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When you think about it, apps are the main reason we dedicate so much time to mobile devices. No one makes calls for hours. And people only text with close friends for a couple of hours. The rest of the time is dedicated to apps: social media, streaming networks and games. Huuuge Casino, is one of the many apps on Google and Apple Play Stores that provide entertainment reminiscing Las Vegas and Macau. It features hundreds of slots. And it lets you play these games free of charge. The only cost is your time.

Huuuge is not the only free to play casino app out there, though. If you want to experience casino gaming on multiple apps, these are the best Huuuge Casino alternatives.


Huuuge Casino: Slot Machines Alternatives

1. Slotomania

The name says it all—this casino apps is for people that love slots. It features 70 beautifully designed slots, all featuring unique themes and betting features. What’s more, it has a handful of puzzles, simulation games and something real money gamblers wish their favorite casinos could get: skill-based games.

Created by Playtika in 2011, Slotomania was the first free to play casino app in the world. Today, it’s one of the biggest apps of its kind, serving tens of millions every month. The best feature of Slotomania is that you can play most of its games without every purchasing chips.

All you need is to log into your account regularly for free chips. Then you can play a wide range of slots and share the results with friends. Slotomania has a penchant for interactivity and will constantly remind you to invite your friends over.

2. Big Fish Casino

When you want to have casino fun without spending money, Big Fish can be a great choice. This app comes from the innovative folk from Big Fish Games, a mobile gaming developer with 400+ Facebook games and 3500 PC games.

Big Fish Casino came out in 2002, long before Facebook apps were a thing. Back then, you had to use its website to play slots. Nowadays, you can use its apps or website. But keep in mind it provides free to play games.

Unlike Huuuge casino, though, Big Fish has a partnership with Aristocrat, one of the biggest software providers out there. This gives it access to plenty of high-quality games. With that in mind, find other sites where you can play slot games free of charge or for real money—games featuring the latest online gambling technology.

3. Vegas Slots

Vegas is synonymous with slots, so it’s only fair that there’s a casino named after the Nevada-based city. To be clear, we’re talking about the free to play casino app named Vegas Slots and not the British real-money gambling brand with a similar name.

At Vegas Slot, you get free chips as a welcome reward. Then you select games to play. If you run out of chips, you can complete missions for chips or buy them using real cash. We’d recommend the first option.

4. DoubleDown Casino Slots Games

Doubling down might be a term primarily used in blackjack games. But it’s also the name behind a popular slot machine app. Like many similar apps, you receive free betting credits immediately you install the app. The next step is predictable. You choose slots to play based on themes, graphics, jackpots and in-game features.

5. Jackpot Magic Slots & Casino

Want to play slots and interact with a community of over 200,000 people? Get Jackpot Magic Slots & Casino, one of the many casino apps created by Big Fish Games. It’s designed like a real money casino thanks to the partnership between Big Fish and Aristocrat we talked about.

To expound more, this casino offers a wide range of slot primarily found at real money casinos. The app provides many of these games free of charge. But there’s a selection of games availed only to high rollers.

6. Cash Frenzy

Designed by Grande Games, Cash Frenzy is an app that welcomes you with bundles of cash to play a wide range of slots. What’s more, it gives you rewards every 15 minutes, after three hours and daily when you log into your account.

The app’s game variety is decent but many of them feature high-quality graphics. Crucially, they come with in-game features like free spins and multipliers.

7. Tycoon Casino

Don’t mind the name: this casino belongs to all, even those with no cash to spend on slots. The only requirement is to install the app. Then you receive one million betting credits to help chase your dream of becoming a gambling tycoon, at least on paper.

8. Coin Pusher

Back when slot machines accepted pennies only and used levels to make physical reels spins, being a coin pusher would have been a relatable term. Nowadays, many Vegas slots are so modern and advanced that you don’t need to push coins to play.

Or maybe you can: Coin Pusher gives you this experience through its realistic retro-themed slots. The games work out online, so you push virtual coins. But it’s a wonderful experience all the same.

9. MyVegas Slots: Free Casino

Designed by PlayStudios, MyVegas Slots is a free to play casino apps that works alongside developer Konami to bring you real slots play at real money casinos. Naturally, these games are beautiful, mobile-responsive and loaded with bonus features. Being a free to play app, though, My Vegas Slots won’t let you play these games for real cash.

10. Caesars Slot Machines and Games

Caesars is one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Due to this, it has thousands of fans, including the folks who designed the Caesars Slot Machines and Games app: Playtika. In other words, this app doesn’t come from the Las Vegas casino and it doesn’t provide slots you can find at a real casino.

However, it has 100+ slots you can have fun playing, including some you can cherish with Facebook friends. It also gives out exclusive rewards regularly, from special room unlocks to free spins you can gift your friends.


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