Huawei Bio Metric Secutiry Update
When it comes to security, Huawei’s engineers have been clear. Providing the best in class technology with their new biometric features.


Huawei recently introduced 3D Face Unlock and armed a highly sensitive in-screen fingerprint sensor, the Mate 20 Pro is super smooth to unlock, making both security and convenience in the palm of your hand.

As they introduced 3D Face Unlock, Mate 20 Pro users are quickly and securely authenticated with a lightning speed of 0.6s. The feature also has a false acceptance rate of less than 1/1,000,000 as per the brand.

The great thing about the 3D Depth Sensing Camera is that it is located at the front of the device, 3D Face Unlock accurately reads the facial features of a person with amazing details.

Besides this splendid authentication, Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro’s suite of sensors also enables portrait effects to be realised more naturally and appealingly. It gives you to click amazing pictures.

Huawei biometric security update

3D Face Unlock is essentially designed to give you quick and secure access to your phone; it also has impressive capabilities to control some apps with the app AppLock. So, you can easily pick and choose the apps that you want to unlock using this feature.

It helps in building a more private space on your phone, and not everyone can access all the apps even if they got an unlocked phone.

The good thing about this is if you have kids in your house, they can be given access to certain apps but not all.

Another addition to the Huawei’s biometric feature is the in-screen fingerprint sensors. Being pioneers in introducing fingerprint sensors, Huawei’s is striving to get better at it. Their in-screen fingerprint sensor is exact and useful. As Huawei boasts about the dynamic pressure-sensing capability, accuracy and speed, this is something the Huawei’s users will love about the update.

Well, you might think these two are good solid features to improve security but Huawei also introduced a password vault to make things easier for their users. This might be the most secure place on your phone. It is not stored in the cloud making it hack-proof. It also allows you to auto-login to various platforms without any hassle.

With these security updates, Huawei’s has made sure that their users understand that data protection and security is one of the most critical priorities for them. We can expect a lot of such updates in the future. Let us know what do you think about these updates.


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