How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server

Discord is one such popular platform for gamers worldwide that offers a free chat service. This easily manageable and feature-stuffed app opens a broad range of options and features for its users i.e. players.

Thus customizing Discord is easy as well. One of the ways to do that is by adding bots to the Discord server.

Discord is so popular for its feature of adding bots to Discord server. So here goes a complete article dedicated to how you can add bots to Discord servers –

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server

Before getting into the actual process of how to add Bots to your Discord server, let me first tell you, You will need to have ‘Manage Server’ permission on the server where you are adding the bot.

You will have to first set up a server which can be done for free by following the steps here –

Setup a server –

Step 1. Download the setup file that you want and then run the DiscordSetUp. But make sure you have a Discord account first. You can create it from their official website page.

Step 2. The Setup program will then download nearly 12 updates and then the opening screen will be launched.

Step 3. Log in to your Discord account and then choose the option of ‘Create a Server‘.

Step 4. You will then have to enter a name for the server, select a region where you are and then add an icon if you want with 128×128 size.

Step 5. Finally hit the Create button and then the Discord server will be all set for you to add bots to it.

Now coming to Discord bots, these are nothing but computer program that is meant to perform automatic functions. The perfect way I can explain to you what bots are is – a chat pop up over a website you are surfing that promotes their service or products on the chat with you.

While on Discord, Bots can be really helpful or really useless, depending on the kind that you downloaded. Meme bots can hatch memes for you, translator bots can translate languages for you and so on.

As you have known by now that bots can be useful as well as useless, it is also essential to know where to download these from.

A good source will provide you with useful ones while an unreliable source may end up giving you an unproductive bot.

Discord Bots, GitHub for Discord Bots and Carbonitex are some of the very reliable as well as useful bot repositories that you can use to add bots to your Discord server.

adding bots to discord

Now the process to add bots to Discord is quite easy but if you are new to this server, then follow the guide below carefully –

Method 1 – For Discord Bots and Carbonitex

Step 1. Go to the official website of Discord App.

Step 2. Over there, log into Discord account that you have.

Step 3. In the general permissions section, do make it clear to have the Manager Server permission ticked.

Step 4. Over the Discord Bots website, choose the option of ‘Invite‘ for adding a bot to the server.

how to add bots to discord

In case you are adding a bot from the Carbonitex site, choose the option of ‘Add Bot to Server’.

add bots to your discord server

Step 5. An authorization screen will now appear asking you to Select a Server. Choose the server where you want to add the bot.

how to add bots to discord

Step 6. Lastly, click on the option of ‘Authorize‘. When you do so, the bot will be added to the server you chose.

add bots to your discord

That is it! You are done here. The bot will be shown in the sidebar of your server.

Method 2 – For GitHub Bots

Step 1. Go to the browser on your device and then visit the official login page of Discord.

Step 2. Then in the URL bar, change the ‘ <Bot_Client_ID’ with the actual ID of the client to where you want to add the bot.

Step 3. You will now have to authorize the bot.

Discord Bots to try –

Given below are a few discord bots that you should give a try.

add bots to discord server

  • Pancake – This feature stuffed bot for discord comes with music paying.
  • MedalBot – MedalBot enables you to record clips.
  • RickBot – It is one such bot that provides users with nearly 4500 custom soundboards.
  • Translator – This bot for Discord allows quick translation between over 100 languages.
  • Rhythm – As you can say by the name, Rhythm is a stable music bot.
  • Dank Memer – As you can guess by the name itself, this bot presents memes and similar stuff.
  • Groovy – Groovy is a compatible bot with Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify as well.

Final Words –

That was how easy it was to add bots to a Discord server. I assume the article on How to add Bots to Discord server has helped y’all.

In case you are still stuck at any of the steps, feel free to ask us for help.

Not just from Discord website, but you can get bots to add on Discord from various sites like Carbonitex, GitHub, Pancake, Pokecord, etc.

However, while installing bots from Github, there is a slight difference in the process of installation. the above-mentioned are rather easy to install.

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