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Niter has been the best site for watching movies online for free, and if you have been looking for an efficient Niter alternative, this article is all that you need.

Below, we discuss the 12 best Niter alternatives you must-have for your favourite movies and TV show streaming needs and to continue streaming TV shows and movie content with quality same as Niter with hundreds of movie options, HD quality, no registration needed, no advertisements on devices, and obviously, with fast streaming.

What is Niter?

Niter is truly simple to use as it has a great user interface. It is an excellent website to Stream TV shows and movies. Content streaming lovers use it not just for streaming entertainment content but also for downloading the content in good quality.

Unlike most Streaming websites, Niter has an incomparable amount of content that can be streamed with just a couple of clicks and without the interference of advertisements.

With Niter, all you have to do is, click on “Watch now,” sit back, and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. The platform has thousands of TV shows, movies, and documentaries that you can stream for hours for free.

Niter also lets its users publish their movies on Niter, called- Self-publishing. It is only allowed for the registered users. Thought registration is not necessary if you only want to stream the content.

It has a platform based on powerful programming frameworks like Symphony, Laravel, and bootstrap, making the site extremely responsive and works amazingly on all devices and platforms. It is known to be working well on smart TVs too.

Some specifics we loved about Niter- 

  • Clutter-free animated user interface
  • Advertisement free streaming of content
  • Streams TV shows
  • Streams Movies
  • Very few ad pop-ups
  • Excellent user interface
  • Instant troubleshooting
  • Available of all devices
  • Streams HD content etc.

Niter Specifics that enlisted alternatives have- 

  • The massive quantity of movies and tv shows
  • No registration
  • Online streaming
  • High definition streaming quality
  • Option to download
  • Free to use
  • No legal considerations and more.

Best Niter Alternatives To Try Out 

Below are listing the 12 best Niter alternatives that you can use to stream your favourite movies and TV Shows in . 

1. FMovies

FMovies- best niter alternatives

FMovies have made claims to be having links only for movies and TV shows. It doesn’t entertain any other form or genre of entertainment media, such as self-published media content or documentaries. Fmovies also claims to have links only to the legal content.

FMovies database contains most movie streaming sites like Myspace, Dailymotion, Youtube, Putlocker, and other streaming platforms.

Unlike many other alternatives to Nitter, FMovies, have a request movies feature. It can be a useful feature when you cannot locate the movie or a TV show you have been searching for but cannot find. Easily request in the request section, and FMovies will have your requested content uploaded soon as possible to their latest collection.

2. MegaShare

megashare- niter alternatives

MegaShare is one of the top leading online content streaming platforms similar to Niter.

Megashare is a media streaming website, but it also provides links to other streaming platforms such as Putlockers, Fmovies, Media share, etc. using, the concept of third-party consent, which lets a user stream content from these websites as well.

Users do not need to have a registration or a user account stream content. Streaming content over Megashare is also free of cost. You can freely browse through your favorite movie starring your favorite stars for totally free, unlike many other reputed streaming platforms.

MegaShare allows a user to request to watch any unique title on their platform.

3. Movie2K

Movie 2k- best nitre alternatives

Movie2k is the number one media streaming platform that you can use to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. It is another streaming platform that is free to use. Their directory includes movies and TV series.

It streams content in HD quality hence the name Movie2k. It also features movies and TV shows available in different languages and features content worldwide.

If you are a movie buff and like to watch movies from different parts of the world, or want to watch that trending Korean, Japanese, European, American(or any other country) TV show with complete seasons, this website is all you’d need for your weekend binge-watch.

4. Vidics

Vidics- best alternative to Nitre

Vidics media streaming platform is an ideal hot spot for getting data about your favourite movies, TV shows and also about your favourite TV stars.

Unlike any other Niter alternatives, Vidics has not constrained its features and is not limited to just watching media content but getting to know about the actors starring in movies and shows.

Vidics have unwind access to motionless pictures abundantly. The media over Vidics gets refreshed every day. So, even for a day or anytime you lack watchable movies and TV series, there are always good chances of stumbling on to something new and good to watch and add to your favourite list.

5. PrimeWire

PrimeWire- best alternative to Nitre

With PrimeWire, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows for free and unlimited. One of the great features of PrimeWire is having a movie index. You can easily locate the movies or TV shows you want to see for zero bucks through this index.

PrimeWzre lets you browse categories, filters listing of movies, and enables you to select the link to watch online.

It does not store any media over to the site. It stores an index of TV shows and movie links that you can click on and be redirected to watch on that selected link hosting website.

A user that has made an account over PrimeWire gets access to features like voting and commenting over website pages. The voting feature lets a user leave a vote for the media content. It helps find enjoyable content to watch.

6. XMovies8

Xmovies- best nitre alternatives

XMovies8 is another website that lets you stream thousands of movies available to stream to watch anytime. Most of these movies have HD quality.

