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It’s no surprise that being well-organized correlates with increased productivity. Finding the right task organizing tool for you can be a difficult endeavor, whether you’re a die-hard to-do lister, someone who lives and dies by their paper calendar, or simply need to keep track of all your activities, activities, and work project deadlines in one spot.

Consider upgrading to a planning app instead of picking up another old-school paper office planner—and, let’s be honest, letting it build dust in a drawer once more. These apps take the place of a standard office planner, allowing you to keep track of your to-do lists, calendars, and schedules right on your phone. Prepare to get organized by reading about our top to-do, calendar, and general planning apps.


Best Daily Planner Apps

Take a look at the best of Daily Planner Apps which can be used by you.

1. Friday

Friday planner Daily Planner AppsFriday’s format is web.

Friday is one of the top Daily Planner Apps that helps you organize your work in one area so you can see what you need to get done, which is especially useful if you work remotely. You can see all of your meetings, tasks, and daily routines in one location, using tools you already use. Friday pulls data from all of these apps to offer you a clear picture of your day so you can focus on getting things done.

The best characteristics are:

  • Next to your tasks, you’ll see your meetings.
  • Get a daily agenda notification that summarizes your schedule for the day.
  • With the Chrome plugin, you can block distracting websites.
  • In Slack, set aside time to focus and go into do-not-disturb mode automatically.
    “I’ve previously attempted to manage a distributed team using Slack, PM tools, email, and Hangouts. It’s out of control. Friday’s toolkit is just what we needed to allow workers in different time zones to collaborate in real-time.” – Unstack CTO Steve Moseley

Pricing is as follows:

  • Individuals – no cost. Here’s where you can get started.
  • Teams – $6 per month per person
  • Company/Enterprise – Designed specifically for your company’s needs
  • Begin for free on Friday.

2. Todoist

TodoistTodoist is available in three different formats: web, iOS, and Android.

Todoist is one of the top Daily Planner Apps for staying organized and productive. It’s a simple to-do list tool that allows you to keep track of your tasks and share them with your coworkers. Subtasks, subprojects, repeating tasks, notifications, varied priorities, and more capabilities are available in Todoist.

The best characteristics are:

  • It’s simple to divide your tasks into subtasks and more.
  • Prioritize tasks according to their importance.
  • In a simple-to-use interface, get a clear picture of your day.

“Overall, Todoist has been a lifesaver, allowing me to manage and simplify my work life while juggling multiple projects and tasks.” Capterra, Inc.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Fundamentals: Premium: $3 per person each month
  • Business: $5 per month per person

3. Any.do

any.do Daily Planner AppsAny.do is available in three different formats: web, iOS, and Android.

Your work and responsibilities aren’t just restricted to your job. There are a number of activities that need to be done from the time you wake up until you go back to bed, such as ordering a birthday cake or following up with a client. Any.do is a tool that helps you manage your life and tasks, reducing overwhelm and increasing productivity.

The best characteristics are:

  • Easily create and manage jobs
  • All gadgets, including smartwatches, are supported.
  • Create a project blueprint and assign tasks to manage the project.

“Using Any.do is one of the best Daily Planner Apps to manage my time has greatly improved my time management and informed me as to which tasks I should prioritize based on the due date.” Capterra –

The cost is:

  • Basic – 1 month free, then $5.99 per month
  • $6.49 each month for 6 months
  • $2.99 per month for 12 months

4. Things 3 (iOS and Android)

Things 3Things 3 is an excellent example of German engineering. It is not only designed to provide a fantastic user experience, but also to be extremely functional. Things 3 is the ideal app for folks who want to get started utilizing anything right away without having to go through a series of “how-tos.”

The best characteristics are:

  • Set reminders and you’ll never forget a task again.
  • Send an email to Things 3 to add it to your to-do list.
  • Add some fun widgets.

“Things make it simple to take something I’m thinking about in my physical brain, save it in a trustworthy system, and forget about it until I need it.” – Software Help

The cost is:

$9.99/month for a one-time payment

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar Daily Planner AppsGoogle Calendar is available in three different formats: web, iOS, and Android.

Google Calendar is ideal for seeing how your day, week, and month are structured in terms of meetings, work, and other obligations. Friday allows you to link your Google Calendar to your to-do applications for a more complete picture of your day.

The best characteristics are:

  • Send yourself an email first thing in the morning to see how your day is shaping up.
  • Connect all of your apps for a more efficient workflow.
  • Keep track of scheduled meetings and unfinished work.

“So far, it’s been fairly amazing; we’re extremely thrilled with the ease with which we can arrange a hangout video meeting, and the fact that we can book coworkers’ schedules based on their availability saves us time!” – Software Help

The cost is:

  • $6/month for Free Pro
  • Enterprise – Designed specifically for your company’s needs

6. Notion 

notionNotion is one of the more attractive workspaces for organizing tasks, taking notes, creating project plans, giving presentations, keeping structured documents, and more. You can use the tool alone or invite your full team to collaborate in one location.

The best characteristics are:

  • Cross-functional teamwork that runs smoothly
  • Make a comprehensive database for your current and new staff.
  • Keep track of your projects and tasks.

