Best Forex VPS Hosting for Uninterrupted Trading

Foreign Exchange (Forex), often called currency trading, is an international market with tremendous liquidity and extraordinary trade volume.

It is the world’s biggest financial market, with assets worth $6 to $7 trillion being exchanged daily.

Anyone may start trading even without much money, but you need to be attentive to shifting market situations, given the extreme volatility. Not to add, several traders had a horrible experience when they lost their connections while performing their trading operations, resulting in a large loss of money.

Thankfully, a forex VPS can fight this problem.

It is considerably more effective than utilizing your PC for trading. It’s because forex trading needs high computation time and even greater network stability than a forex VPS is intended to provide.

A forex VPS has skills and resources allocated to suit your forex trading requirements and allows you to enjoy trading without irritation or interruptions.

In this post, you will learn about some of the finest forex VPS hosting services that can offer you reliable and secure connections and assist generate more earnings.

What is Forex VPS Hosting/Server?

Forex VPShosting

This kind of hosting service provides clients with a dedicated Virtual Private Server that they may use for a variety of tasks like operating a website, playing high-quality video games, establishing an online store/eCommerce website, or FX trading.

By using a VPS hosting service, you eliminate the need to spend significant time and money in setting up your PC or keeping it powered on constantly.

A forex VPS server hosting account enables you to trade flawlessly on their chosen platform with the assistance of trading experts.

Benefits of Using Forex VPS Hosting

There are many benefits to using a VPS forex service to do the finest forex trading.

1. No Time Limit:
With the assistance of a reliable Forex VPS, you may trade at any time of day. It does not bind you to a specific pace, allowing you to do transactions anywhere and whenever you want.

While Forex VPS may be expensive, the many benefits outweigh the expense. Locate the finest forex virtual private server in terms of dormancy, security, support, and transfer speed, and quickness.

The virtual private server is regarded as the primary tool for web-based Forex trading.

Thus, a virtual private server may be very beneficial to a trader who relies on a computerized benefit or perhaps a custom trading technique.

2. Minimal Slippage:

When you have an ideal VPS, you enjoy the reduced slippage. This is because the framework can do all trades instantly, in contrast to what a PC would be able to accomplish. The transmission of a request is very rapid, which results in fewer deferrals and less slippage.

Slippage may be costly, and having this Forex server means you can minimize irregularities and disasters.

It is one of the most prominent focus points you will have regardless of how you physically arrange the parts.

3. Fully Secured:

The server is very secure. As a result, when you choose frameworks from the most reputable companies that provide security, the majority of managed VPSs undergo regular inspections to ensure they are operating correctly and are up to date with the standards.

To safeguard you against possible threats, such frameworks will also include antivirus and other critical security tools.

4. Can Work When Power is Off:

VPS allows you to share data regardless of whether the power is off. This is because you have a mechanized framework that works admirably even without your intervention.

This means that you may conduct your transaction as usual without being connected to the internet. You just need to adjust a few parameters on the framework and you’re ready to continue trading securely and safely.

5. Do Business Anywhere:

With a Forex VPS, you may conduct any transaction from any location in the globe. This may be challenging if you use a computer for trading.

If you have a workstation, you may enjoy some flexibility in completing an exchange quickly; but, if you have a VPS, you can connect to the stage from any location that has a system connection.

You do not need to work from a designated zone, as is the case with a PC, nor are you required to carry your PC with you everywhere you go to make this possible.

Best Forex VPS Hosting Platforms

Accuweb Hosting:

AccuWeb hosting for ForexVPS

AccuWeb Hosting was founded in 2003 in Old Tappan, New Jersey (US), with the mission of delivering the most affordable and reliable web hosting solutions to clients worldwide.

AccuWeb Hosting is a privately held, debt-free business with over 14 years of expertise. AccuWeb Hosting now serves over 101,025 happy clients.

The online support team at AccuWeb Hosting is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may either submit a support request or participate in a live online chat for your convenience. All issues and chat inquiries are promptly and successfully addressed by Level-3 hosting experts. The majority of support tickets are resolved within 30 minutes.

AccuWebHosting’s servers are situated in cutting-edge data centres in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, and India.

These ultra-modern data centers are staffed 24 hours a day, have numerous internet connections, are monitored 24 hours a day, have a fire suppression system, a backup power generator, continuous video surveillance, and passcard-protected doors.

The majority of servers are equipped with dual Xeon E5 series CPUs, 64 to 512 GB of RAM, and high-speed enterprise-grade SSDs configured in RAID10.

Additionally, all web hosting services include a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, and 24/7 assistance.

Pricing –

Forex VPS 1 ($ 12 per month): Recommended for 1 to 4 terminals
Forex VPS 2 ($ 24 per month): Recommended for 5 to 8 terminals
Forex VPS 3 ($ 44 per month): Recommended for 8+ terminals
Forex VPS 4 ($ 111.99 per month): Recommended for 6 to 8 terminals
Forex VPS 5 ($ 191.99 per month): Recommended for 8 to 10 terminals
Forex VPS 6 ($ 383.99 per month): Recommended for 10+ terminals

2. V2 Cloud:


Desktop virtualization does not have to be difficult to implement. V2 Cloud is the IT geek you’re looking for. They collaborate closely with Independent Software Vendors, company owners, managed service providers, and IT managers to help them use the Cloud to expand their companies.

