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OnePlus 7 Pro Launched – Flagship of the Year

Well, it is that time of the year when Oneplus comes with the best phone to kill every flagship phone out there.


OnePlus just dropped two of their phones – OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. Now, in this article, we will discuss OnePlus 7 Pro as it stole the show.

OnePlus is known for launching phones with premium features with a pocket-friendly price tag.

They gained massive followership because of their commitment to product design and customer delight.

It has been a fantastic journey for the brand and consumers to witness some of the best smartphones.

May 14 marked another victory for OnePlus as they introduced the OnePlus 7 Pro. Oneplus launched their first phone OnePlus One in 2014.

Since then, the brand has got amazing fans waiting for a new phone every year.

OnePlus 7 Pro Launched

Basic details about the new OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro 128GB 6GB $669, £649 (AU$962 converted)
OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB 8GB $699, £699 (AU$1,006 converted)
OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB 12GB $749, £799 (AU$1,076 converted)



OnePlus 7 Pro has a 90Hz display with a 1,440-pixel resolution. By refreshing 90 frames a second, things like scrolling through webpages and apps feel fluid.


On its rear, the OnePlus 7 Pro has an ultra wide-angle camera, a standard camera and a telephoto camera.

Yes, triple camera setup. That is another major update from the smartphone makers. Photos are clear, bright and vibrant and I’m impressed with the camera’s HDR rendering.

It also features a front pop-up selfie camera, which has been tested millions of times so that you don’t have to worry about the number of selfies you click.


OnePlus has used the best processor out there. It features Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm). With that chipset and the RAM they offer, it is genuinely going beyond speed.

oneplus 7 pro

We all can agree that the phone looks fantastic and comes with the best features. Well, almost all. They missed wireless charging on this flagship.

That would have made it undisputed champions in this price segment. But, nothing can be perfect.

The best thing about a OnePlus device is that it is made after considering the community-driven feedback as some loyal fans need few tweaks to the new audience who is looking out for something out of the world.

OnePlus 7 Pro will be available in three color options – Mirror Grey, Almond, and Nebula Blue.

OnePlus can’t satisfy everyone. But, as far as I am concerned, this is one of the best flagship devices for this year.

People might be launching foldable devices but come on; it is not as practical as it looks. We still need tools like OnePlus 7 Pro that offers the best features with a high price tag.

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