Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagiarism Checkers are a tool used to examine the content and find if it is authentically original or not.

There are multiple plagiarism checkers available Online. To make your work easier we are going to share a top-notch plagiarism checker which can be used on regular basis to find the authenticity of any content.

Plagiarism Checker helps you to get proper veritable content with ease and safety at the same time; it helps you to get rid of publishing any duplicate content.

What are the types of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be of various types, but anyway these plagiarism checkers would always do the trick:

  • Accidental Plagiarism- This is always unintentional and done unknowingly.
  • Self-Plagiarism- Copying your own previous work is an example of this.
  • Outsourcing- Paying content writers, friends or others to write content on your behalf.
  • Mosaic Plagiarism- quoting someone else working by changing the language while keeping the structure the same.
  • Direct Plagiarism- Copying someone else work, that to; Word to Word without certifying.

Who Should Use Plagiarism Checker tools?

Though plagiarism checkers can be used by anyone, it is specifically used by the students, bloggers, teachers, journalists and copywriters.

  1. Students: A lot of learners create their essays on the web without committing online plagiarism. It is not hard for students to copy-paste information from the net, especially since they do not always know that there is a plagiarism checker available.
  2. Bloggers: Blogs and articles written by bloggers should be checked to see if they contain plagiarized information because it would affect the whole blog negatively in terms of readership and credibility. This just encourages readers to create their own content instead of reading other people’s work.
  3. Website owners: Every web content should be checked for plagiarism to stay safe from copyright infringement.
  4. Teachers: Teachers should use the checker to ensure that students are writing original work and not copying their assignments from the internet without giving credit to other authors or simply paraphrasing already published material. Checking for plagiarism also helps teachers to provide feedback and improve their students’ writing.
  5. Copywriters: Copywriters need to make sure that their copy is unique and versatile enough so that no one could claim on their work.

Best Plagiarism Checker Tools (Our Top Picks)

Below are some of the top-listed latest plagiarism checkers for .

1. Grammarly

Grammary tool for plagiarism checker

To date Grammarly is the best plagiarism checker as it can be used with ease also, it is trusted and recognized by many renowned universities of the world.

You can undoubtedly rely on this Plagiarism Checker for your write-ups.

Below are some subsequent features of Grammarly checker:

  • It recognises the slightest of the plagiarized content and publishes the report in percentage.
  • You can also check punctuation and grammar in one go for the entire content.
  • It is free of cost with some basic features like grammar checks.
  • Grammarly sends mail of your weekly performance regarding the number of words and improvement in writing skills.
  • It has the expertise in scanning documents according to the format and type which makes it stand out from another plagiarism checker.
  • It provides a Pdf of your errors along with the content.

2. Duplichecker

duplichecker- best plagiarism checker tools

Duplichecker is one of the trusted plagiarism checkers by teachers and writers. As it’s quite easy to handle and results are also quickly displayed.

If you are a regular content writer, then this is going to be your go-to tool for Plagiarised content.

Following are some features which make it stand out from others Plagiarism Checker-

  • The tool is available free of cost so that it can be used multiple times.
  • It is very easy to use hence no expertise is required.
  • Duplichecker provides around 50 scans a day which makes it apt for teachers to check papers and essays in bulk.

There are also few drawbacks of this plagiarism checker as follows-

  • Per search is limited to 1000 words only.
  • If you need to use it more than once a day, register on it for free.

3. ProWritingAid

prowritingaid- best plagiarism checker tools

It is one of those popular and trusted Plagiarism Checkers among authors and creative writers because it not only checks Plagiarism but other 20 different types of mistakes that are likely done by creative content writers.

We are going to list down few unique properties of this Plagiarism Checker-

  • It provides a lifetime deal, which makes it hassle-free to use, as you don’t need to do recurring payments at times to utilise its services.
  • It checks the Plagiarism direct through MS Word.
  • It is quite effective in detecting even the least plagiarism possible.
  • Apart from plagiarism, it detects repetitive words, passive voice, complicated sentence construction and much more.

4. SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

smallseotools plagiarism checkert

This tool provides a platform with multiple opulent features. People love using it because it’s absolutely free with basic Plagiarism ability.

Some needed to be know features of this tool are as follows-

  • It is ideal for students because it’s easy to use and free of cost.
  • Its ability to upload documents directly from cloud applications such as dropbox or drive makes it the best one on the list.
  • It is quite convenient for web articles as well because it can easily export the content from the web page.

5. Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker

Whitesmoke checker- grammarly alternatives

Whitesmoke is the finest Plagiarism Checker for Teachers as it is accurate and robust in its feature. It is trusted by a lot of people for its amazing ability of profound grammar checker and proofreader.

It can scan billions of web pages and documents to inspect the unoriginal documents and provides the result in seconds.

