Best Horizontal PC Cases

Without a doubt, vertical cases dominate the market. If you look at any “best horizontal PC cases”, you’ll see that tower-style cases dominate. While there is nothing wrong with towers, the best horizontal cases excel at certain tasks.

For example, they’re excellent for small HTPC and living room PC setups while also avoiding typical problems such as GPU droop.

Horizontal PC cases also have a distinct appearance, and they may provide the spark of inspiration you need for your next build. Whatever your motivation, we’ve selected a handful of the most compelling horizontal instances for your consideration.

How to shop for the best Horizontal PC cases?

Here are the quick shopping tips to look in for things to buy best PC cases:

  • Orientation: Look for the PC case that can be placed in a direction you desire. Some PC cases can be placed horizontally or vertically or only in one direction.
  • Lightning: If you want more customization to PC cases, the RGB lightning comes in a number of them. While some of them comes with the controller, some can sync with the motherboard.
  • Clearances: Clearances such as CPU,GPU and PSU are essential for the PC configuration. Make sure to know the PC condiguration and then choose the clearance.
  • Front Panel: The front panelof PC cases must have the add-ons like latest gen of USB port, headphone jack, mic,and power button.

10 Best Horizontal PC Cases in

1. SilverStone Technology GD09B ($ 107.24)

Silverstone GD09 PC caseThe GD09B really succeeds on many levels, combining elegance and substance at an affordable price.

The GD09B, from a manufacturer that has specialized in horizontal PC cases for over a decade, offers an amazing amount of component space given its overall dimensions and horizontal arrangement, supporting up to an ATX motherboard.

The enclosure has an amazing seven expansion slots. There is enough space for your different storage needs with support for 2 x 3.5′′/ 1 x 2.5′′ internal drives and 1 x 5.25′′ external drive.

Bear in mind that due to the compact nature of most horizontal cases, you may need to prioritize your requirements (e.g., you may need one or two smaller fans in place if you need all of the aforementioned drive spaces).

The case is surrounded by enough ventilation, which when coupled with the case’s acceptable size allows for cool, well-ventilated builds.

This is an excellent choice for a Home Theatre PC/HTPC case since you will be able to run fans at a lower speed owing to the chassis’s inherent cooling characteristics.

The GD09B is an excellent, one-of-a-kind-looking case with excellent build quality. Two USB3.0 ports, audio connections, and a very slim-looking drive bay are located on the front of the chassis.

This SilverStone product checks so many boxes for horizontal desktop PC setups. Given that it is not the most costly option on the list, it is the quantity of value shown that earns it our top spot.

If the design meets your expectations for a horizontal motherboard PC case, we believe you’ll fall in love with it.

2. Goodisory A01 Mini-ITX ($49):

Goodisory A01 aluminium- best horizonta PC cases

The Goodisory A01 mini-ITX chassis is an appealing option for a fanless setup. It is made of aluminium and comes in a range of brushed color finishes, including Red, Silver, and Black. Additionally, it is available in two distinct styles, including one with or without a glass top.

Once inside, you’ll find a hard drive tray that can accommodate two 2.5-inch SSDs or one 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk. It’s worth mentioning that the tray is placed immediately above the motherboard, leaving just enough space for a 55 mm cooler height if you want to utilize a normal 2.5″ drive.

Additionally, the tiny form factor design accommodates graphics cards up to 180mm in length, as well as a Pico PSU. Unfortunately, it does not contain a power supply, which means you will need to purchase one independently.

The AO1 has numerous ventilation holes on the side and additional slots on the top if you choose for the aluminium plate top.

In comparison, the glass variant has a sealed top. This implies that if you choose the glass type, you will need to elevate the top with some rubber rings in order to achieve the necessary thermal temperatures.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap mini-ITX PC case that can rest flat on a desk, this is an excellent option.

3. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO ($105.99):

Coolermaster HAF- best horizontal PC cases

If you’re an overlocker, a gamer, or just a computer geek looking for a test bench capable of handling a high volume of continuous plugging and unplugging of hardware components, this one is for you.

The case’s ventilation is optimized for overclockers.

It comes pre-installed with two 120mm XtraFlo fans on the front that operate at 1200 RPM and provide a noise level of 17 dBA. If you are a die-hard overclocker, there is room on the top and back for 120 mm fans, or you may replace the two 120 mm fans pre-installed with two 140 mm fans.

While the horizontal chassis is convenient to handle, transport, and construct, its small form has certain disadvantages. Although this chassis is designed for overclocking, it lacks a 420 mm radiator and a liquid reservoir.

Due to the limited space, a distribution block cannot be installed, and RGB lighting is not included in the box.

Although the chassis is advertised as a replacement for a test bench, the motherboard tray and the hot-swap bay are both fragile. It’s ideal for testing RAMs, and GPUs, but it’s not practical for replacing motherboards on a regular basis, since wire management would be a hassle.

4. Thermaltake Core PC ($159.99):

Thermaltake core

Thermaltake’s horizontal motherboard case is both attractive and sturdy, making it a good value for money choice. You may position the motherboard vertically or horizontally to suit your requirements or to get more room within the case.

The PC case is compatible with Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards. Purchasing this case will satisfy the majority of your requirements. It comes pre-installed with a 200 mm fan, which is an interesting feature of this PC case.

If you’re a dedicated gamer in need of more storage, this Thermaltake PC case is for you.
The horizontal desktop case provides sufficient capacity for as many as 6 data storage devices, including SSDs and hard disk drives. The greatest feature of the case is that it allows numerous cooling fans to keep the system cool.

