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There are many Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) like ZenSErp, Serppoxy, Serpstack, etc., and all of these are fantastic digital marketing techniques. You can analyze and improve your online marketing campaigns. You can also find new and more effective strategies by using these scraped data.

If you try to harvest the SERPs data manually, you will realize that it is tiring and nothing less than a burden. Moreover, it is not sure to provide you with accurate results. You might be aware of the fact that search engines like Google continuously update their SERP structure and algorithms.

There are tonnes of complications for determining the search engine results. The results vary based on location, type of device used, and even the search history. Thus, from all of these points, it is clear that it is not easy to manually extract SERP data.

This is where SERP APIs come in handy. It stands for Search Engine Results Pages Application Programming Interfaces. The SERP APIs provide the SERP data easily, and they integrate them into your environment. If you need to make the most of the search engine results data, a good SERP API is all you need.

As mentioned earlier, there are a plethora of SERP APIs out there, thus, it can be a bit confusing for choosing the right one for you. Thus, to help you in this process, we have made this list just for you. This list includes some of the best SERP APIs that you can find, and they are sure to help you with all the requirements.

We have kept all of the following scenarios to make this list. This will help you to be sure of the quality of the content and will help you relate to the write-up as well.

API Features: We have considered all of the features that the API provides for better management of SERP data.
Format: We discuss the format and the ease of use of the APIs in this article.
Pricing: Of course, we had to add some extra attention to pricing, and we prefer the ones with a better price to performance ratio.
Ease of Use: Although you want to get the most out of the service you choose, it is also important how easy it is to use the service.

So, all of the names discussed in this write-up will justify the above criterion. Hence,
having discussed everything, let us start with the list of the top 11 SERP APIs that you can use for your use case scenarios.

Best SERP API Solutions

1. Zenserp API:

Zenserp APIZenserp API is one of the fastest APIs that you can find as of now. One of the best things about the Zenserp API is that it does not impose any limit on concurrency, as all of the plans include an unlimited concurrency. Further, it offers endpoints for all available search types.

Features of Zenserp API:

It offers endpoints for Google Search Engine types. These include:

  • It allows Image Search, Image Reverse Match.
  • News.
  • Videos.
  • Maps.
  • Shopping Search.
  • Product Search, and even more.
    You can also find a batch endpoint feature for every large quantity of data on the Zenserp API.

Output Format of Zenserp API: JSON, HTML, and CSV.

Pricing for Zenserp API:

Zenserp API is available to use for free. Although, if you want to make use of all the features, then you will have to opt for the paid plan. These paid plans for the Zenderp API start at around 29 USD. As compared to other APIs, this price to request ratio is quite low.

Ease of Use of Zenserp API:

It is quite easy to use the Zenserp API. It provides an API Playground, and that allows you to configure and simulate the API requests in real-time for all of the endpoints available. Further, you get extensive documentation which includes code samples for almost all of the programming languages. Also, you get a use case section in the document guide, which will help you to know how to use the API for all use case scenarios.

2. Serpproxy API:

Serp proxySerpproxy API has been acquired by Zenserp. It is a reliable and good SERP API that allows you to extract search engine results. The extraction of data is quite accurate, smooth, and very fast.

Features of Sepproxy API:

  • Serpproxy API allows the real-time scraping of Google Search results.
  • You can also extract the top 100 organic results, along with other elements, like snippets, maps and places, and even ads.
  • There are some added benefits, like HTTP encryption support, various languages, and location-based search results.
  • You can also use it on both your mobile phone and your computer. You can also set filters for specific search results.

Output Format:

The Output Format is in JSON format only.


There are plenty of plans to choose from in Serpproxy API. You can also use it for free, but with limited access. You can make only fifty requests per month in the free version. If you need more, then you can subscribe to a paid plan, which ranges from $23.99 to $304.99 per month.

Ease of Use:

As mentioned earlier, you can make full use of the API playground feature. You can set search criteria, which helps to get specific search results. Further, the documentation helps you to get started and make full use of the service in minutes.

