Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Coke and Popcorn Alternatives – Who does not want to hop into free movies and the latest TV Shows? It’s always fun binging your favorite shows but with prevailing online streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO, it all comes with a cost. However, when you have a site named ‘Coke and Popcorn’ that offers everything for free!

As copyrighted material is shown for free on this site, it may be restricted to a few countries or areas. But you do not need to worry about that since we have got for you the 20 Best Sites like Coke and Popcorn to Watch Movies Online!


Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Here goes the list of the 20 best alternatives. Note that all of the below come free of cost but some may be banned in your locality.

However, you can always use a VPN to make things work out!

1. Vumoo

best coke and ppopcorn alternatives

The first website on our list of best Coke and Popcorn alternatives is Vumoo. This site provides quality content and a lot of the latest stuff as well.

You will find almost all the latest movies and shows here. Categories like – Trending TV, IMDB, latest releases, and Popular this week are present here.

The interface of this site is theme-based and hence offers an amazing experience to the user. You are shown the description of every movie and show like Netflix. The trailers of the movies are also shown for you to decide if you want to watch that or not.

2. Popcorn Flix

coke popcorn alternatives

Popcorn Flix is another perfect alternative for Coke and Popcorn not just because of the name but for the stuff offered and the features as well! Whether you want to stream online or download shows and movies and watch them later, you can do all through Popcorn Flix.

The interface is pretty simple and easy to understand. To the left is the menu showing various options like ‘Featured’, ‘Queue’, and ‘Browse’ along with Search. You can experience HD shows and movies on this site.

There is no limit to how long you can browse this site thus you can watch as many movies and shows as you wish.

Various shows and movies like Battle in Seattle, The Cake Eaters, Dead Tone, etc. are listed here. The Alexa rank of this site is quite impressive. And it has many positive reviews as well.

3. Solar Movie

Solar Movie is a much wider platform than Coke and Popcorn since it offers a number of TV shows and movies in various languages and different categories.

The manual search option makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for without having to waste any time scrolling over the screen.

This site is optimized regularly and this makes it more suitable for users to watch movies or shows online.

You will see categorization as – Top IMDb, Year, Genre, TV-Series, etc. The site is easy to navigate.

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4. Tubi TV

coke and popcorn alternatives

The next one on the list of best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives is Tubi TV. This is one of the very few websites that offer high-resolution content to its users.

Most of the famous, popular and latest TV Shows and movies are available on this site because of frequent updates.

This site also has its official app that is compatible with both Android as well as iOS. The interface of the website is easy to understand and navigate.

There is no need for any subscription and you can download the Tubi TV app on Android.

5. Niter

A very reliable and safe source to download TV Shows and movies from is the Niter. One can download high-quality resolution movies and shows from this site.

Streaming options are also available in Ultra HD. Since CokeandPopcorn is no longer serving its users, Niter would be a perfect alternative.

You get categories like Top Niter, DCMA, TV Series, etc. Along with that, there is a separate section dedicated to series and movies that are going to be added soon on this site under the section – Coming Soon.

A wide range of shows and movies can be enjoyed from the genres – Suspense, Comedy, Horror, Action, adventure, etc.

6. Yidio

coke popcorn alternatives

Yidio offers features and content quite similar to Coke and Popcorn and hence it acts as a great alternative.

Most of the shows and movies and all the TV Series and movies from CokeandPopcorn are shown here. There is also live streaming that you can watch for free.

The interface is pretty simple with a number of categories to help users find the kind of movie they are looking for.

You will find the categorization of movies according to the alphabet. Considering Privacy, the websites are safe to browse.

7. Showbox

Showbox is one such alternative site to Coke and Popcorn that offers TV shows and movies in a variety of formats as well as resolutions.

A lot of features provided by Showbox are lacking even on paid sites like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc.

The interface is clean with limited and useful categories. Most of the latest shows and movies can be found here.

8. BigStar Movies

BigStart Movies stands true to its name since it offers its users links to various hit big movies which are not easily accessible anywhere over the internet.

Its name perfectly defines the site. Apart from movies, some cartoon web series are available too.

The mechanism through which this website works is SEO based. Thus this site will lead you to a number of relevant options when you enter a keyword in the search box.

The site has been categorized into sections like – All movies, TV Episodes, Recently added, Action and Adventure, and so on.

9. FMovies

best coke and popcorn alternative

FMovies is another site similar to Coke and Popcorn that stands by its name and has a huge collection of movies.

The site offers great service when it comes to movies but the only drawback is that it constantly changes and has many domain names like –,,,, and so on. Also, check out Fmovies Alternatives to Watch free movies online.

