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Looking for the best Grammarly Alternatives tools? Well, we have got the most updated list of the best Grammarly Alternatives to try out now. 

Grammarly is undoubtedly one of the best tools when it comes to grammar checking for various purposes. From documents to journals, research papers or even a small project, Grammar is vital for any document. 

Hence, the grammar checker tool like Grammarly plays a pivotal role in creating an error-free document. 

If you are even a newbie, you must be familiar with Grammarly and its ease of use.  However, a few things that I hate about Grammarly is-  its slow loading when used with Google Docs.

Also, some of the spelling suggestions and grammar suggestions are exaggerated here. 

Well, worry not! We have listed some of the best grammar checker tools like Grammarly or say the best alternatives of Grammarly to try. While some of these tools have a freemium license, some might be only paid. 

Best Grammarly Alternatives To Correct Your Grammar Game

Below, we have shared the Top Grammarly alternatives with their pros and cons along with the pricing plans. 

1. Pro Writing Aid

ProWriting Aid- best grammarly alternatives

Pro Writing Aid is a top-notch alternative to Grammarly because of its ease of installation. Founded in 2012, this writing tool offers grammar checking, a rich-style editor and amazing plagiarism checker tool. 

One of the major reasons to choose Pro Writing Aid is because of its pricing. Like Grammarly, it offers grammar correction suggestions, enhance readability by using the real-time editor. 

It integrates seamlessly with MS Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Office and Final Draft. 

Pro Writing Aid isn’t just a mediocre grammar checker. In fact, it checks for the passive voice, hidden verbs, sentences that start with the same word or emotion checkers. 


Pro Writing Aid offers three types of subscriptions: 

  • Monthly plan for $20
  • Yearly plan for $79
  • Lifetime Plan for $399. 

The Chrome Extension of Pro Writing Aid is completely free. 

2. Ginger 

Ginger software- best grammarly alternatives

Ginger is an Israel based grammar checker tool founded in 2007 with functionalities as good as Grammarly. 

This grammar checker app offers both the web version as well as the Grammar browser extension. 

Ginger’s browser extension works with tools like Slack, Medium and Facebook. Ginger also works with Gmail to correct the punctuations. Also, it offers the app for Android and iOS. With Ginger, you can correct all your mistakes with just a single click. 

Ginger gives the user the exact word count, character count and the number of sentences for your text. Ginger helps identify the errors by pointing them out in blue


Ginger offers a free version with some limited features like Grammar correction. However, you can get the premium features for a monthly subscription. 

  • Monthly plan for $13.99/mo
  • Yearly Plan for $7.49/mo
  • 2-Year plan for $6.66/mo

3. WhiteSmoke 

Whitesmoke checker- grammarly alternatives

Whitesmoke is yet another powerful Grammarly alternative that works amazingly with the likes of Google Docs, Office, and MacOS Sierra. This application is pocket-friendly and comes with robust features and functions. 

Apart from Grammar checking, this tool also helps with translation and sorting the punctuation marks. 

It identified the errors in the sentence structure and indeed one of the best tools for Non-English Speakers on a tight budget. 

Whitesmoke is one of the cheapest grammar checking tools on the list. It offers the functionalities to rebuild the performance and offers information about each error. 

Whitesmoke can translate to and from 55 languages. It also offers a dictionary and thesaurus along with editing. 


Whitesmoke doesn’t have a free trial period. However, it offers a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. 

It offers two types of subscription; Yearly Subscription and 3-year Subscription plans. 

  • Web Plan costs $5/mo
  • Premium Plan costs $6.66/mo
  • Business Plan costs $11.50/mo

4. Readable

Readability- best graammarly alternatives

Readable is another great alternative to Grammarly to enhance readability for better engagement. Grammarly is a popular readability enhancer tool as well apart from being a grammar checker tool. 

Now, the tools work slightly different than most of the grammar checker tools and I am quite happy to add this tool in the list. It makes use of the powerful readability algorithms including the Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning-Fog.

Readable starts by scanning and indexing the website one by one and points out grammatical mistakes, cliches, passive voice, use of verbs and other buzzwords. 

Apart from checking the grammar, this tool analyses the keyword density, tone and sentiments. Overall, Readable is an amazing tool that gives an overall composition of adjectives, pronouns, nouns, verbs and other issues. 


Readable offers three pricing plans with a 7-day free trial. 

The three plans are: 

  • ContentPro costs $8/mo
  • CommercePro costs $48/mo
  • AgencyPro costs $138/mo

5. PaperRater 

paperrater- alternatives of grammarly

An amazing Grammarly alternative, PaperRater is an AI-driven grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool that can scan the pages within seconds. 

This tool can help with quick suggestions on grammar, errors, provide explanations with smart suggestions on the improvement. PaperRater is hands down of the most underrated plagiarism checker tools currently. 

It compares the document with 10,000 content pieces to ensure that the content is 100% unique. Its analysis is also based on the Machine learning capabilities which gives you more accurate proofreading of the document. 

PaperRater gives your document a score based on the use of vocabulary. 


PaperRater is 100% free to use and comes with features like a Grammar checker, 5 Pages/ month and a plagiarism checker. 

You can upgrade to a higher plan for more features such as an enhanced plagiarism checker, faster processing and different file format uploads. This plan costs $11.21/mo. 

