Legit Ways to Earn Free Robux

Do you want to know how to get Robux for free? If you are looking for free Robux online but you are tired of bogus websites making false claims, then you have come to the right place.

As we know that there are multiple bogus websites that dupe users into completing tasks in exchange for free Robux but in the end you get nothing.

Therefore, in this post, we will be discussing genuine, trusted, and tried methods of generating Robux for free.

Read the methods carefully before proceeding to complete the tasks and other drills mentioned in the post.

Once you have understood the method, try to use it and make Robux for free like never before!

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a kind of online gaming platform developed by the Roblox Corporation with so many interesting features.

This gaming arena was first conceived in 1989 as a simple 2D interactive physics lab, but technological advancement and the boundless imagination of the developers and gamers have seen it expand into the fascinating imagination platform, we have today for kids, teenagers and even adults, now compatible with almost all smart devices.

11 Legit Ways to Get Free Robux in Roblox No Human Verification!

#1.  Points Prizes

This is a Robux generator. PointsPrizes is basically a website where you will earn some reward points after completing small tasks. These tasks will include watching videos, completing surveys, browsing a website, etc.

It is a very cogent and trustworthy method of getting Roblox free Robux. You just have to make sure that you earn a good number of reward points at PointsPrizes. There are several ways of generating your reward points such as by:

  • Inviting your friends to join PointsPrizes
  • Completing surveys
  • Using coupon codes
  • Using Bonus Points

Once you have got 3750 points, you can redeem them to get a $25 Roblox Gift Card. This Gift Card will fetch you a Robux Code that can be used to get a $25 Robux.

free robux

#2.  Have Your Game

All those who have a query of how to get Robux for free should definitely try this method. To employ this method for getting Roblox free Robux, you need to satisfy certain prerequisites, which are:

  • Have to be very creative
  • Will require only builders club and not Robux
  • Need to have little programming knowledge

Creators of big games like Vampire Hunters 2, Prison Life, Pokemon Brick Bronze, Lumber Tycoon and the like earn humongous Robux for developing such successful games. The process is that they sell VIP upgrades for your character or anything else that you would sell for Robux.

Therefore, you are well versed with programming basics and ludic knowledge, you can easily make use of this method and get Robux Hack. But make sure that you are in the Builders Club before you publish your game.

#3. Try selling your collectibles and other creations

This is a free Robux hack! You can also try selling your collectibles and games that you have created in the Builders Club in exchange for free Robux. Builders Club will give you numerous opportunities to make some Robux for free and this is one such opportunity.

But what is the Builders Club? Essentially, Builder’s Club is like a market place where you exchange collectibles for Robux. This means users who have collectibles stored in their inventory can sell them at Builders Club for a good price.

The advantage is that you can decide the price of the collectibles. There are many players who have sold a few collectibles and earned whopping money.

#4. Use the Roblox Hack Tool

This is a great Roblox hack to generate Robux for free. In this method, we will be using the Roblox Robux generator to get free Robux. However, this is not a very reliable method as some of the tools may trick you into doing surveys or human verification without yielding Robux for free.

You can also try the Roblox Robux hack app to earn Robux for free. This is an amazing and most secure method to generate hundreds and thousands of free Robux. Many users have claimed to have earned huge Robux and bought all the items that they wanted to and that too free of cost.

#5. Get the membership of Builders Club

This is like a Robux generator! However, this is not a free method of making Robux but it is better than others in the lot. With this method, you will be earning free Robux and that too on a daily basis.

When you buy the membership of Builders Club for the first time, you will be given 100 Robux as joining bonus for a new member. Therefore, you have to purchase the membership of Builders Club but before you do that, take a look at the plans of membership.

  • Classic/Regular Membership: To get this membership, you will have to pay $6. This will provide you with 15 Robux for free daily. So, 15×30 days take it to 450 Robux in one month.
  • Turbo Membership: To get this membership, you will have to pay $12. This will fetch you 35 Robux every day. This means by the end of the month, you will have 900 Robux for free.
  • Outrageous Membership: This membership is available for $20 and it will get 60 Robux daily. This means you will 1800 Robux in a month.

#6. Youtube Participation and Subreddits Giveaways

Participating in Youtube channels’ Robux Giveaways is another lucrative Robux hack of earning Robux for free. Even Reddit subreddits organize Robux Giveaways.

You can always participate in these giveaways and who knows you end up earning huge amounts of free reddits. But make sure that you participate in trusted and verified Youtube Channels and Subreddits.

There are hundreds of bogus Robux giveaways online that dupe user on the pretext of giving Robux for free. You can use a small trick to verify the genuineness of the channel and see whether it is an active Robux Giveaway.

You just have to search “Robux Giveaway site:reddit.com” on Google and filter the results by a Week/Month. In the case of Youtube, you can search “Robux Giveaway site: youtube.com” on Google. This will list all the active Robux Giveaways on Reddit or youtube.

#7. Charge a price for your Creativity

If you are a creative person and possess some good designing skills, then Roblox generator welcomes you with open arms! You can readily sell your buildings and other creations here and get a huge amount of Robux.

Also, other players can hire you for making Roblox items for them. You will be required to join Group Recruiting Plaza which is sort of a marketplace for exchanging items.

#8. Use Google Play Codes

To the oblivion of many, Google Play codes and cards have become a great way of making free Robux. As we know, Google Play store contains millions of games, movies, applications in it.

There are several free apps, games, and movies also. Every now and then, users buy the latest version of the apps through their credit cards.

You will come across many websites that provide you with free Google play card codes for free. T

hese websites can also be used for earning Robux for free as well. Robux at these websites can be made by completing free surveys, subscribing to a specific website or complete any given task. When you get the points, you can use them to buy videos, apps, movies, and games.

#9. Roblox generator from Rixty

Rixty is another online platform that rewards points. It provides you with countless options to earn Robux for free. The first thing is to register yourself on PrizeRebel platform where you will be asked then to verify that you are human.

Once your account gets activated, you will have to complete different tasks given in your account.  You will be installing applications, completing surveys and watching videos to make Robux for free.

Now, once you have earned a particular number of points, you can redeem them whenever you want in the form of PayPal, Gift Cards, Credit Cards, and Robux.

free robux generator

#10.  Use iTunes Credit Cards

This is one of the most loved and easiest methods of earning free Robux by Apple users. Apple users can use their iTunes Credit and make Robux for free in their Roblox game.

You just need to have an iOS device and a good-speed internet connection for completing the process. You will be asked to complete different tasks in order to earn free Robux.

#11 Completing the Tasks in EasyRobux

Just like many methods listed above, this one also calls for completing simple tasks on EasyRobux. On completion of these easy tasks, you will make unlimited money. This is a relatively newer platform for making free Robux.

EasyRobux can be accessed from mobile, laptop, tablet and PC. There are different offers floating on EasyRobux to win Robux for free in Roblox. You will be given all the details of the tasks to be completed with instructions on the ways of completing these tasks and winning free Robux.  


These are some of the reliable methods of earning free Robux online. We hope that our post must have answered your query of how to get free Robux in the easiest and most trusted fashion.

Using these methods, you can rest assured that you will grab big amounts of free Robux sitting at home and without any hassles. Try any one of these methods to generate Robux for free without investing a penny.

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