Following are some characteristics that make this plagiarism checker stand out from others:

  • Whitesmoke supports cross-platform and is also available online.
  • It is trusted by millions of people for examining research papers because of its easy to use tools.
  • It can search for billions of essays available online and find the minute of duplicity.

The only drawback is that it does not have a large database as compared to Grammarly.

6. checker tool

It is utilized by multiple teachers, students and content creators, as you can use it to check your own write-ups before publishing, to rectify the unintentional plagiarism. works like every other plagiarism checker, but what makes it different is its ability to perform the task in minimum time to publish the plagiarized content.

Let’s go through some reliable features of the tool.

  • Though it’s a paid tool, however, it provides one free trial of the Plagiarism Checker to examine your expectations and then pay for it.
  • It accepts multiple file formats such as doc, pdf, rtf etc.
  • is a flexible tool, which helps educational institutes to keep the originality of the content in their students.
  • This tool can also be automated while creating assignments to simplify the process.

7. Quetext

Quetext plagiarism checker tools

It is another swore-upon Plagiarism Checker, which is blindly relied on by teachers and students across borders.

This tool started as a basic duplicate content checker; however, lately developed some cool features which bring it to the list of top plagiarism checkers.

The deep search feature not only examines the common words but also the contextual part of the content that is plagiarised well.

Let’s check the reliable features in brief-

  • It is one of the profound and easy-to-use plagiarism checkers for teachers, students and content writers.
  • You can upload multiple files for bulk checking, up to 5 files at a time.
  • It provides detailed plagiarised reports free of cost.
  • It has quite better search and matches technology, which uses contextual analysis to find similar sentences and phrases that are overlooked by other Plagiarism Checker Tools.

8. DMCA Scan


It becomes difficult to find content scrappers if your original content is duplicated, a content creator can understand the pain, and at that moment DMCA Scan comes to the rescue.

If found guilty, you can raise a DMCA content takedown notice and file a complaint against the culprit site.

This feature makes it one of the top Plagiarism Checker in the market.

Let elaborate its features further-

  • It protects the website, images, texts, videos, and graphics from being stolen.
  • This tool allows and encourages adding watermarks in order to detain forgery.
  • Since it is one of the respected communities on copyright infringement, the visitors are clarified with all copyright rules and regulations.
  • It provides first to scans for a free trial and then charges are applicable.

9. PlagiarismChecker

This is another decent and easy-to-use Plagiarism Checker available in the top list. You simply need to copy the text and paste it into the allocated space to get the required result.

Features of PlagiarishChecker:

  • You can check for multiple phrases in one go.
  • You can also share your plagiarised content on your mail directly.
  • You can create Google alerts for certain phrases so that is somebody plagiarises your content then you get a notification to take apt action.

The only drawback is that you need to copy and paste the text to check the plagiarism, as there is no file uploading feature here.

10. CopyScape


Detecting the repetitive content on your website is a matter of seconds with a Copyscape plagiarism checker. You can simply add the URL of your website to check how much of your content is copied or duplicated.

CopyScape takes a different turn from other plagiarism checkers to tell you who stole your content to publish it online instead of finding piracy in your content.

  • It has a User-Friendly Interface.
  • It provides badges to add to your site so that you can prevent larceny.
  • It also provides a WordPress plug-in, which is further chargeable, which can be used to detect copied content on your WordPress site through Copyscape API.

11. Plagium

plagium plagiarism checker

If we are creating a top list of plagiarism checkers, leaving behind Plagium would be a sin to commit.

Because it provides a very unique feature of comparing two contents side by side to check the similarity in them.

It is very functional for research papers, as it not only check plagiarised content across the web but also searches social media platforms such as Facebook for any similar content.

Some more defined features are as follows-

  • It provides Institutional accounts from multiple users.
  • You need to sign up to acquire access to all features.
  • Quick search is available for free; paid version can be used for deep searches.
  • The paid version has multiple file uploading provisions so that you can easily compare them.

12. Scribbr

Scribbr is one of the best choices in plagiarism checkers. Its accuracy checks whether your work has any plagiarized parts, even if you are not sure.

You can also use their Own Sources Checker to see if you have accidentally copied anything that is your own, or if you’ve used it without giving credit.

The fee for this add-on service is worth it because students who are publishing a manuscript usually do not have time to check their work themselves.

Features of Scribbr: 

  • Most advanced technology
  • Consists of data base of over 91 billion pages.
  • Advanced reporting of plagiarism
  • Free to use.


These were the top 11 handpicked Plagiarism Checker, which is very different from each other and provides distinguish features that can be used as per your requirement priority.

This is a one-stop destination for all variety of Plagiarism Checker users as we have listed down the checkers with versatile features and requirements trying to help all kinds of writers, be it students, teachers, authors, bloggers or content creators.



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