Additionally, you may remove the drive bays to provide additional room for the larger cooling fans.

Thermaltake Core V21 supports radiators up to 600mm in diameter, making it ideal for demanding users that need larger cooling radiators for increased performance.

The front portion of the PC case has a dedicated area for this huge radiator, which protects the PC components from overheating.

The horizontal PC cabinet has two chambers, one higher and one below. The top chamber houses the cooling fans, while the lower chamber houses the drive bays.

The advantage of a two-chamber PC case is that you will have the utmost simplicity of component management.

You do not have to disassemble the whole system to remove or replace a single fan.

5. Phanteks Eclipse P300A ($59.99):

Phanteks Eclipse- best PC cases

Phanteks has created several great cases over the years, but this one stands out as an outstanding mid-tower chassis with a little bit more.

That additional feature is the ability to fit two systems into their attractive form—there is space in the top for an ITX system to sit atop the primary ATX system. While it is a bit of a squeeze, it is doable.

If your requirements aren’t quite as outlandish, you’ll find it spacious to construct in, and there are enough nice small details and quirky design choices to accommodate nearly any project.

There is room in the top (up to 360 mm) and front (up to 420 mm) for all-in-one liquid coolers; it has cable hiding flaps, 3 X Phanteks Premium 120 mm fans, and a universal fan hub in the back to ensure that it looks nice from any angle. Additionally, you can slip an absurd amount of storage into it.

6. Corsair iCue 5000X ($204.99):

Corsair iCue

Because the world of the greatest gaming PCs would be meaningless without luxurious PC cases, Corsair has followed up on its outstanding iCue 4000X case from late 2020 with the incredible iCue 5000X.

The Corsair iCue 5000X, like its predecessor, is brimming with RGB lights and toughened glass. It has four tempered glass panels for showcasing your PC build in all its glory, and it is one of the most modular cases we’ve seen from a major manufacturer, making it extremely simple to build in.

7. Fractal Design Meshify 2 ($208.11):

Fractal Design- best PC cases

The Meshify 2 Compact chassis from Fractal Design provides a great foundation for basic ATX gaming systems and a chassis that will endure the test of time. It makes no attempt to be quirky, preferring to provide the user with an elegant chassis that will look excellent for years to come — a chassis with which the user may grow up.

And, while the quality of the materials may be a little lacking, this is a case where you pay for the excellent design, not just in terms of looks, but also in terms of functionality.

The case’s primary disadvantage is its somewhat high price and absence of RGB lighting, but we think it’s worth it for the case’s thoughtful design.

8. Silverstone HTPC Case Grandia Series ($190.69):

Silverstone Grandia series- best horizontal PC cases

Another offering from SilverStone Technologies, this particular case is part of the company’s renowned Grandia line, which has an air pressure design that promotes efficient heat dissipation and air flow.

This horizontal PC case is a great alternative for gamers searching for a secure way to lock their motherboards.

The PC case is 17.32″ wide, 5.91″ in height and 17.13″ deep. It has a sleek appearance, but its 3 form factors combined with the air pressure design make it a must-have case.

Additionally, the HTPC horizontal PC case supports up to a 70 mm CPU cooler with an optical drive. The allowance increases to 120 mm when the optical drive is removed. Within the 11′′ x 4.92′′ (W x H) restriction, you may store up to four expansion cards. The maximum distance between the power supply and the wall is 150 mm.

9. Liam Li Lancool II Mesh ($134.07):

Lian LI Lincool

Lian Li is well-known for their brushed aluminium premium-quality cases, but they were prohibitively costly.

As a result, Lian Li offered steel-coated casings while maintaining the company’s renowned build quality and released the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh. It is a high-performance version of the original Lancool II that has a front mesh for improved cooling.

Lancool II mesh also has plenty of storage space. Three 3.5-inch hard disk drives and two 2.5-inch hard disk drives may be placed underneath the power supply and alongside the motherboard tray.

Additionally, two additional 2.5-inch HDDs may be added alongside the PSU if necessary.

The front panel lacks a dust screen to encourage greater airflow, which results in dust accumulation within the case, however, this is a trade-off for improved cooling efficiency.

10. RGeek L80S mini ITX:

RGEEK L80S- best horizontal pc cases

Finally, but certainly not least, we have the most attractive case on this list. The InWin B1 is one of the most stylish PC cases we’ve ever seen. It’s compact and may be used vertically or horizontally. The good news is that the case has a side-mounted fan, which ensures that airflow is not compromised when the case is used horizontally.

Having said that, the case does not provide the best thermal performance. This was to be anticipated, given the lavish design that is sealed from the top by the glass panel.

As a result, even though the case accepts coolers up to 60mm in height, we suggest buying a cooler like the Noctua NH-L9a/NH-L9i to improve airflow around the CPU. No, you cannot add a GPU, making this case ideal for low-power HTPC systems rather than gaming rigs.

In general, the B1 is an attractive case at an affordable price that includes a 200W power supply.

It can become very warm, but when coupled with a low-power APU and a high-quality low-profile fan, it should provide adequate thermal performance. In terms of alternatives, we particularly appreciate the Skyreach 4 Mini’s design.

Apart from its attractive appearance, the Skyreach 4 Mini may be equipped with a small GPU such as the newly announced EVGA 3060 Ti XC.


Apart from these, there are a lot of choices available in the market. However, not all of them are worth it. This list contains 10 of the best horizontal PC cases available in the market.

Some of these may be a little costly but are totally worth it. Drop us in the comment which case you would choose and how was your experience with it.

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