Call Of Duty Warzone Tips To Help You Win The Battle Royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular and played games by the creators. Although it may have just been released last year, it is already a super hit. Warzone gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your strategic and battle skills.

It’s pretty common to play the game in a team. But even while doing that, you must keep in mind some tips and tricks if you hope to win. So read on some exclusive Warzone tips for team matches below and ace the game right away!


Call of Duty Warzone tips and tricks

1. Never face an enemy alone

Whenever you are alone in a team match and see an enemy, always take cover and wait for your teammates to come as backup. Even if there is only one opponent to face off, you must still wait for your teammates rather than taking the enemy head-on. 

You might never know if he too has backup coming for him or if he’s a good player. So it is always beneficial to have a team member to cover and revive you if you were to lose.

2. Help teammates by giving them armor and supplies

Someone from your team might, at some point, fall short of supplies or require armor. As a fellow teammate, you must always be ready to help your teammates. 

COD Warzone is a survival game, and it is only beneficial if your entire team is intact till the end. Hence, if someone requires armor or health supplies, and you have it in surplus, you must give it to them. There’s no winning all alone in this game. 

3. Stick with your teammates in the final circles

However you play the game, you must always ensure that your team sticks together in the final circle. If there are more enemies alive, the enemies are likely also closer to you. Under such circumstances, you must shoot immediately on spotting an opponent.

It is also helpful as if an enemy spots you from behind, your teammates are there to cover you. Since the enemies are closer to you, there are chances that you might find them suddenly. If that happens, it’ll be impossible to take cover and wait for your teammates to gather. So you need to have them nearby in the final circles.

4. Ping enemies for teammates

If you are the first to spot the enemy, you must not get excited and start firing or going for the kill. Always ping the enemies for your teammates and then charge or fire. This way, they too will be attentive when the fight proceeds.

This tip will overall help in the survival of the team. And that is absolutely necessary for winning. For more such tips, visit

5. Use stable location to place weapons for firing

Your guns are always more stable and offer lesser recoil when fired by placing on a surface. Whether in an ambush situation or in a gunfight, try to find a good spot for placing the gun. 

Having a stable gun will give you better aim and help your entire team defeat the enemy faster. 

6. Revive your teammates only when safe

There might be situations mid-fight in COD Warzone when one of your teammates will be knocked out. It is definitely your priority to revive your knocked-out teammate, but always first ensure that it is safe to go out in the open. 

If you’re unsafe, throw a smoke grenade on your knocked-out teammate to get him off target and then first eliminate the enemy and then go to revive. Even if your teammate dies, you can always recall your teammates from the Gulag.

7. Fire only on confirming the elimination

Whenever you have an enemy locked on the target, do not rush on firing from a distance. Always first confirm the elimination before firing. Because if the enemy survives, they’ll take cover. And you will end up giving in your team’s location to other nearby enemies as well. So doing this can be harmful on the battlefield, especially in a smaller circle when all the teams are concentrated and closer to each other.

8. Share cash with teammates

Always share the cash with teammates who ask for it and require it. You can always collect more cash upon looting. But you’re only as strong as your team. 

So don’t hesitate to lend money in the COD warzone to your teammates if they need more weapons or armor. 

9. Utilize the Gulag to revive teammates

Once you or one of your teammates dies on the battlefield, there is a way to recall them into the game. Gulag is a special place where you can revive and recall your teammates upon winning a one on one fight with an enemy. So don’t forget to play Gulag to the best of your ability and save that dead team member from going out of the game forever. 


Warzone sure is a pretty tricky game, and not many players can win a 1v4 situation. Hence, if playing with teammates, try to follow these tips for winning. We hope these tips help you if you are someone starting with Call of Duty Warzone or have played the game before. Comment down below some of your own tips and tricks for COD Warzone. 


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