6. JetPack

jetpack grammar checker tooks

JetPack is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that is most popular as the WordPress image compressor. Well, what if I tell you that it offers some amazing Grammar checking functionalities as well. 

Right from WordPress, you can make changes, edit texts and make corrections in real-time.  

JetPack keeps your content as a backup for 30 days and uses it for the archives further. 

Users can make changes and this tool marks the mistake based on the colour-coded schemes. Jetpack also warns against the issue that causes redundancy, jargon and also tests the wordiness. 

Apart from the grammar checker functionalities, JetPack is well known for keeping a check on the WordPress backups and security issues. 


JetPack is completely free to use and install. It offers three pricing plans; Personal, Premium, and Professional, which are priced at $3.50, $9, and $29 per month, respectively.

7. Hemingway 

Hemingway editor app

Hemingway App is not just a grammar checker but also focuses on enhancing the readability of the document. It makes sure that the sentences are short, reduce the use of cliches, adverbs and passive voice in the document. 

Hemingway has a desktop version that can even be used without the Internet connection. You can make changes inline to your documents such as applying the italics, bold, bullets and heading styles. 

One of the best features is that Hemingway exports the HTML and applied the heading formatting easily which can then be published to the website. 

With just one-click, you can publish the corrected content on WordPress or Medium. 

Hemingway points out the overuse of adverbs which Grammarly lacks. 


The basic web version of this editor is completely free. However, the desktop app costs $19.99 with features like offline editing.

8. Antidote 

Antidote- grammarly alternatives

Antidote is a powerful Grammarly alternative that was founded in 2010. However, it is still less known among the various number of Grammarly checkers in the market. 

It offers various functions such as grammar checks, error diagnostics, dictionary and thesaurus and much more. 

It has many comparable features to Grammarly. It has a simple text editor where you can simply paste the text and get the grammar suggestions. Also, there is a Word plugin that checks for the language, typography and style errors. 

Antidote also checks for punctuation errors and gives a detailed analysis of all the sentences. It also displays italic, bold and emojis.

It also offers three versions; Antidote+, Antidote web and Antidote 10 with a mobile version.  


Antidote offers three pricing plans; 

  • Antidote + Personal ($59.95/year)
  • Antidote + Family ($99.95/year)
  • Antidote 10 ($129.95/one-time)

9. 1Checker

1Checker- free grammarly altermatives

1Checker is an excellent grammar checker tool with various features such as spellings, grammar-correction, vocabulary, and content related errors along with the errors using artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies.

Some Grammar checker tools often don’t notice the issues such as the use of articles and prepositions, Confused words, Subject-verb agreement and Incorrect tenses and adjective order. 

1Checker offers a Word Plugin, Office plugin and the app is available for download on Windows and Mac iOS. 

Hence, 1Checker is an amazing Grammarly alternative and best suited for the ones that are still learning to write English as Non-native writers. 


1Checker is completely free to use. 

10. Linguix

Linguix writing assistant for writers-

Linguix is a perfect alternative to Grammarly because you can use it to fix grammar and punctuation and also help structure the sentences. It is even available at a lower price than what Grammarly offers. 

Linguix boasts to fix over 9 million typos and also fix over 2,700 different grammar errors and spell checks. 

It has amazing extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as for Edge. 

Linguix also offers some templates and shortcodes that makes writing and proofreading even easier. We would have loved if it contained the plagiarism checker as well. 


Linguix offers a 14-day free trial. 

After the 14-day trial period, it offers two pricing plans; 

  • Monthly plan costs $18/mo
  • Business plan costs $20/mo 

With the yearly subscription, you will save some bucks. 

11. Slick Write

Slick Write- grammarly alternatives

Slick Write comes with great proofreading solutions that offer its users the best proofreading solutions. It allows users to check for errors and style issues as well. 

Slick Write has a plugin for Chrome browser as well as for Firefox to proofread your content. This Grammarly alternative is free for professional use. In fact, it points out various issues including vocabulary, passive voice, use of adverbs and sentence structural flow. 

It has two amazing features; Statistical and Associator options for the analysis. Statistical analyses the document stating the overview of the styles, languages and use of grammars and vocabulary. 

The Associator gives the list of associated words with the chosen word. It has an amazing interface and hence best for the newbie writers. 


SlickWrite is completely free to use and do not require even account registration. 

12. Microsoft Word

MS Word- best grammarly alternatives

MS word might be known to almost everyone. Well, it is known for its ease of use and different fonts and other functions. However, MS word is more than this. 

It offers amazing technology to improve grammar, improves styling, and also suggests the use of passive verbs. You must have seen the red lines pointing out the error and the yellow lines for the stylistic suggestions. 

When compared, MS word was more accurate and found more Grammatical mistakes than Grammarly. The best part is that it is available online and offline. 


MS Word offers a free option but it does not have grammar correction. 

However, the paid plans are as follows: 

  • Office 365 Home: $99.99/year or $9.99/month (For up to 6 users).
  • Office 365 Business Essentials: $5/month (web and mobile versions only).

Wrapping Up

Here it is! This was our list of Best Grammarly Alternatives that you must definitely try. Some of these tools are free while some of them are paid for the use. 

In our opinion, Pro Writing Aid, Ginger and MS Word are the best alternatives to Grammarly. If you want to get accurate grammatical suggestions and some bells and whistles, we would recommend you to try JetPack.

Do let us know in the comments which one Grammarly alternative works best for you.


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