology that provides a typing- free mobile experience.

Passwordless authentication email- authentication by using the magic link. 

The magic link is the simplest. At the time of logging in, the user is sent a one-time used email link, while opening this magic link, the link allows the user to directly return back to the app with hassle less authentication.

Magic SMS are the same, but instead of getting a link over email, the user gets an OTP which is to expire in the given status of time, if entered within time, the user gets access to the app.

7. Ensurity Technologies

Ensurity XSense- best passwordless authentication software

Ensyrity Technologies with their FIDO2 certified Biometric security key “ ThinC-AUTH” is used for passwordless multi-factor authentication.

ThinC-Auth is a primary and security enabler that is a highly secure hardware-based security key that can be used for online identification and to provide users with convenient and secure passwordless authentication with just a fingerprint.

The key eliminates the need of having a password.

The new ThinC-Auth+ is the second new upgraded FIDO2 product that delivers passwordless access to Azure AD accounts and hybrid Azure AD Windows 10 systems.

It supports 256GB encrypted storage, which a user can then customise if wants to create secure partitions for storing and sharing data.

ThinC-Auth is the only biometric authentication device that is approved by Microsoft. It distinctly ensures that computers, online services and networks remain protected.

How To Move Beyond Passwords?

Before we move onto the conclusion is it vital to understand the need for moving beyond the use of passwords. And if even there is an actual need for going passwordless. 

Not everyone has stood by the concept of going passwordless when there’s a need for secure authentication.

But, even so, many famous and large enterprises, businesses and even government websites and networks settings have opted for passwordless authentication solutions to regulate in use. 

Even though going passwordless and using a secure and highly efficient passwordless authentication technology might not grant a security promise if your venture is at high risk of a breach, malware and other forms of getting unauthorised access. 

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Conclusion: Best Passwordless Authentication Software

Logging in with a password is not very secure. But by removing passwords can effectively improve breach security. 

With the above given Passwordless authentication solutions, you do not need to remember your username and passwords.

These best passwordless authentication solutions are bound to give you consistent authentication across all platforms (individual/ large enterprise) with secure login and safety from any breach.

Yet, in the end, it is upon a user how they are using their password information which sometimes not that great when it comes to security and leads to poor account security.


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