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The adoption of cloud technologies has made the establishment and management of a large number of servers for business and application purposes fairly convenient. Organizations use large amounts of servers to meet load balancing needs and also to respond to situations like disaster recovery. With this trend in mind, server monitoring tools have become extremely important. Although there are many kinds of server management tools, they address different aspects of the surveillance servers.

What is SaaS Monitoring?

Server monitoring is a complicated area with lots of overlap across multiple domains. Some analyst firms in 2019 tend to group server monitoring under IT infrastructure management, which also includes networking, storage and ITSM (IT systems management) capabilities. There is also a difference between the hardware, operating system and application monitoring functions, though some vendor solutions will group those features together.

Additionally, each major server vendor has its own tools that are often sold alongside servers for monitoring and management.

In this article, we examined 17 of the best server monitoring tools.

SaaS Server Monitoring Tools for DevOps

1. Zabbix

ZabbixZabbix is a free and open-source server monitoring tool for Linux. This is an enterprise-wide monitoring solution that enables users to monitor servers, networks, cloud services, applications, and services. Zabbix provides multiple measurements such as processor usage, free disk space, processor temperature, fan status, and network status in its network management software. This is one of the best free network monitoring tools for Windows that delivers flexible and scalable data collection.

2. Icinga


Icinga has a simple set of objectives and monitors uptime while giving access to relevant data. It also emits alerts to keep users informed promptly. Icinga is one of the best free server monitoring tools that can change and signals the status of your computing environment. All alert dependencies will be displayed in the dashboard and sent by email, text message, or mobile messaging applications. It also allows for area grouping and monitoring.

3. OpenNMS

OpenNMSOpenNMS is an entirely open-source server monitoring solution released under the AGPLv3 license. It is designed to be scalable and can monitor millions of peripherals from one instance. It collects performance measures from SNMP, JMX, WMI, NRPE, and XMP staff. It also helps you get to know your network and applications with manually driven, detected, or ReST API interfaces.

4. Monitis

MonitisMonitis is a streamlined server monitoring tool for servers, applications, and more that requires just a registration process and no software configuration. A unified dashboard provides data about availability and response time, server status, and many more custom metrics. Instant alerts are supported by email, SMS, Twitter, and telephone when one of the preset triggers is activated. Monitis supports alerts even if your network runs out. It also provides an API for additional surveillance needs to allow users to import metrics and data to external applications.

5. Capsa free

Capsa freeCapsa is a free-to-use server monitoring software. Users can use it to troubleshoot network performance, Ethernet monitoring, and analytics. It helps users learn how to monitor network activities, find network problems, and improve network safety. This network performance monitoring tool allows you to store network data for weeks or months and scan previous network traffic. It also provides sufficient evidence for network performance and security breaches, etc.

6. Obkio

ObkioObkio is a simple server monitoring SaaS solution which enables users to monitor their network performance to enhance the end-user experience continuously. It is constantly monitored using monitoring agents and resolves intermittent performance issues. It also has decentralized oversight between agent pairs in various locations.

7. Retrace

RetraceRetrace has robust surveillance capacities and is highly scalable. It is recommended for new teams without a lot of experience as it provides intelligent default values according to your environment. This program puts you one step ahead in monitoring servers and applications. It monitors application performance, error follow-up, log management, and application metrics. It also lets affected users know about SMS, email, and Slack alerts according to multiple monitoring thresholds and notification groups.

8. Intermapper

IntermapperIntermapper is a full-featured server monitoring and mapping solution that runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac to give you a view of your entire environment, not just the computer network. It tracks everything with an IP address, including devices, interfaces, servers, applications, etc. It features powerful probes and current protocols probing your network fast, delivering real-time data. It also provides personalized alerts about performance issues.

9. Datadog

DatadogDatadog is a unified service monitoring platform for your servers, applications, and batteries. Datadog’s monitoring features include features needed for server monitoring and in the field of source control and bug tracking. It also supports multiple metrics, such as source traffic and containers in native cloud environments. Notifications are available through emails, Slack, and many other channels.

10. Nagios

NagiosNagios is a server monitoring tool that allows organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business operations. It lets you follow specific subsets of network flow information. It provides a comprehensive overview of network traffic, bandwidth, and global network health. It also sends alerts when abnormal activity occurs. It has Enhanced user options that enable IT teams to work together effectively.

11. NMAP

NMAPNMAP is among the best service monitoring software for network discovery and security audits. This free network monitoring software lets you perform tasks like network inventory, maintenance of service upgrade programs. This tool is available as a free download and contains complete source code as well. It also holds dozens of advanced techniques for mapping out networks filled with IP filters, firewalls, routers, etc. It is able to analyze vast networks of hundreds of thousands of machines. There is also intensive support from a community of developers and users.

12. Panopta

PanoptaPanopta facilitates onsite, cloud, and hybrid server monitoring. Panopta offers a unified view of all your server environments with server agents and built-in cloud platform integrations. A comprehensive library of ready-to-use metrics makes it quick and easy to configure Panopta. You can set them up using customizable reporting features and dashboards for a clear, holistic view. It avoids warning false positives by filtering the exact and usable information.

13. Fiddler

FiddlerFiddler is a web-based debugging and server monitoring tool. It allows you to capture HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. It will enable you to analyze input and output data to monitor and evaluate requests and responses before they are sent to the browser. It also debunks traffic from PC, Mac, or Linux systems and to mobile devices.

14. Sciencelogic SL1

Sciencelogic SL1Sciencelogic’s server monitoring tools let you monitor all of your server and network resources based on their configurations, performance, and use. Supported platforms include cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and OpenStack. It also supports hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and KVM and containers such as Dock. With respect to operating systems, it supports Windows, Unix, and Linux.

15. Spiceworks

SpiceworksSpiceworks is one of the best free server monitoring tools that deliver real-time status and alerts to your critical devices. The network surveillance system can be easily installed and configured. You can adjust the alert thresholds for notices or emails in the application. The support is entirely complimentary. You can also get rapid overviews and spot slow, or outdated systems.

16. Tornimo

TornimoTornimo provides real-time monitoring with unrestricted scaling. This is a graphite-enabled app monitoring platform with a frontal version of the Grafana dashboards. It also provides support to move from a custom Graphite deployment or many other SaaS-enabled platforms in minutes. Tornimo utilizes a proprietary database system that allows it to manage up to a million measurements as your environment grows. 

Clients trust Tornimo to monitor mission-critical systems, no matter how much data they need, as they provide coherent response times. An important advantage of Tornimo compared to many other server monitoring tools is that it does not store the average of the older but stores it in the exact values. It enables users to take advantage of older data to identify faults with ease.

17. ThousandEyes

ThousandEyesA thousand eyes server monitoring software enables you to find the cause of problems anywhere. It helps you share your findings immediately and respond to issues before it damages your customers, services, and revenue. It also enables the visualization of multiple layers of network data to verify various infrastructures, services, and applications. It provides a single view to every part of the network of intelligent agents located on the Internet. It also helps you find causes through algorithms. 


With the fast-paced data-oriented world, it isn’t surprising that server monitoring is making its way quite regularly into our world. Also, the adoption of such technologies has made the establishment and management of a large number of servers for business and application purposes fairly convenient. It is possible because of different devices giving different aspects of surveillance services. Businesses can pick and choose tools based on their specifications and needs.


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