And none of the above work any longer. Because of this confusion, you may end up using an illegitimate site. So be alert while going for Fmovies.

10. TV Series Net

TV Series Net offers more TV Series and that too for free. You can browse as much as you want on this site without any restrictions.

There is hardly any sort of shows that are not available here. You will find almost every TV Series over here, as is implied by its name.

You have the option to login using your Email ID so as to binge-watch shows. You find a wide variety of shows that including Korean TV Shows, American TV Series and so on.

11. Snag Films

If you are a person who is into classic and old movies, then Snag Films is the best option for you.

This site contains almost all the vintage classics of all times. You will find a huge collection of videos and movies here ranging from 10,000 movies.

The best part is that it is very similar to Coke and Popcorn in the case of features and hence once you start using it, you will find it to be the best alternative.

The interface of this site looks Vintage and elegant. It is much limited to just three categories – Home, Movies and Shows.

12. 123Movies

Another Coke and Popcorn alternative is the site called 123Movies. It is one of the illegal websites like PirateBay that were published on some infamous websites.

It offers free service and is one of the most popular sites with over 100 million users every month. This site hosts only third-party content and hence it is not possible that it will be shut down any time soon.

13. Crackle

Crackle is another website that offers free and quality HD movies and shows. It is wide when it comes to shows as you will find many popular American as well as Korean shows here.

The interface is very different from the black background. You are shown categories like Featured Movies, Featured Shows, etc. You can find movies on the basis of its Genre.

14. Putlocker

Putlocker is a website that was once among the most visited 250 websites in the world. It was then blocked by the UK Government.

This website is of UK origin and is very popular although formed recently in the year 2011. It has a huge user base.

The interface of this site is pretty fresh and attractive. You will find various categories like – Featured, Recently added, Anime, Cartoons, Asian Drama, Years, Genres, etc.

The classification has been made on the basis of Countries as well. It is one of the very few popular sites that offer Asian Drama. Check out Putlocker Alternatives Here.

15. Primewire

Another one on the list is PrimeWire. Not just have videos, but can also have audio on this site.

The interface is basic and you have the option to log in. So that you can download and watch the shows or movies later.

There is an option to sort TV Shows and movies into various lists.

They can be sorted into such lists in categories as popularity, release date, language, genre, and so on. You can also check out the best alternatives to primewire to stream free movies.

16. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll has a user interface quite similar to Coke and Popcorn and hence you will visually find it to be the best alternative.

Most of the popular TV Shows and movies are available here to watch. It has over 25,000 episodes and HD videos.

The interface is pretty friendly and it has a few categories that will make it easier for you to find the thing that you are looking for. ‘New’, ‘Anime’, and ‘Drama’ are a few categories on the home page.

Not just movies or episodes, you are also offered stuff like Manga, News, Forums, etc. here.

There is an option of getting the Premium paid version of this site but the free basic one does the job pretty well too.


coke and popcorn alternative

The name says it all! This site is another alternative for Coke and Popcorn that offers popular shows and movies for free.

While considering safety as well, the site is safe to browse through. You will find a number of Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies here.


Viewster is another best alternative for Coke and Popcorn that offers movies and TV series in high resolution. The shows and movies available here are all for free.

The site has categorized the shows and other content variously on the basis of Popularity, Languages, Channels, Omakase, etc.

You can also enjoy the Anime series here. This site is perfect for everyone – kids, adults, and even the oldies.

19. Movie Zion

20 best alternatives to coke and popcorn

Movie Zion has lesser similarity in the case of the number of movies and TV Shows present. All the movies that are available here can be streamed in HD resolution.

At times, you may not find the link to the movie that you are looking for. But the good part about this site is that you can request the admin to provide the link to the movie you are looking for.

20. Kodi

Last but not least is the very famous website offering free TV Shows and Movies – Kodi. I do not think there is any introduction this site needs.

If you do not know what Kodi is then its Alexa rank will surely clear your vision about Kodi. There is no limit as to how many shows or movies you can stream or download.

Kodi is one of the best entertainment-providing websites of all time.

The collection here is huge, the compatibility of this site is vast, you get the latest stuff here because of regular updates, and everything you are looking for in an entertainment site for free is here!

Final Verdict

Given above were the 20 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives. All of the above-mentioned sites are free to use and thus make the best alternatives.

A few of them may also have a premium version that you can buy if you like the site.

I assume you have found for yourself the perfect alternative. In case there are any more names that you would like to suggest, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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