As a fully integrated Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, they prioritize speed and simplicity—so you can work more efficiently from any location.

Additionally, you may utilize V2 Cloud to publish any Windows application and use it as a SaaS solution (SaaS) Allow our support staff to alleviate your concerns—use your cloud computer securely, swiftly, and cheaply with the help of our support team.

They assist through email, live chat, and telephone. All of this is completely free. Try V2 Cloud for free and meet the world’s easiest cloud desktop!

V2 Cloud is a multi-user desktop environment that enables workers and colleagues to communicate online, share data and programs, and work remotely from the same machine.

Pricing –

The Founder ($ 40 per month): Recommended for 1 user
The Startup ($ 70 per month): Recommended for up to 4 user
The SMB ($ 140 per month): Recommended for up to 8 user
The Firm ($ 280 per month): Recommended for up to 16 user
The Company ($ 560 per month): Recommended for up to 36 user
The Enterprise ($ 1120 per month): Recommended for up to 64 user

3. VPS Server:

VPSServer Forex VPS hosting

With VPS Server’s low latency and excellent services, you may start online trading in only a few minutes. It supports all major trading platforms and provides professional advisors to assist with the execution process.

Their servers are distributed through Windows Server 2012, which is well-known to forex blockers globally.

Simply pay for the currency you intend to use and swap packages at any moment to meet your evolving requirements. They promise 99.99 per cent uptime on their better servers to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Pricing –

Standard Plan: $ 19.99
Popular Plan: $ 219.99
Memory Optimized: $ 29.99

4. JavaPipe:

JavaPipe forex vps hosting

Enhance your online trading capabilities on platforms such as MT4/MT5 or a variety of others by using JavaPipe’s excellent VPS hosting solutions. They provide continuous connectivity to your brokers while maintaining a secure and reliable network.

They provide FX VPS hosting services based on KVM. This means you’ll get amazing performance by running applications faster, superior security, and affordable price.

It makes no difference where you are situated in the globe; you may use their performance-tuned private webserver with minimal latency and extremely few to no network-related problems.

They provide SSD storage space with all forex VPS services to ensure that data is accessed quickly.

You won’t have to worry about cyber attacks with this host since they secure your server with powerful three-level DDoS protection. Their service is scalable since you can simply increase your package as your trading requirements develop.

Pricing –

VPS 1: $ 6.12 per month
VPS 2: $ 12.30 per month
VPS 3: $ 18.48 per month
VPS 4: $ 24.66 per month

5. NextPointHost:


Nextpointhost offers a comprehensive range of services that may satisfy the needs of the majority of people and businesses, and their rates are very affordable. They offer a structured and user-friendly website, which is critical for any hosting business.

Nextpointhost prides itself on being the “world’s oldest Forex VPS service” due to its compatibility with all operating systems, support for all Expert Advisors, and commitment to providing clients with the best performance possible with no hidden fees.

As a Forex trader, Nextpointhost provides a dependable technological platform that guarantees a rapid execution speed while trading forex.

Pricing –

Starting at EUR 35 in New York, London, and Singapore

6. FXVM:

FXVM Forex VPS hosting

FXVM is a premier VPS provider that caters to Forex traders with a range of different options. For Forex traders who wish to assess their forex robots 24 hours a day, the $ 19 for a month subscription is an option.

Additionally, traders who want to operate a lot of trading systems concurrently may choose for more costly plans that include additional disc space. FXVM is very simple to use, which makes them a top option for traders.

FXVM is fully compatible with the Forex Expert Advisers and all MT4/MT% platforms.

Additionally, FXVM offers a 30-day trial period to new customers, allowing them to fully evaluate their services and choose if they can commit to the provider. In the event of disappointment, customers may request a complete refund.

Pricing –

Lite VPS: $ 19
Basic VPS: $ 28
Advanced VPS: $ 49
Dedicated Server: $ 199

7. InterServer:

Windows VPS Hype

Interserver is a market leader in the web hosting industry. The business utilizes cutting-edge technologies that Currency traders need to guarantee seamless and uninterrupted forex trading.

Interserver is critical to security since it ensures total data protection for all clients, independent of the hosting plan.

The company’s Price Lock Guarantee ensures that the price a client pays at the time of signup will remain constant throughout the account’s lifetime.

Pricing –
Plans start from $ 6 per month

8. Hostwinds:

Hostwinds Forex VPS hosting

Hostwinds is well-known for being a cost-effective business that provides clients cheap rates. The business offers a safe and professional virtual private server hosting solution that guarantees quick execution on a high-performance server.

The company’s customer support team is accessible 24 hours a day to help clients with setting up or with any other questions they may have.
Additionally, Hostwinds provides a variety of goods, providing clients with a variety of choices.

Pricing –

Plans start from $ 8


Due to the extreme volatility of the market, you must be always accessible and watch developments to incorporate them into your trading choices.

Utilize forex VPS hosting services to enjoy stress-free trading. You should maintain focus and use high-performance servers, which simplifies the procedure and allows you to reap maximum advantages.

Alternatively, you may use a cloud-based Windows server, but you will need to install the required applications for yourself.


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