These Apps Will Make You a Better Manager

The profession of a manager is very popular today. Whatever area you enter, management will definitely be needed there. This is primarily due to the fact that communication is the key to almost everything these days. Communication within the organization is a separate serious niche, which is very important. What services will help managers optimize their work? Let’s get a look!

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1. YouGile

We’ll start with the YouGile app. This application can be used for free if you need to communicate with no more than 10 people. Using the application, you can easily organize employees in the system: indicate positions, managers, departments. In addition to direct communication with employees, you will also be given the opportunity to contact contractors and freelancers, here you will set up access rights in the system for “us” and “them”. Naturally, you can easily create projects, boards, tasks, subtasks, sorting your own and other people’s tasks in a personal scheduler.

One of the main advantages is also the possibility of establishing communication between departments and chats like in a messenger. Also here you can control all the processes of work on reports and summaries. And of course, a personal beautiful interface is a huge plus!

2. Trello

Trello is a real management classic. Here you can create task boards, manage projects, control deadlines and receive notifications for free. You can even get integration with the Slack app. Trello is great as a personal work diary. Here you can clearly see your plans for the day, week. However, if you want to make more than 10 working boards, you will have to pay. However, it is nice to pay for such quality!

3. Bitrix24

You may have heard about such a program as Bitrix24. With the help of the online program, you can unite the employees of even the largest team for free. Establish communication in a live feed or chats, make audio and video calls, share files. Here, as in most programs for managers, you can create groups, projects, boards, set tasks and subtasks, assign performers, and view reports. A huge plus is the ability to store 5 GB of files in the cloud and set up mobile CRM.

4. Pyrus

Here you can invite any number of employees for free, create any number of simple tasks, assign performers. You can easily sort your tasks by due date and type. Set up integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, as well as with any CRM. In general, working with tasks is easy and pleasant: there are boards, there is a personal planner that displays “tasks from me” and “tasks for me”. Active ones are displayed separately, completed ones separately. One of the main advantages is automated workflow. Negotiate contracts and payments, draw up applications, work with requests from customers.

5. Jira

An application that, like everything in the classics, makes it possible to create boards, tasks, sprints, and distribute them among performers. What’s really cool is that here you can use business project templates, which can make things easier. You can easily create detailed reports on projects, view summaries and evaluate employee workload.

6. ClickUp

An application that has a minimalistic, pleasant interface and a lot of features. There are no limits on inviting employees – free use for any team. There are also no restrictions on the number of boards, tasks and lists. Here you will find unlimited possibilities for using notes, digital notebooks, reminders and calendars, as well as keeping track of calendars when work has started and finished.

As you can see, there are many applications for managers and they are quite similar, but there are still differences between them. Each of them has its own zest that no one else has. Focus on your needs and capabilities when choosing an application and remember that the plant versions allow much more than what is written here! Successful and productive work!


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