3. SerpsBot



SerpsBot offers a highly reliable and affordable API service to access Google and Bing SERPs organic data. They handle millions of requests from data mining companies across the world.

SerpsBot boasts ~99.99% uptime and success rate on calls. Organic search data is returned in real-time, with API calls completed concurrently and in under 3 seconds.

Their primary customers are data-mining companies who are looking to harvest large amounts of data from Google and Bing Search.

Output format for SerpsBot API: JSON


SerpsBot is incredibly affordable. They offer API calls for as little as $0.50 cents per 1000 API calls. And a further discount on bulk orders north of 1 million calls.

Ease of Use: 

The SerpsBot API is simple in design and compatible with most major programming languages. They have easy documentation that’s straightforward to follow and great technical support.

4. Serpstack API

SerpstackYou can use Serpstack API to collect targeted SERP data, that too with real-time calculation and at scale. It uses some amazing methods to extract the data, with advanced web scraping technologies. Furthermore, Serpstack API uses an advanced proxy network with CAPTCHA security methods.

Key Features of Serpstack API:

  • Serpstack API can deliver accurate Google Search results data in just milliseconds. Further, you can easily customize it. Thus, you can filter your search results data in tonnes of categories, which include languages, locations, and even the type of device.
  • The Serpstack API has some strong proxy networks, which allow you to scrape data, and you do not have to worry about CAPTCHA for that. Hence, you can get a wide variety of search results, which have image, video, and news results among others. Moreover, it also supports HTTPS encryption.

The Output Format for Serpstack API is in JSON and CSV format.


Just like Serpproxy API, you can use Serpstack for free, but with limited access. You can use it for free, as long as you make less than 100 requests per month. If you want more than that, then you need to opt for a paid plan, which varies from $29.99 to $199.99 per month.

Ease of Use:

You do not need to worry about usage scenarios, since you get code samples in all of the major coding languages.

5. SerpWow API:

SerpWowSerpwow is one of the most renowned SERP APIs. It is really powerful and provides fast real-time results at scale.

API Features:

  • You can rely on SerpWow API to fetch trustworthy search results and you can
    integrate them into your application. You can scrape SERP pages from any device, may it be mobile, tablet, or computers, from anywhere in the world. Again, you can set many combinations of search parameters, and get videos, images, advertisements, and more.
  • You do not need to worry at all about any of the complications, which might include proxy servers, failed requests, and more. Moreover, you get support for multiple search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay, Yandex, etc.
  • The files return in JSON, HTML, or CSV Output Format.


You can buy the paid plan for SerpWow at a starting price of just $9. Further, if you manage to make less than a hundred requests in a month, you can use it for free.

Ease of Use:

To get known to the API service, you are provided with a live demo environment. Further, you get code samples, decent documentation, and some useful resources for getting started.

6. SerpAPI:

SerpApiSerpAPI connects your requirements with its powerful and vivid technology. It has one of the most powerful CAPTCHA solving technologies, and you can cluster a full browser with it. Hence, you can export SERP data in one of the most efficient ways.

Features of SerpAPI:

  • Just like a normal user, you can get a real-time results page in seconds using SerpAPI.
  • You can get search results from anywhere in the globe. Further, you can get various types of search results, which include direct answers, shopping searches, maps, and more, instead of regular organic results. And these results come with structured data, like rich snippets, ratings, reviews, thumbnails, links, and more. Finally, you also get support for most of the search engines, like Google, YouTube, Bing!, Yahoo!, eBay and Yandex.

Output Format:

The results you get from SerpAPI are in JSON format.


You can get a free trial for SerpAPI, and after that, you need to pay between $50 to $250 per month, depending on the services you opt for.

Ease of Use:

You get a playground for testing in SerpAPI, just like you get in Zenserp API. Further, you get easy-to-use documents with it, which helps in getting used to the environment without any issues.


DataforSEODataForSEO has a tonne of SEO APIs for varying usage scenarios. You can grab actionable search engine results without any issues at all, using its SERP API.