“I adore Notion’s simplicity. I like Notion’s clean look and the fact that I can alter it as much as I want.” – Crowd G2

The cost is:

Personal – Free Personal Pro – $4 /month Team – $8 /month Enterprise – Tailored to your company’s requirements

7. Twobird

twobird Daily Planner AppsTwobird lets you manage anything from your inbox, whether it’s returning an email, coordinating with your family on a party list, or remembering a follow-up. It eliminates the need for a separate app and integrates with what you already have.

The best characteristics are:

  • Prioritize your chores based on their significance.
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions with ease.
  • Everything can be managed from a single location — your inbox.

“I’m very glad I came across this app. It strikes the ideal balance between features and simplicity.” – Application Store

The cost is:


8. Trello

trello Daily Planner AppsTrello is available in three different formats: web, iOS, and Android.

Trello has a to-do list as one of its numerous functions. It is, at its core, a project management tool that facilitates team collaboration. It employs a kanban board methodology, in which you assign dashboards with individual cards with job details beneath each. Combine Trello and Friday.

The best characteristics are:

  • For large teams, this is an excellent project management tool.
  • Make a list of to-dos and allocate them to people with due dates.
  • To track a project’s progress, drag cards across dashboards.

“Trello was a blessing in disguise. Since I started using Trello, I’ve been a lot more productive.” Capterra –

The cost is:

  • Business Class is free and costs $12.50 per person each month.
  • Enterprise – Designed specifically for your company’s needs

9. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

It is available in three different formats: web, iOS, and Android.

Aside from email, Microsoft Outlook has evolved into a powerful scheduling and event management application over time. You can quickly access Microsoft Office files, apply smart filters, make your inbox a priority inbox, and more. If you connect Microsoft Outlook with Friday, you can quickly connect the app with your other to-do and project management apps to get a better picture of your day.

The best characteristics are:

  • Emails can be scheduled.
  • Calendars can be shared.
  • Organize your duties effectively.

“Microsoft 365 has made it simple for us to cooperate and shift our business processes digitally.” – Software Help

Pricing is as follows:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic is $5 per month per person.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard costs $12.50 a month per person.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium costs $20 per month per person.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps – $8.25/month per person

10. ZenDay 

ZenDay plannerZenDay, as the name implies, aims to infuse more zen into your day. Before you begin, the app provides you with the option of focusing on just one task or viewing your complete day. It offers a color-coding tool that allows you to prioritize jobs and keep track of pending tasks.

The best characteristics are:

  • To make sure you don’t forget anything, color code your tasks.
  • Syncs with all of your calendars in a seamless manner.
  • Examine your prior weeks to see how far you’ve progressed and how much you’ve improved.

Pricing is as follows:

In-app purchases range from $2.90 to $19.00 per item 11. Habitica is available on the web, iOS, and Android.

11. Habitica

habiticaHabitica is a free productivity and habit-building tool that turns your everyday life into a game. It provides in-game incentives and penalties to encourage you to fulfill your duties. Habitica also has a large social network to motivate you and assist you in achieving your goals of becoming healthier, more productive, and happier.

The best characteristics are:

  • Reward yourself for achieving your objectives.
  • To feel inspired, join a social community.
  • Keep track of your goals and to-dos to stay on track.

“Because Habitica is such a versatile game, you can actually gamify your habits and chores to suit your level of creativity, utilitarianism, minimalism, and community engagement.” – Application Store

Pricing is as follows:

Free to use

Frequently Asked Questions

A planner app is a tool that helps you get organized by storing all of your organizational tools in one location that you can use from anywhere at any time. A planner app may hold names and contact information, calendars, appointment schedules, and more, and can replace your old-school paper planner. You can also make custom headers and to-do lists right in the app.

What Is a Planner App and How Does It Work?

A planner app is just a collection of blank calendars and templates waiting to be filled in. You can start using it right away by entering your information or uploading it from another source. The app organizes and stores your data, and it may be tailored to your organizing style. The software can set crucial event reminders and alarms, as well as sync calendars and devices.

What Is the Price of a Planner App?

Planner apps differ in terms of features and functionalities, as well as price. There are a variety of free planning apps available, including simple calendar apps. There are also several that have a free basic version but require in-app purchases to unlock further features. Other planning apps charge roughly $11 per month and per team member. Then there are the more advanced apps, which can cost up to $50. These are one-time costs for making a purchase.

Is Investing in a Planner App Worth It?

A planner software is certainly for you if you have a hectic life and want to keep organized, be more productive, and save everything in one digital home. It may not be worth it to purchase the software because there are so many free options and some smartphones come with built-in planner apps. If you manage a team at work or have unique organizing demands, it might be worth your time to invest in a paid planner app rather than a free one.

How Did We Pick among the TOP Daily Planner Apps?

We chose the best among the Daily Planner Apps after researching all of the available planner apps. We chose these as the best planner apps for a variety of reasons, including their features, device compatibility, interfaces with other applications like email, affordability, ease of use, and more.


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