XMovies enlists top-rated movies, and TV shows that its visitors can stream in high-definition video content for free and with no restrictions. A user does not need an account or require registration for streaming content.

Xmovies8 categorically organizes content under tabs, Movies, TV Series, Gernes, Years, etc., to watch content preferably. They have a list of the most popular websites for watching movies and TV shows on computers, smartphones, and even smart TVs.

7. Putlocker9


Do not confuse Putlocker9 with the original Putlocker. You can use Putlocker9 to watch full-length movies in HD quality for free and download without any registration.

Putlocker9 gets movies from various sources. It features video content being offered by original putlocker and other movie websites.

Putlocker9 has a simple user interface making it desirable for a user to select movies to watch easily. The description gives a brief detail of the movie’s run-time, rating, release date, casting, genres, and a short synopsis of the movie or TVshow. You can also request a movie or a tv show.

8. YesMovies

Yes Movies- best nitre alternatives

YesMovies have a great range of 720p and 1080p streaming sites. YesMovies lets you watch movies and TV shows 100% free. It features the latest episodes and seasons of TV series in HD quality, making it the best site for streaming TV series.  

It also features top trending lists, making it easier for users to choose content to stream out various trending content. It also describes IMDB rating making it easier for the user to decide content to watch.

Overall, it is perfect for you to look for a streaming website that lets you watch a variety of content or download it.

There is one downside to using YesMovies, their service might not be legal in every country. Depending on your location, if you do not want to stream content from an illegal website, you might want to check if YesMedia is legal in your particular region.

9. Moviezoot

Moviezoot- best nitre alternatives

Moviezoot gained fame in just a short time. It has the simplest home pages that feature the best streaming options. 

An interesting thing about MovieZoot is that it lets a user stream relatively new content and content such as classics. Under the section new movies, a user can easily watch the latest content that’s regularly added.

Through Moviezoot’s search option, you can find movies that are more tasteful to you. It streams movies for free and without any quality issues.

10. Onlinemoviescinema

Onlinemoviescinema- best niter alternatives

Onlinemoviescinema is known to be an excellent platform for watching the latest Hollywood movies in HD quality. It has amassed top-class movies in high-quality print.

Onlinemoviescinema is another Niter alternative that has made full-length movies stream without paying anything possible. A user does not need to have an account or go through the registration or give their credit card details before watching a movie.

Similar to most of the Niter alternatives, they do not store streaming data. Instead, they give the links to other websites that do. Use Onlinemoviescinema for these features and enjoy watching movies on a website with a nice user interface.

11. 123MoviesFree

123Movies free- best niter alternatives

123MoviesFree lets a user stream and download media content. It features HD movies readily available for streaming and downloading.

123Moviesfree is popular amongst media streaming websites and platforms. Their genres vary from action to horror and sci-fi, fantasy to classics and romance, etc. it is ideal for any movie or TV series watching.

The interface is very impressive. It is another of those websites that do not store media rather stream it over to their interface via non-affiliated third parties. Using VPN is advised.

12. HouseMovie

Movie house cinemas- niter alternatives

HouseMovie is another one of Niter alternatives, with close to four thousand movies available to stream for free. The not only stream you can also choose to download, again, for absolutely free.

If you love to find and sort movies or TV series according to their released data, genre, or rating, this site is perfect for a limited time of content searching.

HouseMovies comes amongst the most recommended movie networks of the most popular and newly released movies.


Question- Is streaming content from websites and portals is legal? 

Answer – Content Streaming from these websites is not entirely legal. While most of their content is, still some of the displaying content has not obtained the license. Hence, not all of these sites are streaming illegal content, but some are still illegal.

Question- Do I need a VPN before I stream content from these Websites? 

Answer- If you are concerned about your device catching a virus while you stream your favorite TV shows and movies. The answer is no. You won’t if you are using the original websites. The truth of capturing a virus or getting infected with malware is more prominent when you have streamed content from cloned websites, and this is exactly where you’d need a VPN too.

For example, streaming from Niter will not get your device a virus, but streaming content from Niter’s look-alike websites or clones or doppelgangers websites will.

So, before you start streaming content from such sites, we highly suggest using a VPN for safer content streaming, and at times, even if you are streaming from an original platform.

Question- What are some VPNs that I can use to stream content on these websites?

Answer – You can choose any VPN with a good internet security reputation and good system protection. You can choose the best streaming VPN. You can use some VPNs for streaming content- ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SurfShark, HotSpot Shield, and CyberGhost.


That was our rundown about the best Niter alternatives you can use anytime to enjoy the stream and download free movies and TV shows on your respective devices.

As some of these websites refer to third-party affiliated links and websites, we suggest you be wise while selecting a platform of liking. (we recommend using VPN for security reasons)

If you have suggestions to Niter alternatives other than those we have enlisted, please feel free to mention them in the comments. You can also leave how your experience was with these websites.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Thank you for reading. Happy streaming!

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