API Features:

  • You can scrape data in a well-arranged manner using the SERP API in DataForSEO.
  • It can deal with complexities like proxies and networks. Since it has millions of IP addresses, you can use it to scrape data from anywhere in the world, from all the major search engines.
  • You can also get advanced search results, and these include maps, news, images, etc. You can also get data from mobile and computer searches.

Output Format:

The data is returned in raw HTML format or JSON format.


You get free funds initially so that you can test the API properly. After that, you can opt for a pay-as-you-go plan that allows you to pay for only those services you use.

Ease of Use:

It is easy to use since you get a wide library in major programming languages. You can learn this API easily and fast with the sandbox API testing environment, which is available for free.

8. GeoRanker API:

Georanker SERP APIGeoRanker is essentially a digital marketing suite, which includes a lot of SEO and API tools. You can extract search engine result pages efficiently using the GeoRanker SERP API.

Features of GeoRanker API:

  • You can get accurate paid and organic search results using the GeoRanker API. This applies to all of the major search engines, including Google, YouTube, Baidu, Amazon, Yahoo!, and a lot more. Moreover, you can scrape answer boxes, featured snippets, local packs, maps, and even top stories.
  • Information from anywhere in the world can be collected, may it be a computer or mobile phone search. The results can be instant or even delayed for the term that you are searching for.

Output Format:

The data that is returned is in raw HTML or JSON format.


GeoRanker is one of the more expensive ones on this list. Although you get a free trial period, you can then opt for paid plans. These vary from $300 to $750.

Ease of Use:

You can find some really detailed many useful pieces of documentation, with codes, that will help you to get started easily.

9. SheerSEO Serp API:

SheerSEOSheerSEO is another suite of SEO software and tools, similar to GeoRanker. You can fetch quality data from search engines, which will help with the data in your projects and applications.

Features of SheerSEO Serp API:

You can rely on this service to provide fast yet reliable search results in Bing and Google. It supports both mobile devices and desktops. Furthermore, it allows you to collect data from more than 40 countries.


You can get a free trial on the SheerSEO. After that, you can opt for a monthly plan, or a pay-per-use model. These start from a minimum of $200 and $49 respectively.

Ease of Use:

You get a detailed live demo, which you can use to test the various scopes and functions of the application. You also get handy documentation, which will help you to start your journey on this amazing API easily.

10. SerpMaster:

SerpmasterSerpmaster is a renowned name when it comes to SERP APIs. Further, it claims itself to be one of the cheapest SERP API services out there.

Perks of SerpMaster:

You can rely on SerpMaster for quick and quality results. It has features for fetching organic ads, featured snippets, etc from all over the globe. It is available for all the major search engines. Moreover, you get 24/7 support and real-time scraping.

Output Format:

It gives the files in HTML and JSON file format.


You get a free membership for SerpMaster as well, which allows you 250 free requests in a month. For paid memberships, you have to pay around $20 per month.

Ease of Use:

SerpMaster is pretty easy to use. You get a good selection of documentation, and you
also are provided with integration codes in all major programming languages for more ease of work.

11. Apify:

Apify SERP APIApify can help you with information from Google, which includes Organic, Product ads, and Related queries.

Perks of Apify:

You can use Apify to find search details in a certain region across the globe, and that too from both mobile and computer devices. Further, you can analyze advertisements on a certain keyword, along with keeping an eye on your competition.

Output Format:

The researched results can be in a different file format such as HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and RSS.


You get a free trial period for Apify, and you can use all of the services in that. Once the period overs, you need to pay about $49 a month for continuing the services.

Ease of Use:

Just like all of the other names in the list, Apify also has a decent criterion for easier usage. You get a sufficient amount of documentation to support you at any time of need.


Now, we have come to an end for the list of the best SERP APIs that you can find. We hope that we were able to suggest some useful names to you in this write-up. If you have any troubles or any questions, then feel free to ask us in the comments section.
We keep on bringing such informative content to you guys, so for more such updates, make sure to keep visiting us.


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