Let’s face it, even if we love to spend time with our friends, every once in a while there are moments when we would give anything to avoid that part of the conversation in which everyone complains about everything.

The one part in which every “let me tell you what happened to me” is matched by a “but let me tell you what happened to me”.

Luckily, the are several ways in which you can change the natural course of that conversation and have plenty of fun with your friends instead.

Turn the complaints or bragging competition into a who-has-more-luck-at-slots competition and everyone will be more entertained and less audibly self-centred.

If you all want to spend some time indoors together, be good-humoured and get surprised without leaving the house, you can give online casino games a shot.

To make it easier for you to decide what kind of multiplayer games you should try out, here is our list of 5 sorts of casino games you should give a go when you’re hanging out with your friends.

Casino Games That You Can Play With Friends

1. Poker

Perhaps the best-known game in both online and offline casinos, Poker has always managed to appeal to a tremendous number of players.

Although playing the basic version of Poker is unlikely to cause any laughter, there are so many variations of it, that you are more than likely find the one that also lifts your spirits.

One of the main attraction of the game is that you can examine the behaviour of the co-players during the session, which is certainly going to help you and your friends to get to know each other even better.

If you’re exhausted after a long day of work but still want to spend some time with your friends,  feel free to invite them to play a session online.

There is no guarantee you will find enough places in your live Poker room to play together, but at least you will be able to say that you did come up with an idea for a group activity.

2. Baccarat

Everyone knows this casino classic. If you have a friend who showed up later than the others, let him be the dealer.

This particular casino game is perhaps more enjoyable if you play it in a non-virtual venue, but fortunately, if you and your friends are ever out of conversation topics, bored, and too lazy to set up a Baccarat table at your home, you can always opt to play it in an online casino.

Playing together will lift up your spirits and any sort of impatience regarding who the winner is going to be will give all of you an adrenaline boost.

3. Online multiplayer slots

This is the modern-day variation on the very popular casino-classic. Unlike their single-player counterparts, these kinds of slots provide entertainment for more players at once.

When you invite your friends over, you can all team up to play a game of this sort. Linked to each other throughout the session, there is plenty of fun to be had while one of you has more luck.

Seeing as slots are games of chance and require very little or no skill at all, you will still be able to chat while you are playing.

More general comments and jokes about real-life lack of luck may be hard to avoid, but there is always a chance that one of you will win money, so keep some drinks around to celebrate if it does happen.

4. Live Casino Roulettes

One of the more recent attractions of online casinos is that they try to provide experiences that feel and look very much like the situations you would encounter in a brick-and-mortar gambling venue.

So if you and your friends feel like going out but you are all too lazy to do so, you can meet up in an online casino for a game of Live Roulette.

Part of the fun will consist of trying to make sure you can all get to the same virtual space and meet the same dealer.

Then each of you will be led to a gaming room. The dealer awaits you there and will invite you to place your bets.

Should you and your friends not have anything else to chat about, you can enjoy your freedom to gossip about the dealer.

5. Join a tournament of any kind

This one applies to any casino game. If you can’t find time to meet your friends offline, at least you will know that you are experiencing something together.

You can each join the same tournament, no matter what kind it is, and see which of you manages to gather the most points. Should that one ambitious friend get more points than all the participants in the tournament, he could even win substantial prizes.

As kind and caring friends, don’t hesitate to ask him to share his winnings with you!

Nowadays, if you want to spend time with your friends and have something more thrilling to do than to stare at each other and complain – especially if you don’t feel like it – there are many activities you could do.

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Wrapping Up

You can have fun playing casino games online and then compare your experiences. These virtual places also function as meeting points for you and your pals on the day when you are not particularly keen on meeting offline.

To make sure there will be nothing gloomy about your future hang-out sessions, feel free to try out some of the kinds of casino games we presented to you.


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